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Innovative Bioresearch - a revolutionary database of clinical data

Innovative Bioresearch - an Italian biotechnology company whose main objectives are the introduction of innovations in the fight against HIV, cancer and human regeneration. The company was founded by the Italian researcher Jonathan Fior in 2014.

This ICO was created to raise funds for the support of medical research by Innovative Bioresearch, and to develop an application that would ensure that all future clinical data collected by the modern decentralized base were created, and at the same time create a social platform for the seropositive HIV community and other additional services.
The main problem today is a number of inconveniences in the currently existing centralized databases for clinical information. All the data obtained in the course of medical scientific research are combined into one scientific article, which is then published in a scientific journal that previously passed a series of independent examinations (also published in the public NIH database). After a new therapeutic strategy goes through all stages of clinical research, many groups of researchers can begin to conduct experiments. After the final approval of the therapy, the treatment can be prescribed directly for the patients. All this means that when a research group wishes to conduct a definite clinical study, it first needs to undergo a series of long and time-consuming processes in the form of collecting all the data from previous studies, studying the entire list of supporting documents, making a sample, creating a protocol for testing, etc. .
In fact, all patients have individual characteristics, so a personalized treatment protocol is required. A similar problem arises in the administration of approved treatment to patients, since it is necessary to go through a huge list of documentation to determine the correct treatment protocol. All this is not only a tedious process, it can also lead to a factor of human error.
Innovative Bioresearch proposes to solve such problems with access to clinical data by creating a new decentralized database based on block-technology. All this will be done in a new application called "You're not alone". The application will be equipped with a convenient interface that allows clinicians to enter a wide range of individual parameters of each patient (age, height, stage of the disease, ethnicity, etc.), the results of treatment and clinical protocols.

The application through access to all these data will conduct their development, statistical analysis and create recommended treatment profiles for each patient, thus eliminating the need to manually process large amounts of data, as in the currently existing centralized clinical databases. "You're not alone" will also document all the progress of research projects on HIV and AIDS treatment, carry out systematic updates, publish articles. A community will be created where people with HIV can communicate with each other, leave comments and consult specialists, and all discussions will be supervised by a group of moderators. The application will also provide information on all modern clinical trials, how to participate in them, about the entire list of medical institutions offering treatment.

Innovative Bioresearch and ICO Tokens

To support research and development of the application, Innovative Bioresearch issues its own currency, called INNBC. Tokens are based on Ethereum blockbuster (ERC20), which indicates its reliable level of security and high liquidity.
Total number of generated INNBC tokens for Hard Cup: 50 million
Another 100 million tokens will be specifically reserved for further support of the economy, and they will not be available for sale.
Pre-ICO started 1 May 2018 year (allocated 20 million INNBC-tokens). The main Token Sale will be held in June (allocate about 30 million INNBC-tokens). Both phases will last 1,5 months.
Amount of discount:

  • 20% for Pre-ICO;
  • 10% for the main Token Sale.

The minimum purchase size is 10 INNBC tokens.
The funds received after the ICO will be distributed as follows:

  • 50% of all funds will go to further research on AIDS treatment methods;
  • 20% will allocate for the development of the ecosystem;
  • 15% will go to develop the application;
  • 10% on the automotive JDM stock;
  • 5% of the remaining funds will go to maintain and maintain the application.

Access to the use of INNBC-tokens will be opened only after all the crypto currency has been sold out during the ICO. Also, the holders of the Innovative Bioresearch currency will be able to sell it to other users, thereby giving the latter access to the platform.
Innovative Bioresearch wants to give all its investors something more, supporting the value of INNBC-tokens also physically. To this end, right after the end of the ICO, the company will open INNBC JDM ONLINE GARAGE, where investors can purchase JDM cars for their tokens.


The basis of Innovative Bioresearch consists of three people, thus forming a strong and cohesive team: Jonathan Fior (owner, chief scientist, scientist and businessman), Davide Bosetti (manager of social networks), Alessandro Gatti (chief legal consultant). Despite the fact that the composition of the project is small in number, Innovative Bioresearch employs many companies and research centers with more than 100 employees.

The Innovative Bioresearch roadmap is as follows:

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