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Investments: the most effective areas

In 2019, any private individual has the opportunity to invest in different projects and receive passive income. This method of earnings can be recommended to everyone, regardless of gender, age and the presence of higher education.

This article describes the most effective directions for investing in 2019.

Investing for Dummies

Does it make sense to invest in 2019 year

Over time, these or other investments may lose relevance, but with investments this does not seem to work: every year it becomes more and more popular among ordinary people.

We can say that 2019 year - the peak of the heyday of this direction. If in 2016, 52% of the US population invested money in securities, now this figure has clearly increased.

It is only important to determine which investment methods are considered trend in a specific period: it is easier to make money on them. Additionally, it is recommended to acquire a small base, necessary for each investor to navigate in the niche.

What is the base for investment

An investor can be any person in 18 age. Perhaps there are ways to invest money to adulthood, but they are hardly legal and safe.

The rest is no limit. Higher specialized education may be a slight advantage, but it is not a decisive factor.

What is really needed:

  1. Start-up capital;
  2. The minimum amount of knowledge and skills on the topic.

Start-up capital. Professional investors warn: you need to invest the money that you can lose without harm to yourself. This is by no means borrowed funds and not a permanent income on which you live.

The amount of start-up capital may vary depending on the direction you choose. For example, to work with real estate you need at least $ 10-15 thousand in a small city and from $ 20-25 in regional centers. In the stock market, $ 500-1000 may be enough.

Minimal knowledge. This includes mastery of basic terms ("investment portfolio", "broker", "derivatives", "volatility" and others), the ability to navigate market trends and work with charts, as well as the skill of finding information.

You can draw data on thematic forums, especially the opinion of experienced figures is considered to be a valuable source.

In fact, the ability to search for reliable information in the right sources is enough to feel comfortable and work successfully. If this moment is assimilated, move on to the most effective areas of investment.

Stock exchanges

In other words, interaction with currencies, stocks and other securities. In general, popular investment, but in Russia so far it does not occupy a leading position.

The main nuance of stock exchanges for a private investor is that they cannot just enter and start trading. This is based on two factors:

  1. For trade you need a special license, which is issued only to legal entities;
  2. The minimum lot size is 10 thousand units of the base currency (usually dollars, euros, yens or pounds). For the average person the sum is very heavy.

Therefore, we have to cooperate with brokers - intermediaries who help legally and financially. They provide leverage, making transactions possible, and in case of a successful outcome they take a certain percentage for it.

Beginners can build an investment portfolio of $ 200-300. This will not bring a big return, but it will allow you to test your strength in the field of trading. Subsequent reinvestments allow you to reach the threshold of $ 500-1000 and higher.

It is believed that in 2019, the niche of the currency will not lose its relevance, so you can safely enter it.

Investments of our time


A kind of investment, however, and he has the right to life. Betting is nothing more than sports betting.

In society, the opinion around this sphere has formed a contradictory one: the majority do not consider it to be something serious. This is due to the fact that in any game of chance the emphasis is not on analysis and calculation, but on luck, which by definition cannot be constant.

They usually put on sports in licensed points of acceptance of bets or on the websites of the same companies. In both cases, registration and proof of identity is required, and all financial transactions are controlled by the Center for Preliminary Information Processing.

Despite the official status, there are still no guarantees of payment: often players complain that the bookmaker delays them for several weeks or months, and ignores all appeals. This is largely due to the fact that each office sets its own internal rules, in particular, the right to make a final decision in case of suspicious rates.

One thing is good: the start-up capital can be small - from 100 rubles. Plus, many companies offer newcomers various bonuses and trial steps.


Investment Startups are gaining more and more momentum in the past few years, but this is not a simple direction. You need to be well versed in market trends to make a successful bid.

The project should be young, but already proven, potentially useful and long-term. At the same time, it is important to analyze the attitude of the audience: often even good initiatives are closed due to a lack of funding and the loss of sponsors.

Startups can affect different areas of activity: most often it is something from IT-technologies. They also differ in the scale of the campaign - it should be understood that an individual may not always be a project sponsor, because the threshold of entry is too high.

Dividends promised by such nascent organizations are often stretched over time. In especially large ones, it is possible to rely on income only after a few years, therefore it is necessary to invest in them with the knowledge of this fact.


Now cryptocurrencies are not as popular as they were at the end of 2017 - the beginning of 2018, but you can still make money on them. Investments in this area are not recommended to make long-term investments, since any digital asset is very unstable and its fate is difficult to predict over a long period of time.

You can buy currencies on specialized cryptocurrency exchanges and then sell there. It is not necessary to focus on the most expensive and popular Bitcoin - it is better to distribute the budget among several assets easier.

As an alternative, there is also mining - the purchase of expensive equipment and the mining of coins and subsequent sale. Now this activity can hardly be called relevant and effective: the competition is great, equipment and maintenance is expensive, and the course is not so high. Most likely your work will not pay off.

It is necessary to approach the purchase of cryptocurrency as seriously as the work on the traditional currency market: study trends, be able to handle charts and listen to expert opinions. Then you can secure a small profit (although some manage to earn quite a lot).

Real estate investment

Real estate

For a long time, the purchase of real estate was considered to be hardly the only way to preserve and increase savings. Well, these investments remain effective now.

The only and very significant minus of such an investment is its value. Even the most inexpensive housing in the province is expensive. The price is formed under the influence of the following factors:

  1. Region and city. A one-room apartment in Moscow will cost several times more than a three-room apartment in Torzhok;
  2. Total area;
  3. Infrastructure and distance from the center;
  4. Type of construction (panel, brick, and so on);
  5. Additional amenities, the availability of repair (when renting is updated with each new tenant, otherwise there will be a depreciation).

In the future, you can dispose of real estate in different ways - either rent it out or wait for price fluctuations for resale. In the first case, you will receive a small but regular passive income, in the second we are talking about long-term investments - you may have to wait several years.

Obviously, this path is not for everyone, but it is still considered effective.

Investment projects

Investment projects or, as they are called, HYIP projectsare also in demand in the last couple of years. They may have different directions:

  1. Work with stock markets;
  2. Crypto currency;
  3. Investing in third-party projects and so on.

The opinion was fixed in the society that it is exclusively a fraud and with its help it is possible to go bankrupt, but not to make a profit. In fact, it is not so!

Whoever says good investment project guarantees the appropriate dividends and investors do receive them. There is no need to make efforts at this - just replenish the deposit, the rest will be done for you.

Yield of HYIPs can be different: the so-called fasts or fast projects promise a huge return, but long-term ones are characterized by smaller amounts, but respectively over a longer period of time. It is necessary to give preference first if you are an experienced investor and can soberly assess the risks and chances of success.

It is extremely simple to interact with HYIPs - this applies to both account replenishment and profit withdrawal. Typically, investment projects offer detailed instructions on how to use their site.

What risks can you face

This industry, like any other, has its own risks and consequences. The main ones are:

  1. A chance to run into fraud - whether it is an unreliable bookmaker or a developer;
  2. A sudden decline in prices for investment goods - for example, you purchased real estate, and it depreciated. Then the investment will not pay off and you will lose money;
  3. Incorrectly selected investment portfolio leading to losses.

Some risks have nothing to do with the human factor (for example, a change in the exchange rate), but many are provoked by our own mistakes and insufficiently in-depth study of the problem.

Is it possible to somehow avoid all the dangers? No, unfortunately, this is impossible. But it’s quite realistic to reduce them if you soberly assess your strength and be able to capture niche trends. Then on one side of the scale there will be a small potential threat, and on the other - a good passive income, which outweighs.

Investment benefits

Consider the main benefits of increasing your income in this way:

  1. Variety of choices. Every year there are new areas of investment with a different threshold of entry and payback;
  2. The absence of strict requirements for the investor, including legal ones;
  3. The ability to receive passive income. It cannot be said that the investments do not require any efforts at all, but these works are temporary and pay off well;
  4. Capital preservation. If you have any savings, buying, for example, real estate or metals will save money from inflation and you will not lose anything - even the opposite, you will be able to earn;
  5. The ability to regulate the amount of investment. You can start with a small investment and then just reinvest the income;
  6. Return can be both quick and long-term: some investments pay off in a month, and some only after several years.

Therefore, if you have not yet begun to work in this direction, but seriously think about it, then you can safely take the first steps!