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History of the Old School admin (the final part). Competition for 1000 $

My next project, not so distant history, is Point Union (it worked from September 13 to January 14). I am creating a new project about sports betting. Due to the non-return of personal deposits to bloggers in the previous project, I am very careful about ordering listings and communicating - mainly positioning myself as a new admin. Some of them, of course, knew that I was administering the project - I promised them to work for wear and tear. In the end, nothing good came of it. The project was not particularly popular and after 4 months it had to be closed due to the exhaustion of the cash register, although I even added my own funds, but it did not help. With this, I further upset the bloggers, whom I promised quality work. As soon as I did not try to pull it out - sponsoring a paintball tournament (oh, this tournament), and distributing leaflets on the street / in mailboxes. Zero effect.

I began to wonder periodically how many projects manage to collect the cash at the start and close. Why from start to projects goes so many people at once. These are not some giants, but rather ordinary projects. What kind of advertising do they buy? Somehow one site about stakes (Storm Betting) scammed and I decided to write to the administrator, well, how much you earned there. Admins usually rarely go to such a contact, but then received a response. He says that he did not work at all and generally opened the project for interest, like to understand how the industry is working now, and in general he has not been in business for a long time. Well, okay, at least answered.

I just had an idea for a long time: to buy out a recently scraped project with a database of depositors and their deposits. And restore it, transform it, make a full refund of all deposits (of course, if the total amount of deposits is acceptable to me) and start on a new wave of success to develop the project. I think that such a project would be a success. Here Storm Betting was already posted on many popular blogs, and I thought that if my idea is implemented - the project will immediately go up the hill. But the administrator of Storm did not go on sale, the base flatly refused to provide.

We talked with him and eventually decided to create a new joint project. The programmer, the designer had his own. Remains only with the bloggers to agree, but this, too, he will do for half the price / for the bonus. He says it is necessary to design the project according to the latest fashion in the world of design, and showed some advanced template. Said - done, ordered design and development. In total, somewhere around 3.5 thousand dollars I gave him, taking into account the purchase of advertising. Design on the topic of space was, the name of the site I do not remember something. Honestly, what they did to us was very raw and needed further work. The Goldcoders script, in some places the text simply was not read, there were many minor flaws. Somehow they podrihtovali it and put it into work. The late Born on his blog made a review, cumulatively calling our project a "dull shit". Despite all the moments, I was already wondering what would come of it. (Spoiler: Nothing good, as you can guess).

As a matter of fact, a fast profit project was obtained. The ads were typed with good discounts, there was movement in the projects - but according to my partner, the cashier did not raise more than 2 thousand. In fasts, many dozens players play, I did not know that either. As a result, I did not receive a penny from the project, and the cooperation turned out to be very muddy. Given that my "partner" offered me a second project to open - he deceived me well at the checkout, otherwise why would he second project in the negative? Refused, made conclusions.

And conclusions such - whatever one may say, HYIPs - is an industry of deception. And she draws people to her, let's say softer, not the most morally clean. Yes, and working in the industry of deception, any person begins to relate more easily to lies / distortion of facts. Reputation here is inexpensive, and everyone has a price. For all these years, I'm just not seen enough, not only the admin admin was throwing big money - friends were exchanging friends for money. What to say about admins, who by their very nature earn a deceit. If you are in a haypah, do not trust anyone, at least your money for sure.

We go further, my next project is VipMoneyBet (working time: September 14 - May 15.). The legend is my favorite sports betting. A new unique script, though the design is again simple. A distinctive feature of this project was the monitoring account of betting bets. Creating a positive account was in principle not a difficult task, although on the betampam there are some features that had to be bypassed. But many did not know about this. Yes, many, I think 99% assumed that the admin is really a plus player.

After the last failures, I realized that I had to change something in my actions. Therefore, I seriously prepared for the project before the start. On the passport scans I ordered a card of Sberbank (later one more). He ordered a video presentation, a video message with the actor to investors (in the aftermath, a video about the meeting of investors, which of course was not). Already when the project was working, I found a good web designer who made a qualitative redesign.

I want to depart a little from the topic. At this time, many bloggers have significantly raised the price of their services - I do not know what it's connected with. In fact, from 500 to 1000 dollars was worth a listing. At such high prices, of course there must be a return. Imagine: 5 blogs with a price of 1000 dollars. Project profit 40% per month for example. This 2 thousand must be given to them only to pay interest. More bloggers paid? Pay even more per month - and this is a load on the cash register. And will they bring investors? A huge problem for the whole industry now - bloggers are asking for very expensive listings, for which they do not guarantee any result. In one project people go from a blogger, in the other - by zeros. The blogger naturally does not return money, excuses from him in the style "I tried, just people did not go," "you just have a weak project," etc. The load on the cashier is growing, as a result, unscrupulous bloggers are killing their projects with projects. The second problem is that many weak blogs have divorced, which fill up projects with tons of offers to buy a listing. And in the general flow you will not understand, really this is a new blog with a good attitude, or a man with a bricks-busted metric that will merge right after the transfer or it will be breakfast you to the scaffold to feed. You will now say - poor administrator! Then the hitners are to blame, the bloggers - but not himself. It's not like that, I know for myself - I've always tried to pull projects to the last. I just want investors to know about the reverse side of the coin.

The activity at VipMoneyBet was very good, and these listings payouts were invisible. The project was closed when payments began to significantly exceed replenishments. About 4 million rubles is my net income. All profits were generated in the last months of work. At some point it even seemed to me that nothing would come of it. In fact, until mid-March, the project worked at zero - what came in was immediately spent on payments. The project cashier hovered around 5k in free funds. Imagine a couple of large withdrawal requests and that's it - the end of the project. But then several large investors entered at once, and they immediately gave a significant leap up. And in April, payments have already become more significant, I made payments for $ 20k - I could afford it. The next week, the withdrawal was already 25k. There were no new receipts for these figures - I decided to fix the result. At that time, I no longer had a financial pillow, since the last successful project was 2 years ago. Therefore, I was quite happy with this amount.

I will give advice to large investors. Do you want to invest more than 5000 $? Split it into parts and different accounts. You are more likely to get them back if you stretch the withdrawal for a week from several accounts, and it's less likely to get the entire amount from one account at once. Psychologically, the administrator is always difficult to return large deposits - do not provoke J

TopMoneyProject project (August 15 - March 16). Created as a partisan, redesigned him in January 16. Legend is an investment in an offline business. Of course, there were no such lists of business plans as in online-deposit, but in general the project on the h-script turned out to be quite good. I recruited bloggers, ordered more ads after the redesign, bought an LLC with a checking account - the project did not go. At the peak, there were about 7 thousand dollars in the box office, which were almost completely withdrawn by March (along with the profit, of course). There were listings and bloggers who also had to pay a lot of money in the absence of a new influx. I got the costs for the project, advertising and payment in the 1st month of work after the redesign of the order of 500 thousand rubles. Then for some time I paid from my own funds, I did not see a way out of the situation. Made a decision to close TopMoneyProject for the sake of the second project, which was already working for me. He turned out to be the last for me.

MagicMeridian project (working hours: February 15 to May 16). It was also created as a partisan, redesigned in February 2016. Legend - sports betting. The total cost of it, taking into account payments in the first month after the redesign, is about 700 thousand rubles. At its peak, in early March, there were about 15k deposits, but by the end of March everything was completely withdrawn. The monitoring and bloggers especially touched me. In the beginning, people were brought in, and then they had no one left with an active deposit - practically it was like that for everyone. Hitran has become a mass phenomenon, with all that it implies.

Digress, there was an unpleasant moment - I was bribed for money. It is one thing to receive a block of an account, withdraw money from the card with a drop, and hack a hosting. And it's another thing to get into it yourself. Probably, all this happened due to a stressful situation, when the project seemed to be normal, but all the money was gone, and there were no new receipts. In short, in April someone knocked on my skype who wanted to help with the promotion of the project. He offered to hire speakers, negotiate with bloggers for a bonus or half the listing price. He demanded money only to pay for services, and it was much lower than the official prices. Why not agree? Moreover, I have never used the services of speakers - let him then work in this direction. Indeed, he began to negotiate as promised. We were accommodated in several places for a bonus, where a discount. The speaker was hired, he also promised to negotiate with others. And then, for some reason, the new version of Skype began to work poorly for me; I downloaded and installed. I was delighted. And then, when the first investor with $ 3.5k came from that foreign referrer, in the evening I go to withdraw it to the reserve wallet - and there is zero. I began to think, analyze how this happened. I realized that skype was a surprise. An unpleasant moment.

He also noted that there were a lot of fake applications - clones of famous bloggers, unknown bloggers, incomprehensible intermediaries between admin and blogger, Facebook promoters, YouTube bloggers ... Admins - be careful.

Let's go back to the project. At the end of March, I was contacted by a foreign referrer. He really liked that MagicMeridian had a monitoring account (I made an account for Betpamm in advance). The refund manager promised that he would talk about the project and actively bring people. Sometimes those who are not even familiar with the Internet. In his words - 100 thousand dollars, this will be the minimum investment. And if everything goes well, then a large amount of $ 300-500kk is not the limit. I did not lose my head, of course, not a beginner. He asked to test the project for a start with small amounts, gradually increasing the flow. On this and agreed - went deposits from him, from 1k to 10k dollars. I also picked up bloggers and some referrals. For a week or two, the deposit will lie down, order part or all of the withdrawal stably. Then a new deposit comes from another client. By the end of April, the amount of deposits from this referrer was about 45 thousand dollars, but the project had about 10 thousand free funds in the box office (plus some more money on hand from previous projects). Why is that? Basically, deposits were on plans 1.3 and 1.6% per day, and thanks to the affiliate program from 3 levels, it was possible to receive more than 50% of income per month. Due to reinvestment, deposits grew rapidly, but daily payments grew along with them. And from the last days of April-early May, orders of these deposits for withdrawal begin. It was ordered about 25 thousand dollars. There is no such money in the box office, but the project needs to be saved (in order to earn more later). I tried different methods - nothing helped, the money runs out. I am making a very difficult decision: to mortgage a one-room apartment for 2 million rubles, which I inherited from my parents. In dollars it turned out to be about 35 thousand, taking into account commissions. I make payments, pull the project. With all these rescue measures, at the same time I communicate with this foreign referral. He swears to me that new clients will come soon. At the same time, as if casually, he says: the test of your project is already ending, I am very glad that the payments of such amounts are on time. Nevertheless, the remaining 20 thousand on the deposits of his referrals are also submitted for withdrawal. No reinvestments, everything goes towards payment. I withdraw 20k, hoping that new additions will begin soon. It was, well, already "last" money, and there was simply nothing to pay further. I am starting to stall for time with ordinary depositors of the project, who there also decide to order a payment from the deposit. The reffer me is dynamite - he says that he is now away for a week and when he arrives, his people will go into the project. Allegedly, most of them are pensioners and without him they will not be able to understand the project. It's funny to read it now, but for me this situation was just a nightmare. The next week, I was looking hard for people who could help me save the project. I was thinking about a bank loan, but I would hardly have been given a large sum of money. Nothing helped. Then messages about non-payments began to appear. There were no new contributions. It turns out that the referrer “cheated” me. Even though he wrote to me later - when payments will start, etc.

My personal fairy tale of the length of 12 years has ended. As a result, there was absolutely no money. It's not like creating a new project, but simply without a livelihood. Over the years, I have never worked, I have not received any skills useful to the society / I have not received any experience in any places - accordingly, the search for good work turned into a hopeless business for me. Nobody wants to hire an employee with a gap in the experience of 12 years. Some were non-permanent earnings, fell into a depression against the backdrop of hopelessness. It is necessary to understand that I have a family, a small child was born at the time. And I have no money. I took a loan for 200 thousand rubles. Subsequently, he collected more microloans, now there should be about 150 thousand micro credits - the debt grew like a snowball. The loan was recently a court, but I did not even go. Perhaps we should wait for the bailiffs? Do not care, I still have nothing to take.

It was very hard to fall from a solid prosperity into poverty. The pledged "odnushka" was soon used as a pledge - there is simply nothing to cover it with. Six months later, such percentages came up as almost on the full cost of the apartment. After a year of such a life, my wife filed for divorce, explaining this by my inability to support my family. He left her our common apartment in Moscow and a car - after all, we have a common child. I checked out of my apartment and bought a temporary registration. He himself moved to SNT outside the city. The dacha remained from his parents, he lived there until December. The house is not winter, but it was heated somehow. You may not believe me, but now I work as a courier. Not a courier from paradise - an ordinary courier. When I lived in the country, I got up very early, went by train to Moscow, returned in the evening, etc. In December, the ex-wife offered to return home, to help with the child - it is difficult for her to live alone. In return, I will have to rent my "odnushka" and give half of the rent money to her. Plus, to help with the salary in addition, because I work as a courier. Whether it was a good proposal or not, I still don't understand. Because she is not aware that I no longer have a one-room apartment, and I have to give part of the rent money on the condition of returning to her. There is a discrepancy in money, you cannot earn a lot of them by courier. So I'm spinning, I'm saving myself a lot now. But I live in a warm place and next to my child. There are some prospects for improving my life - I am looking for myself on the Internet, I still have a lot of experience in 12 years. But so far the prospects are very vague.

This is the fate that sent me to pay for the creation of HYIPs, for deceiving people and "easy money." Karma is, and everything has its price in this life. I for myself firmly decided not to go back to haypam ever. I really hope that my story will make every reader think.

The investor is that the admin is also a person who is not always to blame for the scum. And that skoroskamy and huntrneri - two sides of one problem.

The blogger / monitor - that any payment you need to work out, and not just take money for air. With this approach, soon there will be no normal admins, and all will work as couriers like me.

Admin - is the highest justice, do not lose your head from greed, remain a man even in such dirty work. Think about the future, HYIPs are not eternal - and what are you going to be without them?

A novice in investing - do not get into HYIPs, or carefully weigh everything for yourself. There is no freebies and buttons "loot", do not trust anyone. We need experience, luck and connections in order to earn stably. Perhaps it is better to make efforts to achieve success in another area.

Thanks to everyone who read my monologue to the end. Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Competition for 1000 $:

The winners of the third stage:

1st place and $ 125 - Marishka, very emotional story, as if the G-8 itself pulled out;
2st place and $ 75 - Evgehka, all my life I dream of a metal detector (and a treasure) - my hands do not reach;
3st place and $ 50 - Aliaksandre, for a new car with a royal discount;

To all winners - write to me on contacts, I will transfer prizes 😉

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  1. I read the last part of the Old School admin, yes sadness. In Moscow, too, at one time I found bringo247 and in free mode I worked for them as a courier - it is convenient and there is enough work. They wrote in VK that because of the excess of orders before NG, they even forgot to congratulate everyone on the holiday, scream. So admin, come on, get out 🙂

  2. Avatar photo Good:

    Thank you all for your participation and opinions. I decided to just give everyone $ 50 (AlexBet, MarinaG, RED, MoRKowDRooG, Shurochka and Evgehka) - write to me by contacts 😉