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Good news from the Profit-Hunters portal: a new program "We Pay for EVERYTHING!"


Dear Partners

The website does not stand still, we are developing and constantly thinking about how to increase the income of our users. In addition to seasonal loyalty programs, it was decided to launch a new payment system for your participation in the life of the portal. Now you can make with absolutely no risk or easily increase its profit from the investment. We offer you several ways to participate in the life of the portal, and are willing to pay good money for communication. We just "pay for all"!

1) Payment for the activity in the community VKontakte.

We pay for every sensible comment and repost our community VC.

0,1 $ - for the comment / opinion in the discussion;
0,3 $ - repost for any news on the portal on its walls;

Plus each month we will reward the three most active members of our community with generous bonuses (50 $, 30 $, 20 $). The decision to award will be considered your "likes" and "Guiding", plus the total activity in the group.
Get yourself and invite your friends - we are willing to pay for simple communication.

Conditions of participation in the program:

- Registration in the VK community and on the portal;
- To receive payment for reposts on your wall, your account must have at least 40 friends;
- To receive a reward, you must send a report to our promoter Zen Master at the end of the month (from the 28th):
The report is required to indicate: a link to your account VC nickname on the portal, the number of comments in the past month, the number repost per month (need to be on your wall), your wallet Perfect, Qiwi or Webmoney
- After verification, at most during the first week of the next month, you will receive payment for your communication, plus if you get into the top three - a "tasty" bonus from the portal.
- Guys, no offense - but comments like: "yabdul" or "I knew it" will not be paid.
- We reserve the right to a reasoned refusal to pay remuneration if you suspect cheating / fraud on your part.

2) Pay videootzyvy of portal

We really appreciate your opinion on the portal, and we are ready to pay for your videootzyvy about us and our work. Just write down your videootzyv about our website, put it on Youtube and send the link with anybody on the portal and your wallet (Perfect, Qiwi or Webmoney) to the post of our promoter, Zen master:

In videootzyve you can tell:

- Tell us a little about yourself and your experience in high-yield investing;
- How did you get acquainted with the portal?
- Describe your favorite sections on the portal? What do you most often use when working with us? (in this case, you can show sections on the monitor screen)
- What do you especially like about our work? What, on the contrary, repels? Tell us about your suggestions for improving our resource.
- Do you recommend us to your friends? What are your wishes for the portal administration?
Videootzyv can be made in the form of a review (with display monitor), and personalized review (you represent and shoot yourself in the video to review). Please note that the review should be done in a reasonable viewing capacity of not less than 1,5 minutes.
For videootzyv impersonal - you get $ 10
For personalized videootzyv - You will receive a $ 15
Moreover, every month we will choose the best videootzyv and reward its creator - 50 $ every month. This is a really easy way to make money!

3) We pay for the creation of a blog on (June recruit the necessary number, JULY WAITING)

We are willing to pay for you to create a single-blog, where you tell us about the history of investing in high-yielding projects in general and the work with the portal in particular. Thanks to a very simple constructor of the most popular blogohosting in the world - it is quite easy to do, fast and free. Just share with us their experience - and get good money!

- Use builder to create your blog

- The blog domain name must contain words like invest, zarabotok, dohod, etc.

- At the beginning of the blog, there must be a video review or video review of 1 minute or more about the portal (if you do not want to make a video, the payment will be $ 10 less)

- In the text itself, you can answer the questions:

Tell us a little about yourself and your experience in vysohodohodnom investment;

How did you meet with the portal

Describe your favorite sections on the portal? What do you use most by working with us? Please describe with reference to the sections.

What do you particularly like in our work? That contrary repelled?

Would you recommend us to your friends? Your wishes portal administration?

- At the end of the text or in the course of the description, be sure to insert links to the relevant sections.

Required links:

- Themes of the portal with partners' reviews on mmgp and rusmmg -
- Community of the portal VKontakte -
- Section "Protection of deposits" -


- The uniqueness of the text is not less than 95% according to the deep check of Advego Plagiatus. This means - write in your own words =) We do not care about the literacy of what is written, just share your vision of the portal in your own words. The texts will also be checked for the presence of Latin letters, so let's be honest with each other.

- Text not less than 2000 characters with spaces. Screens and videos are welcome.

- Request: in the text, often use the name of the portal with a link -

We pay $ 30 for such a one-page blog with a video about the portal, designed according to all the rules. $ 20 - for a blog without video. Plus, we reserve the right to award the highest quality work, in which we will see a high-quality presentation of thoughts, screenshots and video materials.
At the end of each month we will choose the best site, and to award its creator $ 50
Send the links to blogs ready to mail our promoter, Zen master:
Plus, if you enjoy running your own blog on the investment, we are ready to provide you full support and sponsorship.

No one will offer you a simple way to earn money)
Communicate, share their opinions, participate in the life of the portal - and we take care of your financial well-being!

We will pay you all!

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