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Classic HYIP Marketing - Overview of Popular Rates

New HYIP projects start every day in large quantities and each of them offers different conditions for cooperation with investors. There are many variants of tariff plans and it is quite logical that some of them have long become classics of the genre and have already been tested by time and investors. In this article, we suggest recalling all the traditional marketing options and how different projects work out under such conditions.

FAST Classic Rates

According to tacit statistics, high-percentage percentages are often launched, because the demand for projects in this category is the highest. It used to be everyone looking for quality low incomes and moderate middle workers, but in modern realities it is much easier to make money on fast-food. And for administrators and investors, such projects have become the best option, therefore, undoubtedly, it was among high-percentages that the largest number of HYIPs with classic tariffs arose.

It is enough for any project to work well, and followers immediately appear who copy its marketing completely or partially. This is not surprising, because proven tariffs give the administrator more chances for successful work - especially newbie admins are guided by this strategy. As for the experienced administrations, many of them work according to the established scheme and constantly launch projects with the same tariff plans. To some extent, it even becomes the hallmark of a particular admin.

First of all, speaking about traditional fast tariffs, you need to recall the minimum interest rate, which allows HYIP to move from the category of middlemen to the section of high-income workers. A striking example is the legendary RazzletOn, which offered at the lowest rate. 2.1% per day... One of the tariffs of the Santa-fable project was also calculated for an interest rate close to this value - 2.2% per day. After the great success of Razzleton, such conditions tried on a variety of projects and many really managed to work very worthily.

Recently, the trend has become a classic fast-marketing with a large number of plans with subplanes. Such projects offer a lot of options, but the fare from the entire line is the shortest, which often looks like 103% for 1 day. Such conditions could be observed in the past in many projects and they proved in practice that even with such short plans, you can work out many circles and bring hundreds of percent of profit. The secret of such marketing lies, first and foremost, in the fact that an investment in a short after-plan looks more secure than if the project offered the same daily interest over the long term. Of the latest blog projects, SkyTrade and have offered marketing with plans and subplans.

Special performance showed interest rate marketing. 3% per day and one of the most successful projects with such conditions was the legendary LaraWith.Me. After the furore of Lara, every third HYIP was launched with such a percentage and they worked out differently. Many people copied indefinite accruals from a successful fund, but marketing has become more common with a limited deposit period, which is often the average time in 30-50 days. Similar conditions you could see in Alpha intelect, Crowdmining, Fosterbit.

Hourly projects are nowhere to go and from time to time delight us with their start. But modern watchmakers have somewhat transformed and where less often you can see a hyip with a crazy percentage, which could offer tens of percent of profit per hour. Fastovy pochasoviki new generation operate with more restrained interest rates of the order 0.2% -0.3% per hour... Due to such profitability, the platforms are trying to reduce the load on the cash desk, because the investor's profit will not reach crazy percent per day - in general, they are standard for fast food. You could see similar percentages in Daily crypto or Monostar invest.

Let's not forget about those projects that offer a good fast-profit yield in the amount of 5-10% per day. In this case, the deposit may be included in the accrual, and returned at the end of the term. Many projects of the past (Dominat,, and some members of our current portfolio (SmartMine) worked with interest rates in this range.

Traditional mid-level marketing

Intermediaries have always been considered workhorses that can work well in any season. And if you ask any experienced investor about what average profit rates are traditional in the industry, then you will surely hear about “seven-fold marketing”.

For several years now, projects with a combination of a short after-plan and a tariff with daily accruals with a deposit included have been launched in the world of HYIPs. This combination was actively used in his projects by the admin, who liked to use the number "7" in the name of the project - Carbon7 and Zinc7. After the resounding success of these projects, imitators began to appear who not only copied marketing, but also the main feature of the admin - Aurum7, Sapphire7.

Later, the "seven-year marketing" took on a variety of projects that often altered tariffs, but the essence remained the same. It is not difficult to distinguish such tariff terms, since they consist of two plans - for example, 7% on weekdays on 30 days and 110% for 7 days. Thus, the project has two completely different investment conditions that will attract investors with different preferences.  

Enough mediators start with moderate percentages in the range 0.6-1.5% per day (sometimes even with payouts on weekdays). There are quite a few projects that at various times were presented on a blog and presented the following conditions to investors: Statum Global, Elitpayments,, Coinicor, Wallie, ElTerro, SportLine, Trucking world, Oilgas invest.

The most popular low-income conditions

To say that in the world of low incomes there are some classic tariffs, most likely, it is impossible, since these are specific projects. In quality low-percentage marketing, it is thoroughly verified, it has any chips, and most admins bother to make the working conditions original and thereby attract the attention of investors. Nevertheless, it is possible to identify common features that are inherent in many low incomes.

As a rule, the current HYIPs with low percentages work with small daily percentages, which also include the contribution body. For example, Loany24 offered investors to earn from 0.7% per day with depot included throughout 365 days. In fact, in this situation, investors would have had to wait for the release of the used / over 140 days. The conditions of the Cointonix project were similar, from the 0.8% offered per day the promoted FexBet, and as we know, none of these three projects could show a good result of the work.

Separately, you can remember those HYIP-low-income, which offer to earn a certain percentage of the term. For example, in the case of CapEX24, investors earn 5% in the week, and the fund is pleased with its results - in the 9 months of operation of the site, investors not only repulsed their contribution, but also almost doubled the amount of the investment.

There are many variants of classical marketing and, cooperating with HYIP on already tested conditions, the investor has higher chances of profit. At the same time, one should not hope too much for working tariffs, because in the hands of an inexperienced or dishonest admin even such plans can lead to a disastrous result.