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IQeon - a platform that combines games, applications

IQeon - a unique ecosystem created to combine applications, games, useful services. It is based on the conduct of intellectual competitions. The IQeon team has developed a flexible, very convenient platform for the prompt launch of new products. It allows players to conduct competitions in the field of logical, intellectual tasks. For achieving the best results, participants are entitled to a reward in the form of IQeon internal currency.

Motivational apps are another major trend created for the development of the IQeon platform. They are in demand in the field of sports, education, as well as an active lifestyle. Typically, people lack motivation to learn useful material. They have to force themselves to run in the morning, to adhere to the correct diet. Using special applications, you will be able to achieve the desired results much faster. Participants can earn real money on their own achievements. IQeon provides an infrastructure that allows you to combine games, services, various applications.

Technical features

Anonymity, reliability of the conducted payment transactions is guaranteed in the IQeon system due to the technology of the block system. ICO project 2018 IQeon has its own IQN token, which corresponds to the ERC20 standard. This makes it compatible with the various wallets, stock exchanges, crypto currency used by the participants. Thanks to IQN tokens, it is easy to integrate into other promising products. The correctness of the conditions of the competitions is guaranteed by the principle of smart contracts. It is fully supported by Ethereum (the IQN token is created on its basis).

Advantages of the IQeon platform

IQeon The platform is attractive to all participants. Developers of content, games will appreciate the following features:

  • attracting new users to products;
  • presence of the SDK for online application activation;
  • a minimum commission for transferring bonuses to creators;
  • the availability of API for the integration of a variety of products into a single system;
  • The infrastructure is excellent for making payments based on the crypto currency;
  • the use of IQeon tokens does not violate the rules of Google Play Developer Polic, as well as the App Store Review Guidelines.

Platform Architecture

IQeon web application: a platform portal containing information part (block, description, documentation).

IQeon blockchain control subsystem: implementation of the functionality for working with blockbuster Ethereum.

IQeon wallet: an application that allows you to issue a debit card after verification.

IQeon API: a set of interfaces, methods necessary for the active operation of all elements.

IQ Clash API: a set of methods for the rapid integration of applications into the platform.

IQeon SDK: a set of tools for the rapid deployment of games.

As for the players, they are offered the following advantages:

  • universality: IQeon tokens, which are earned on this platform, can be used without difficulties on other services;
  • anonymity: using the service IQeon, participants can remain anonymous and not worry that it will be broken;
  • liquidity: using a purse, the user can exchange IQeon tokens for real money (output to the Mastercard is possible);
  • convertibility: using exchanges, IQeon tokens can easily be exchanged for different crypto currency, which is necessary for users (litecoin, as well as bitcoin, ethereum and other crypto currency);
  • reliability: all ongoing transactions for blocking technology in the IQeon system are irreversible. They are repeatedly recorded in a special register. Accordingly, users are protected from fraud. The application of smart contracts guarantees the preservation of the rules of each dispute, the conduct of effective accounting. In addition, participants are guaranteed a payout.

Advantages for depositors are as follows:

  • the industry of games, applications shows rapid growth. IQeon Platform Is a unique solution in this area. With its help, players can receive stable profits in the popular cryptocurrency;
  • the growth of the user audience is ensured: it occurs due to the involvement of new developers in the ecosystem. The increase in the range of its products leads to the fact that the demand for the IQN token will increase with time.

The above facts are necessarily ensured by an increase in the value of the IQN token. During the Crowdsale IQeon update, the cryptocurrency can be purchased at the lowest cost. Thanks to this opportunity, project participants will be able to earn additional funds.

After the launch of the IQeon platform, the developers plan to expand the range of game scenarios using modern AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies, as well as VR / AR (Virtual / Augmented Reality). AI is based on neural networks. In this case, a sophisticated algorithm will be used that is suitable for creating, further generating all sorts of logical tasks.

As for VR / AR technology, IQeon service can be supplemented with games in which the competitions will be held in virtual reality.

Tournaments on the platform IQeon

Service IQeon allows you to organize e-sports tournaments. This function is available to all project participants.

Compatible Services

On the platform can be organized not only IQeon contests integrated into the platform, but also any other games. They have a competitive nature. The most important condition for their conduct is the presence of tracking the results of matches through the supported API.

Using Smart Contracts

In the process of conducting online tournaments, the most important criteria are transparency and guarantee of compliance with the established conditions. To ensure them on the platform, smart contracts and independent representatives of the jury are involved.

Stages of tournaments

After the launch of the IQeon service, developers plan to expand the list of game scenarios using AI and VR / AR technologies. The group of the most promising areas to be implemented includes:

  • demo: scenario of game rooms, implemented as IQ Clash API. Experts call it "intellectual battle". Today the application can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store;

  • Public rooms: available to everyone, displayed on the main screen of the application as a list. More than two public rooms with an identical set of characteristics can not be accessed simultaneously. Depending on the features of the creation, rooms can be automatically created or private. The first type of room is constantly in public access. The rooms are created automatically. They appear on the premises of rooms with expired validity. The creators of private rooms indicate that, if certain conditions are met, they become available. According to the number of participants in the room are designed for 2, 6, 12 and 24 rights. The level of rates for all is different.

Distribution of the prize fund

After the results of the tournament are received, the clever contract IQN distributes the prize fund in accordance with the distribution scheme. When creating a tournament, the user has several tournament nets to choose from. The competition can be created by users of the platform, as well as by sponsoring companies. In this case, the participants of the tournament do not pay the fees. The prize fund is provided by the organizing company.


Dovguchits V. - CEO, business analyst.

I. Podlesny - CSO.

Kazimirenko P. - CTO.

A. Samoilo - financial advisor.

Pavlov A. - COO.

Glushchuk R. - IT entrepreneur.

Distribution of tokens

57% - sale of cryptocurrency during the ICO

12% - tokens for the team

10% - tokens for the bonus fund

8% - token pre-sale

6% - tokens for consultants

5% - for pre-sale


In 2018, ICO will be held, and the IQeon API will be developed. Also planned release of the project, the launch of the purse IQeon wallet, the issuance of individual cards. In 2019, specialists will develop the development of auxiliary mechanisms.

Developers project IQeon ICO has created an infrastructure through which it is possible to combine applications, games, services based on conducting intellectual competitions between users. The platform has a very convenient, thoughtful structure. Thanks to this resource IQeon can be used to conduct effective work by beginners and more experienced users.

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