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Joy Token - a convenient platform for presenting games in online casinos

The development of applications in the field of gambling is often a long and rather complicated process. In particular, this applies to cases where the share of income is low, and regulatory requirements do not meet the requirements. Major game developers have their own teams of experienced professionals. In this case, the services of independent developers are used extremely rarely. Thus, novice, yet unknown developers have limited access to the developing market. Players (end users) similarly pass by interesting, original games that have appeared recently. Participants must at the same time trust operators of online casinos offering weak transparency.

In addition, the current business model of many developers does not reach potential players. In particular, this applies to the millenials who want to get more revenue from the existing gaming experience. This group also includes financial anonymity, as well as transparency, trust. Service JoyToken It was created to successfully solve all the above tasks.

Features of the JoyToken platform

Project ICO JoyToken It is designed to supply smart games for existing and only registered casino players. Providing creative, innovative developers with unhindered access to operators in the final solution. This procedure is performed in the 4 step, namely:

  • specialists JoyTokens commit themselves to monitor compliance with existing requirements, norms;
  • payments are transferred directly through the developer's bank accounts (transferred in a special form to JoyTokens);
  • hosting, the integration of the game is easier thanks to the proven, tested game development system;
  • Instant access to markets through its own virtual site is provided. PlayCosmo is licensed in the UK, as well as in Curacao, Malta. Thanks to this, developers can test the games before the general release on another site-operator of the casino.

All this is done with the help of JoyTokens, as well as through a new unique crypto currency. It will allow developers to pay for the game. Participants or end users will be able to play games on PlayCosm and other sites. In this case, JoyToken will benefit from Blocking technology. Such conditions were not proposed by any other similar project. This will open a new market for potential players, which require trust, anonymity and transparency. All these benefits are provided by Block Blade technology.

PlayCosmo Casino for JoyTokens

The casino offers its members a wide range of games. This list includes the most popular apps, reviewed by experienced contributors and tested by experts. The independent game developer will be quickly included on the site. Application testing is another important feature. Thanks to this, experts check the performance of games even before they appear on the site.

Opportunities for Developers

  • there are no compliance issues: Joy Gaming conducts processing of all correspondences, legal, and licensing requirements for games that are developed in the relevant markets;
  • access to markets: the Joy Gaming platform promotes developers' games. Thus, access is provided to other operator sites through new or existing contacts;
  • remuneration, transparency: income, games can undergo operational verification through smart contracts. Earned funds are instantly paid to participants in JoyTokens.

Features of the JoyToken ecosystem

With regard to the structure of the ecosystem, it has the following features:

  • capital: players, as well as game developers are allowed to participate in the joint support of risks, capital with reward;
  • game developers: JoyToken acts as a platform for small development companies, innovative developers. Service can be used for further development, raising the status of specialists;
  • trust: the project allows the use of decentralized contracts to ensure the security of confidence. This takes into account the reputation and size of the casino.

Benefits of participating in the JoyToken project

When working on the JoyToken platform, participants will be able to appreciate the following advantages:

  • The operational service can be used from January of the year 2018 for gaming purposes;
  • The online gambling market is about 50 million dollars. The decentralized ecosystem of developers, regulators, operators, active players will for many years contribute to the development of this sector;
  • a huge experience in the sale of tokens: in the process of selling JoyTokens the best practices of experts are used. This implies the application of high standards KYC / AML in accordance with the requirements of multi-sig purse. His keys are stored separately. A specially created fund is responsible for issuing tokens within the agreed timeframe. Tokens belonging to the founders of the company are assigned to them for 2-year period.

 Features of selling JoyTokens tokens

JoyTokens is available for purchase on the Ethereum network. During this process, there may be a problem with the ERC20 token. In the event that a user sends tokens to Smart Contract, the following function must be used: "approve + transfer". The translation will then be completed. If the transfer is made to an address that exists outside the system, you must use the "transfer" function. In the event of an error in payment, the funds may disappear. Therefore, the operation should be carried out with the utmost care by the user.


For February 2018, the sale of tokens is planned. In March, a sales audit will be conducted. In June 2018, Playcosmo will introduce online games. In August, 2018 will be distributed to Fixed Odds Table Games. In addition, integration with a large number of platforms and direct operators will be carried out.


Andrew MacDonald - CEO

Mike Lace - Director of Marketing

Steve Giordano Imbrolt - Technical Director

Nathan Lockett - Legal Specialist

Adam Spargo - Marketing Specialist

Grzegorz Dymek - site manager

Distribution of tokens

30% - sale of tokens

23% - sold on the platform

20% - pre-sale

12% - for the founding team of the project

10% - prize fund

3% - for project representatives

2% - premiums for the sale of tokens

By operating on a blockchain basis, users can easily determine where their funds are being transferred. User experience is the top priority of the JoyToken team. For ICO project participants Joy Token offers reliable protection, stability, as well as a wide range of interesting games. Convenient site structure allows you to quickly perform operations even for novice participants.

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