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Interview with fast-project EarnTech administration.

interview-earntechToday's publication is fundamentally different from our daily reviews on the portal and was carried out as part of a conversation with the administration of the successful highly profitable Earn Tech project. 80 days have passed since the addition on the portal, comparing with the investment plans of the fund, our referrals have passed 2 full circles and continue to reinvest. Net profit during your stay with us amounted to 105%, and this is far from the limit - impressive results, isn't it? So, one of the leaders kindly agreed to answer all our questions, see what came of it.

1. Greetings! Introduce yourself, please, to the readers of our portal and tell us what your role in the Earn Tech project is. Do you work alone or as a team, how many people manage the project?

Hello, I will be glad to answer all questions for the interview. I will try to provide exhaustive information about our team and the company as a whole. First of all, I would like to introduce myself, my name is Alexander Walsh and I come from the co-founder of Earn Tech LTD and one of the administrators of Earn Tech - Your Profitable Operator. I would also like to thank one of our partners, namely Peter Pollak for help with this interview, he gladly agreed to translate my answers. Russian is not my main language, and his help was very helpful. Of course, the successful operation of the project in the long term is simply not possible without a well-coordinated company of professionals. Most of our team has been formed for 10 years, we have been working in the market for a very long time and I would like to note that good experience is the result of trial and error. If you take the team as a whole, we have more than 30 people working with the project, including support and the team of marketers. So, together with partners over the development of the project, more than 100 people work.

2. Tell us how the idea of ​​creating the Earn Tech project arose. Why did you stop at this name?

The Earn Tech - Your Profitable Operator website is owned by Earn Tech LTD, the server uses EV SSL encryption from Green Bar, which certifies that the content submitted is genuine and legal and is insured for $ 1,750,000.00. The word "Earn" tells us about the possibility of earning, what we actually do here, work and earn for you. The second half of "Tech" talks about what exactly we work in, the sphere of techno startups, forex and cryptocurrencies has already firmly entered our life. So the symbiosis of these words is the name of our company.

3. It is known that Earn Tech is not your first project, how many projects did you have before it, were there unsuccessful issues and how long have you gained experience in the HYIP industry?

Our team has a lot of experience in the field of high-yield investment and as a result you see Earn Tech. My personal experience in this industry is more than 10 years, on the whole in the Forex market I have been working for years 15, not less. While still a student at the College of Physics and Mathematics, I met a young but very ambitious trader of that time. I made calculations for him, and I realized that this topic would be of interest to me and worth diving into it with my head. My friends and I began as a group of investors and quickly entered into the taste of the Forex world, about the same time I got acquainted with the administrator of Autosurf and got acquainted with the forum. So we started to study the topic at a different level and it was decided to write a script that would combine our knowledge of the Forex market and online investing. Of course, we have packed a lot of cones since then, but gained experience. Our company works in the market and we can guarantee that our experience will serve our investors well.

4. Are you engaged in other business, maybe business "on the ground" (offline) or Internet projects are your main activity and main source of income?

We are fully and fully involved in the company's work. So there is not much time left. When the project is in the active mode, you have to literally sleep near the computers. When I worked as an ordinary Forex Trader, I also understood that if you want to do something good you need to do it first and foremost very carefully, so that the assertiveness and labor are the main companions in our program.

5. Knowing about some of your past results of work, the question arises: "How do you manage to create such" giants ", what is the admin secret?"

It's all about experience and approach to work. Of course, choosing the right strategy in conjunction with the set
Factors is not an easy task. Also, any strategy should be supported by a sufficient size of the stabilization fund. Works can happen well very much when the project is in the active phase. I have long been accustomed to the regime all the time online, we work in shifts, the project is monitored 24 hours per day 7 days a week. As they say, irreplaceable people do not exist, but it is sometimes difficult to find a good specialist who is ready to take responsibility and work for the result. Of course, the successful operation of the project in the long term is simply not possible without a well-coordinated company of professionals.

6. Smoothly go to the site Earn Tech. What caused the project to enter the network and start accepting investments without design? Is this a planned strategic move or something that influenced this decision?

We carefully plan the strategy of our project, so it can be called a strategic move.

7. Were there deposits in the first month of the fund's work, and how did the investors' attitude change after a complete transformation of the site and the introduction of new tariff plans?

Oh sure. Contributions were, but the project development strategy assumes smoothness. We are constantly working to improve our project and introduce new technologies.

8. Tell us, please, about investment plans, are all tariffs in demand and are there any investor contributions for VIP offers? In the future there will be more changes in deposit limits or is this the final version of marketing?

We have many investment plans, so investors can choose from a variety of investment packages, invest their funds for different periods of time and get the best return with low risks. We firmly believe that "every client is unique and every investment plan must be unique." There are three investment plans with daily profit payments. Starting from the "Standard Daily plan", the minimum deposit is $ 10, where you can get 1.5% of daily profit for 35 days (Initial capital is returned at the end of the deposit term) and Trader Daily Plan, where you can get 2,0% per day in within 55 days (the initial capital is returned at the end of the deposit term). We also have investment plans with a higher percentage of profit, where the percentage of earnings depends on the amount of the deposit, they are called Accumulation plans, where you can get from 225% after 35 days to 2000% After 125 working days (your initial capital is included in your profit ). We do not forget about our VIP investors who want to invest large amounts of the deposit. Our first VIP plan where you can get 400% after 20 working days and the second VIP plan where you can get 1000% after 40 working days. This is a really great opportunity where you can make good profits with minimal risk. Yes, we reserve the right to change the minimum and maximum deposit amount for all investment plans. You can use our calculator to calculate your profit.

9. We got acquainted with the current payment methods in the project - these are Perfect Money, Payeer, AdvCash, Bitcoin, NixMoney. Are you planning to connect other payment systems? What EPS are most often used by investors?

We accept all popular payment systems, as well as payment aggregators such as Payeer and AdvCash. After the summer of 2016 SolidTrustPay stopped cooperating with the industry, we had to give it up, we also refused Payza due to constant limits and restrictions, the daily limits were too small for a project like Earn Tech. At the moment we are making reliable decisions in the field of electronic payments, of course the most popular Perfect Money, already no less popular Payeer, rapidly gaining popularity AdvCash, NixMoney and of course Bitcoin without which it would all be much more difficult. The picture is approximately the following: 30% of deposits is Perfect Money, 35% is Bitcoin, approximately 15% AdvCash and about 18% Payeer. NixMoney fits perfectly into these 2% that are left. We constantly monitor the payment systems market and are ready to expand the list if there are suitable conditions for cooperation. So we are considering the payment system Payza, and perhaps sooner we will add it as a means of accepting payments and making a profit.

10. Many users are interested in the questions of your affiliate program. Briefly tell about it and can I become a representative of the fund? What personal qualities should a representative have and what privileges apply to an active partner?

Yes, we offer a multi-tiered affiliate program in 3 tiers. The affiliate program is a unique opportunity to make money with Earn Tech - Your Profitable Operator without making an investment. The multi-level system allows you to earn additional income in three levels - 4% of every deposit of 1st level referrals, 2% of every deposit made by your 1nd level referrals (people invited by your direct referrals) and 3% of every deposit of your referrals 2 -th level (i.e. people invited by your XNUMXnd level invitees).

Just a couple of days ago we started a program of regional representation, the commission of regional representatives will make 7% -2% -1% at three levels. This will be a good opportunity to get additional profit from the investments of your referrals. If you want to become a part of Earn Tech company and receive truly unlimited opportunities for additional earnings, please provide the following information:

Your country:
Your Name:
Your login in the program:
Your E-mail:
Your language of communication:
Your Skype:
Facebook or another social network. net :
Your phone (optional):

If you are interested in this offer, the Information should be sent to E-mail, within a few days our manager for work with partners will contact you and discuss all the details.

11. How much do you assess the level of security of the site to protect the funds of investors? Have you encountered attempts to hack or blackmail from hackers and scammers and how much the claimed defense is able to resist such actions?

Yes, of course in our time this problem is particularly acute. For this very reason, we permanently abandoned the automatic payments, all requests for payment are processed manually by our operators and this guarantees reliable protection against hacking by the API. In general, we use bank accounts and Bitcoin to reserve funds, which in general guarantees reliable protection of our investors' cash.

12. At the moment, the language localization of the site is made in Russian and English. Are you planning to add other translation options?

Many users use modern browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox which already allow you to switch the website to any other language and quite tolerably translate automatically. But we are still working in this direction and soon a multilingual version of the website will be available for use. Multilingual support of live chat and call center is also planned. We also launch the Landing page for more convenient advertising campaigns by our partners. Landing page will have a multilingual version, and includes everything you need to know about Earn Tech.

13. We want to hear about the advertising activities of the fund, what costs do we have to bear on the development of the project, say at the initial stage and at the moment? What methods of promotion do you adhere to?

It's no secret that an advertising campaign requires huge cash infusions, a well-calculated strategy and a creative approach. “Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark: you know you're flirting with her, but she isn't.” As Stuart Brit (social psychologist) correctly pointed out

14. In your last entry in the news, you reported the completion of the launch phase of the Earn Tech project and is now expected to move on to the following priorities. Can you explain this statement? Did everything go smoothly at the first stage and what is waiting for investors in the future?

Of course, a full-fledged advertising campaign will be launched from the New Year, as well as plans to open new offices and expand the program of Regional Representatives around the world. As for the updating of investment plans, it is quite possible to change the minimum and maximum deposits, but such changes take place in our country regardless of the holidays. We are constantly updating the site, so we are adding new sections and as I said before we plan to introduce the Landing page.

15. The question that worries many current and potential investors: "How do you plan to survive the period of the impending holidays?" It is no secret that most of the contributors to this project will slow down significantly. Do you have trump cards up your sleeve for these cases to maintain positive dynamics?

I think this issue should not even be discussed for a project that is set to work in the long term. Who is Earn Tech and is. New Year for us is just a good holiday. I would like to note that our project runs 24 hours per day, 7 days a week and New Year holidays will not be an exception.

16. Thank you for the interview, for honest and detailed answers. Finally, you, as a person with experience, give some practical advice to the readers of portal and potential investors to make fewer mistakes in the sphere of investment activity.

Do not forget about rational thinking and always try with a small spoon what the product tastes like. We can come up with a thousand and one arguments in favor of our project. But I would like to approach objectively. Definitely worth investing in Earn Tech, here we have an excellent support service and a multilingual version of the website, and investment plans will satisfy even the most demanding investor. Maybe we will not replace your cherished dream, but with us it will definitely become closer and the foundation that Earn Tech offers will be strong, and over time we will work for your well-being.
Thank you for choosing Earn Tech - Your Profitable Operator