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Deposit Insurance

Insurance of your deposits in highly profitable investment programs is not a fiction or deception, but a very real proposal. In short, the scheme works as follows: you deposit money into the HYIP under insurance, and if the project has been scammed earlier than the agreed period, you get the lost funds back from the insurer's fund.

Such an offer is an excellent opportunity for new users to learn the HYIP industry investment process without financial costs.

Of course, for obtaining insurance will have to assist in the promotion of the project, namely unsubscribe to receive payments on different monitors and forums to post in the signature link to the project, with the return of the referral commission is not usually done. Basically, the entire list of insured obligations specified in the condition to the insurance, but it's all the little things for the investor and do not bear any additional costs.
Often there are situations when insurers do not fulfill their obligations and do not produce a return of insured assets in the event of premature bench project. Such an attitude towards investors observe quite unpleasant.

From our side we 100% fulfill our obligations under the project insurance and guarantee the return of lost funds in full upon the occurrence of the insured event.

The forum mmgp we passed the security check and is officially the insurer of this forum.

All new proposals for insurance and insurance conditions for each project will inform you on this page of the portal.

4652 reviews for "Deposit insurance"

  1. Avatar photo Galina84:

    Compensation from PH Faxobit
    155 trx transactions
    f07cca44dc478910f9f53f6ec7855a474af768a327670bf116ff4884d8bc207a 1.02.24
    According to the Faxobit project, the Deposit Protection Fund was enough to compensate 80%
    the loss of our referrals.

  2. Avatar photo Galina84:

    Compensation from PH
    147 trx transactions
    d438c91a4684c90ba59cb68e71608e8e70431ff8a4cf6bc3f3cb5f57733c1324 27.01.24
    CryptoSolex - the fund was enough to compensate for 35% of losses.