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Competition for 1000 $. Winners of the 1 stage.

Good evening.
First, I want to say a big thank you to everyone for such an active response to our competition. Reading your stories is very interesting, I think this format of communication will be useful for our entire investor community. We will definitely continue the tradition of such educational competitions in order to share our experience and become professionals in our niche.
So, we publish the stories of the winners of the first stage, and give out prizes.

The first place and 125 $ gets DenisSH.

My life story of dating haypami (pyramids) and earnings on the Internet ... My first acquaintance with earnings in the pyramids (where payments go to old investors from the money that new members bring), it started back in the 90-e year. Then when the cunning businessmen, when there was not yet tax, but only "brothers" ... Decided to make money on the human desire to get a freebie. The bottom line was that the booklet was printed, with rules and advertising, and also a list of 4 members of the matrix that are higher than you. And if you are ready to participate, then you buy this booklet from the seller for 10rub. (in those days it's remember, it's a lot of money!), transfer to the office by mail transfer 10r (as if for printing services 4 pcs. booklets already with your name on the position number 4) and most importantly send the first in the list 10 r. When I received my 4 booklet with my name, you go and sell them to someone. When the next one does, just like you, then you are already in his booklet at the 3 position and so on. Ideally, you could earn 2560r (this is huge money!). My matrix, of course, did not pass on all branches, but I once went to 5-6 and received 10p translations. The postmen already knew about such a system and just whispered, again today we give out tens ... The second acquaintance, with haypami I happened when in real life I lost a job that brought good income. I decided that I should find an income that I should always help, in cases of job loss ... I decidedly went online and began to read and study a lot. Articles, stories led me to domestic clicks, where I already in the first month managed to earn myself on the Internet and pay for mobile. But I was not upset by small incomes, I perceived this all as an experience. Doing tasks, looking through the masses of advertising on the bookshops, I came across people who called referrals to projects, paying for this small reward. Thanks to such reporters, I began to get acquainted with those who call in projects and for this receive a ref-commission. People helped, explained, gave advice, there are those with whom I am still friends. There are of them those who have completely dropped out of the HYIP, there is someone who still plays. The first projects in those days did not exactly resemble today's HYIPs, were with beautiful legends, in which the people believed and bore huge money (Gamma, Vladimir, etc.). Also they were popular, I consider them also HYIPs, these are the projects that pay for purchasing an upgrade and buying bots that seem to be looking at the ads for you (click on the links). I was very keen on these projects, but decided to invest very carefully .. and was right that only the first giants made a profit, and when the "copies" of the giants went, the industry, as it were, outlived itself (at least for me). Further working with HYIPs, of course, I got to the forum mmg, where there was a lot of information, a lot of criticism and a lot of interesting things. Studying the forum, I found such a popular, at that time, this investment in HYIPs "under insurance". For a long time I liked it, but when the forum was attended by mass "thugs" of policyholders, those people who for years all paid everything and suddenly disappeared with the insurance fund. And this direction for me also went away, because naturally hitting several times on a decent amount for himself. For today, the information has become many times greater than a few years ago, the industry of haypas has changed. Previously, people believed in legends, as in truth, today everyone sees this as a game. And rightly so! Each time line, I understand that it can not be similar to the previous one, so I continue to study, follow the direction, and adjust my strategy in HYIPs to get at least a minimum, but profit! All the luck in this hard work, but I think it's work!

I was interested to learn about offline matrices from the 90s. Also, the conclusions in Denis's story are very robust: Investing is a lot of work if you want to make money professionally. There is no button "Loot", there is only your experience, your responsibility and your result. Thanks!

Second place and 75 $ gets MarinaG

Greetings, my name is Marina. My history of dating haypami began in 2014 year with the company Kairos.

Then, of course, I did not think it was a pyramid or some kind of HYIP (what kind of word is this?), I really thought until the last that this is a real company. For those who do not know what they were doing, I'll tell you briefly. You are given the opportunity to lease your computer (laptop), or rather place on your hard drive for a year and for this every month to receive% of the company's profits. A legend, I must say, they had a thoughtful and very believable. They said that they are the first company in the world to store and encrypt data of serious corporate companies, among them were called Sony and still some I do not remember, although the main list has always been kept in the strictest secrecy :). In general, they used the hard drive space of each participant to store encrypted information. Plausibility was added by the fact that they cooperated with the company General Motors, sponsored it in races. So, to "lease" your computer, you have to pay a guarantee fee from 125 $ to 2777 $ (there were 4 packages in total), it was also a mandatory condition to switch on your laptop every 10 hours every day, otherwise there will be no payment for the unworked clock. In general, we went almost on time - in half a year after the start, as it was a low-percentage (as I now understand). First, we took four maximum packages, by the way, the affiliate program they had was awesome - from the first line 15%, with the second 10%, and so on in depth. We began to "build" the pyramid, and thus, the amount of the deposit paid off more quickly, and we bought another maximum package. Life began to improve, every month steadily brought up about 500 $ from each account. Gradually began to connect relatives and friends, telling how cool you can make money, simply including your laptop for 10 hours per day. Constantly listening to their webinars and the speeches of Otokar Kasinets (their marketer), they began to present themselves as oligarchs and, simultaneously, looking for a place on the Spanish coast. Still, some people have a gift to rub all kinds of nonsense and it's so beautiful to "sing songs" that you are willy-nilly, you believe them and you follow them. Year we were happy and made a profit, but everything comes to an end and exactly a year later the shop covered up, but not immediately - first the problems with the payment of ePayments started, they say the commissions are overstated - go to another, then a new and new noodles, all this time, I I thought that the company is really real, you just need to wait. Since we needed to renew the packages for the next year, we sold all our money to our acquaintances who underneath us came for a vodka, thus helping them to get a plus, which really pleases, because they did not have time to re-enter, because The scum was already clear to everyone, even me with my pink glasses. But we, too, did not remain in the loser, because we quickly realized that we could earn not only a direct investment, but also the possibility of leasing to other participants of the disk space. We bought the order of 50 old processors and densely engaged in this serious business. Wishing a lot, those who invited us to this "office" were (and there is actually) people are fairly wealthy, they were not willing to turn off laptops, they did not want to turn off their laptops, and they do not have that much equipment. And we (I, my husband and my brother-programmer) included in the evening, turned off all this "encryption" equipment in the morning, and received a percentage of the rent. In the end, we sold all the equipment back and in the end did not badly earn. Thus, the first experience was successful for me.

It was a Delston project. Here we entered the sum of the order of 6 thousand $. First of all, following the previous experience, we began to build a "sausage", that is, when you register yourself under yourself and thus take the referral yourself. And this was both a mistake, but also a rescue, as it turned out in the end. The fact is that we put 5000 $ on the main account, and the other denunciations were distributed among other accounts - by 200 $ the minimum deposit. And that acc, that was with a large sum to us and blocked in the end, as we had the imprudence to go on a plan with a deposit frost for three months. From the remaining accounts, we withdrew the money weekly and there was no problem, until the company began to have problems with payments. Here they too, that just did not come up, and its own site for trading binary options and shares. Sometimes even at the beginning set limits on withdrawals, we got up at night at 3 hours to withdraw money, otherwise already in 3.05 the limit was exhausted. Sometimes I even managed to take off. This of course was a circus, but, nevertheless, as it turned out the last chance to at least get something out. Thus, we returned about half of the investments, about the contribution where there was a fivefold no one even thought of returning something. Next was Questra. In it, we entered the amount of about 1000 euro. Then I got a little acquainted with the topic of HYIPs and knew that the main thing is to go in and out of the project on time. Here we were waiting for a plus :), after a year of working with her, I was not going to go to the second round, but then we got serious referral and the husband says - let's take another year's risk, whether it's not enough, we do not use our money ... Eh, ah could be our ... 1250 euro-eurikov. Naturally, after 2 months problems started and our referrals cried.

All these under-companies were thrown at us by wealthy friends, whom I mentioned earlier (they, by the way, made such contributions that these amounts do not fit into my head). And then I thought, and the worse I am, I really can not find something interesting, myself. I climbed the Internet and came across one blog. And I was surprised to find out what the HYIPs are, and it turns out that if you go to their links, they'll return it to me! 50% of referrals. For me it was really a pleasant discovery, before that no one returned anything. And then I'm so cool talking to my friends - there is such a project Forex King, a very long time working and feedback is positive, etc. You can go to the plan, for just some 90 days with a deposit freeze and invest only 5000 $, after three months get 40 mowers! We created a mini pool for five and began to wait patiently for the manna of heaven. The hour of X came, by the way, the design of the fire, it worked so much, if I went to a normal plan - could not bad earn. I put it, then, their deserved 40 pieces for the conclusion, God, how beautiful they looked on the screen, and began to wait with even greater impatience. But, the project began selective payments, and our letter, they say, where the butterflies, we answered, attention !: "You have to pay 1000 $ for the transfer, because the amount is large and we can not pay a commission for you, etc." In time, I went with this message to the mmgp forum and they twisted it around my temple and said, do not think anything to send - it's a divorce. This, perhaps, was the biggest of my scams for all my time in the HYIP industry. And, no, then there was the "Edelweiss" project, where we lost about 3 thousand dollars. We went on the recommendation of all the same friends who talked with Otokar (thereby from Kairos) and he assured them that the project will work at least another two years, but not destiny. Since that time, on their recommendations, I try not to go in, and my husband just freaked out, and did not want to get in touch with the HYIPs any more, went into mining. But it was interesting to me anyway, since I was a gambler and at that time, I was already slowly becoming involved in this sphere. I found the portal Profit-hunters, and again I was surprised to find out that it turns out that here it's not 50% that is returned, but all of the refunds are wholly more and with the bonus-120%, plus I learned about the protection of deposits, yes, and it turns out to be.

I read a lot of information for beginners and, having got bitter experience in past projects, now I know for sure that 1) can not be invested in a project that has been working for a long time; 2) categorically it is impossible to invest in the project large sums for tariffs with deposit freezing; 3) does not involve friends of acquaintances in their referrals unless they fully understand the pros and cons, but it is better to recommend good monitoring (for example, the portal Profit-hunters); 4) do not participate in the hourly, because they have a short life (although someone can be lucky in them, I have never been lucky). And so, following these not difficult rules, I slowly build up my capital from scratch, I do not raise money from the real, I play on those that are. It helps in this participation in various contests and bonus programs from the portal. I hope someone who reads my story will get some benefit from it and will not step on the same rake as me. Invest smart, with a cold head and with the portal Profit-hunters! Profit to all! A huge profit!

A very detailed story about top-level network projects, a detailed description of the participation and emotions of the participant. It is interesting to read. Marina, thank you very much!

Third place and 50 $ gets Aliaksandre

Hello! My name is Alexander.
I met with HYIPs in 2011 year, and no matter how trite it sounded, my first experience was in the financial pyramid of Mavrodi MMM-2011. And yes, this experience was pretty sad, but about everything in order. In 2011, I somehow accidentally on the Internet stumbled on advertising to everyone not without the well-known MMM-2011. Although I was aware of the sad end MMM 94 year, but he personally did not participate in it, tk. at that time was still too small. But I've heard a lot of stories about her from older people who lost a lot of money there and were left with nothing. Then there even seemed to promise to return people lost, but of course no one waited. And now, knowing all this, I somehow jerked to go to the official MMM-2011 website and see what they offer. They called themselves then a mutual aid fund, and offered quite a high profitability, which no bank could offer. I do not remember exactly, but the point was that the longer you invest money in the system, the higher you will have the percentage of growth, up to + 100% per month, if you invest for a year or more. But there was one thing, during the deposit term, money could not be withdrawn (the so-called deposit frost), otherwise no interest will be paid, if you still withdraw the money, then you can only withdraw the amount that you invested. There were, of course, other variants of deposits for smaller periods and for less profitability, as well as deposits without freezing funds with much lower interest, but they could be rented, as claimed on the site, at any time. After reading all this information, I immediately began to doubt its truthfulness, and I was already going to close this site, when I suddenly saw the news on the site that new members of the project were donated for 20 $ for registration only, at the same time you can take this money and you will not owe anything to anyone.

Of course the first thought that came to mind is that this is another hoax, who are you going to give away for 20 $? But still greed and curiosity took up, and I began to look for more information about this bonus and project in general. In the comments under the news about the bonus there were hundreds of reviews of people that they received this bonus, all in one voice and kept saying - everything is paid to everyone! The site had the opportunity to contact a consultant on-line, which I did. He also confirmed to me all the information about the bonus, and also gave a link to some channel on Youtube (which has not existed for a long time), where it was possible to watch video messages from MMM participants who told how they were paid a bonus of 20 $, and also how much they have already earned money by investing themselves in the mutual support fund. The stories of some people about earnings were simply impressive: they could afford to buy a car, an apartment, and in general whatever they wanted, and money from the ATM went to take off with bags! ))) There was also a channel where the video was uploaded only by the Mavrodi himself, who was brainwashing people telling how they are doing well, and how everything is paid to everyone. After watching this video, I thought, okay sign up, I'll see if the bonus will give 20 $, and at the same time and check whether it's all true. After registering, I was given a personal account. To get the 20 $ bonus in the office, you had to send a special request, and also enter the payment card data where the bonus will come. When I did all this, after a while the superior person contacted me, and said that he had transferred the money to the card, and they should arrive within a couple of working days. And really the next day 20 $ came to my card! I immediately went and took them off. It was pretty nice to get money for free, even if not great.

And here my attitude to MMM began to change, I really began to trust them. After all, the bonus was paid to me, as promised. I began to understand the system in more detail. It turned out that there were certain groups of participants in it - the "Desyatniki" "Sotniki", "The Thousand", "The Hundred and Hundred" and "Million", depending on how many people you brought into the system and registered in your cell. Those. in MMM it was possible to earn nothing without investing, but simply attracting new participants who will invest money, and you will receive a certain percentage of yourself from their investments. And I decided to do it, began to tell my friends and friends about the MMM that you can earn money absolutely nothing without investing just for a long time at a good interest, and also that initially everyone is just given a bonus 20 $. I managed to persuade some people, some did not believe me, but nevertheless the person 12 I still collected in my cell. And almost half of the people I have attracted even invested my money. What else was good, is that I was paid% not only from invested money, but also from 20 gift dollars, i.e. if a person did not invest anything, but simply took away his 20 $ gift, I still received a reward, so it was profitable to attract people who were not even ready to invest their money. In this case, I myself at first did not invest my money. Then, as it always happens in any pyramid, the MMM-2011 began to have problems with payments, they were made with delays or did not do at all depending on the cell in which you were. Also canceled my percentage of 20 gift dollars, saying that without it you can make good money if you actively encourage new and old participants to invest. But at the same time Mavrodi broadcast in Youtube that there are no problems, that they create a panic intentionally, that everyone is paid for everything and so on.

I was already going to deduce all my earned refs, when suddenly Mavrodi announced a super action, that everyone who invests money on any tariff plans gets an additional bonus + 50% of the invested amount from the top! In this case, these 50% can already be output probably almost in 2 two weeks. This proposal so overshadowed my mind that I first invested my hard money, and also said to do it to all my attracted participants (referrals), that this is a very good chance to earn as much as ever, and most in fact agreed, because. trusted me. I paid an amount of 1000 $. For me, it was decent money, considering that I earned about 300 $ per month. And here in my LK appeared the desired 1500 $. I then invested for the shortest period with the least interest and without freezing funds to minimize all risks, and just at least withdraw this bonus in the amount of 500 $ and embedded 1000 $, which would not be bad, without adding any more accumulated on top of interest. But after a couple of days Mavrodi suddenly announces the introduction of a "calm" regime for a week, i.е. At this time, payments to no one will be done, because panic has increased, and everyone wants to withdraw money, but few want to invest, and the mutual aid fund in its turn simply can not cope with all requests for withdrawal. Therefore, his advice was to continue investing and attracting new participants, and a week later everyone would be paid again. Of course, I was a little worried at first, but then I thought that it would be a week, everything would be like before, and I could just withdraw my money and bonus. But a week passes, and the Mavrodi prolongs the regime of calm for another week. And here I began to panic. I finally began to realize that they just threw me and deceived me. There was only one thought, to return the enclosed to go out at least in a loss-free,% and bonus I did not even think. I contacted my ten's manager and asked him to withdraw my 1000 $ from the system without a bonus, because I sent the money to his account. But he said that he was forbidden to make any payments during the regime of tranquility, and that in general he does not already have those my money, t. they are sent further to the hundredth, such are the rules for the distribution of money in the system. From him I also learned that payments, if any, are made, then only through the highest-ranking people in the system. Those. I needed to contact the centurist and above to request my money back. So I went to the thousandaire, and then I just stopped responding. And Mavrodi, meanwhile, prolonged and prolonged the regime of calmness, saying that everything is all right, the panic ends and everyone is about to start paying everything ....

And after maybe another week, Mavrodi suddenly announced that the MMM-2011 was closing, saying that we all are to blame for everything, and they themselves broke up the system, infinitely withdrawing money from it)))) while not supporting it at all. And the end of the regime of calm, of course, no one has ever waited, as well as their payments. At first, I was just in shock, at first I tried to contact my foreman and other higher-up people. But all to no avail, no one came to the connection, I was simply ignored. So not only that I lost my money, so I was still required by the money and those people whom I registered in the system, who also invested and did not manage to withdraw them. After all, they transferred money to me, tk. I was their ten's manager, and I, in turn, directed this money to my ten's manager, i.e. I had no money on my hands, and I could not return anything. From this scheme it is clear that all the money flowed to the highest-ranking people in the system - the "Hundreds" and "Million", or even the Mavrodi himself. As a result, I did not earn anything, but only lost it, and I was also extremely uncomfortable with my acquaintances, who, albeit indirectly, but because of me also lost their money. I had to explain to them for a long time that I personally did not take anything from them, that I do not have any money and can not, that I am as affected as they are. Well at least that among them no one for particularly large amounts of money was not invested, and even scary to imagine what it would all end. I know that there were cases when it came to the point that the police applied to the foremen. And there you can already hang a fraud and a real time to give.

Mavrodi meanwhile soon announced the opening of a new MMM-2012, without the flaws of the previous MMM-2011, i.e. without "Desyatnikov", "Sotnikov", "Thousanders", etc., where money was transferred already directly to each other without intermediaries. Also there it was promised to return money to those who lost them in MMM-2011. But after my first financial failure, I no longer participated in the MMM-2012 and all other projects of Mavrodi. Although I know that in the MMM-2012 was again zavlekalovo people with the next bonus - 1000 rubles or 20 $. Also, sometimes, up to 2016, a sms came to the phone about the possibility to return lost money in MMM-2011 by joining them (and maybe not them) some new project, that's what it means to merge your data with the wrong people. For today I know that all MMM ended the same as the previous ones. At the moment, they do not work in the CIS, but they seem to have moved to Asia and Africa, where there were still "not frightened investors".

I, from the time until the end of 2017, completely ceased to participate in any HYIP projects and financial pyramids. But in December 2017, I was again drawn into this area of ​​earnings) Now I'm in the investment in 3 HYIP projects, which are still paying steadily. And in one project, my deposit has even worked out its tariff, and I went to the second round. I am perfectly aware and understand that this is all very risky, because in principle, any investment is to some extent associated with risk, and not only in HYIP projects, and therefore I'm already trying to invest wisely. Moreover, I just recently learned about this investment portal Profit-hunters, which very much helps both the novice and the experienced investor in choosing a worthy hype project. There are also detailed descriptions of projects, and refback from the portal, and even protection of deposits, which is generally a rarity on other similar investment portals and blogs, tips on how to invest correctly, and there are various bonuses for communication and activity, promotions and much more. But so far I have not understood much and continue to study the portal. In the future and further I plan to invest in HYIP projects, because where can I find the necessary information on them I already found. I wish everyone good luck and profit

Alexander detailed about the work of reincarnation of the legendary MMM. I think all the fans of the genre will be very interesting to read. Thank you very much for the story.

All winners please contact me in a convenient way ( to receive a prize.
A little later, today I'll post the second part of the story from the old school administrator + new questions to participate in the contest.

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    Many thanks for 3 place! Very nice!
    Prize won, everything is fair:
    Date: 21: 14 24.01.18 Batch: 202729121. Received Payment 50.00 USD from account U247 ****. Memo: prize in the contest from the blog Congratulations!

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    Class of greetings to all!

  3. Avatar photo DenisSH:

    Thank you, the prize is received! Pleased to win the contest!
    The amount of 125 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U ***** -> U ******. Memo: prize for first place in the competition from the blog Congratulations !. Date: 16:51 24.01.18/202708366/XNUMX. Batch: XNUMX.

  4. Avatar photo MarinaG:

    Wow, thanks for the second place! To be honest, so many stories were sent and it was very unexpected to get into the top three. Thanks for the contest, it was interesting to participate and tell about your way to the HYIP investor. We are looking forward to continuing the story from the old school admin.