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Welcome dear blog partners Profit-Hunters. Today we would like to talk about the current work and achievements of the Howellbit investment fund, with which we have been working for more than two months and successfully passed the full circle, earning 50% of net profit under the terms of the tariff plan. In the first review we made a hint at the good experience of the administration in the management of similar projects, in which they actually ascertained once again. In order to maintain the trust of partners to the investment fund, at least 500 $ is allocated to an unlimited security fund, which is an excellent reason for investments if you are still waiting for the moment to enter or looking for a reliable project.

HowellBit was launched according to data from the news line of the online site in late December 2017, but the network became visible only from 4-th February this year. Where he was hiding for a month and a half is unknown, but after the discovery he began actively appearing on numerous advertising resources, which in some way affected his popularity. According to the legend, the company is engaged in Bitcoin mining on an industrial scale, using powerful modern equipment of its own making for this. The activity is confirmed by the availability of a certificate obtained as a result of registration in the UK (check the company in the registry).

The external data of the resource is not only original, but still attractive, which is one of the conditions for qualitative preparation. The technical characteristics of the claims can not be, the assembly was carried out at a good level using the engine as a base for the Russian-language manufacturer H-scripts.

For investments currently offered 5 tariffs, we did not notice when 3 after-plan was added with the accrual of 1055% to 1277% through 15-43 working days, but initially there were only two investment bids with a daily rate of 3.5% -5% for 43-28 days. For each plan, the deposit body is included in payments, the difference is only in daily or one-time charges. Terms are indicated in business days in all variations. Unfortunately, most of the deposit offers are not relevant for various reasons, so pay attention to the only work plan, which in our opinion is the most appropriate.

Plan "HB-3.5%"
3.5% daily for 43 business days (60 calendar days)
Min / max contribution: $ 10 (0.01 BTC, 0.2 LTC, 0.3 ETH) - $ 100000 (14 BTC, 900 LTC, 200 ETH)
Deposit is included in the payment
The total profit - 150%
Exit in breakeven in 29 business days (40 calendar days)

Since first review no significant changes were found in the work of the medium-profit HowellBit project. Unless new ways of investing have been added through the Bitcoin and Litecoin payment systems. Withdrawal of funds from the project account is carried out on request from the balance in the "instant" mode. The minimum withdrawal amount is not high and is only $ 0.1 (0.001 BTC, 0.003 LTC, $ 0.3). The admin does not exchange for shares and other draws, all this is in the closed VIP-club of investors, where you can get with a total personal contribution of more than $ 5000, but to be honest, the current plan is enough for us to receive an already good income.

The administrator has already proved not by word but by deed that it is possible to work with a marketing stretch for two months, while the investor's interest is quite high, because the deposit is included in payments, which means that the risk of losses decreases every day. We want to focus attention not on losses, but on potential profits. Since the moment of adding to the portal, more than 60 days have passed, which means our partners have successfully passed the first round and fixed 50% profit to their investments, plus they received a chic reflex of 12% from the blog. The total income was 62% of the deposit amount for 60 days or 30% per month, with the investment paid off much earlier, after going over 40 days into the risk-free regime. We like these results, the governor also does not sit still, but systematically increases the volume of advertising. Since the period of protection of deposits, exposed by Profit-Hunters, has come to an end, due to its confidence in further work for partners of our blog, new fund, but already with eternal protection for a minimum of 500 $. Successful investment and profit, Friends!

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    Hello. Please tell me how long to wait for the confirmation of the replenishment at in other projects, money fell immediately ....