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Crypto currency Tron - scandalous token with active growth rate

The crypto industry is very dynamic and its face is changing every day beyond recognition. Every day the market is filled with new block-products, and therefore investors who prefer digital assets have ample opportunities to choose tools. Recently, many people have been paying attention to a coin called Tron, which was recently unknown to anyone. What kind of crypto currency is that, which can go up hundreds of per cent a day and is it worth adding to your portfolio? We will answer these questions further in the article.

Tron (TRX) - decentralized entertainment platform

Different content, be it video, games or music, is an integral part of the Internet, because it is in the global network that we meet various information needs. But all this can not exist simply chaotically in the World Wide Web, and therefore is localized on specific sites, which today have become real giants. Is it possible to imagine a video without YouTube or the application market without the App Store? Thanks to their users, these and other projects earn billions of dollars annually.

And, it would seem, is it possible for someone new to penetrate this violent niche of content, what can there be new competitors here. It turns out that they can after all, because neither the Apple, neither YouTube with Google has a blockade and any decentralized project can challenge these sites of the past. It is precisely this project that is the Throne, which offers a real anarchy for producers and users of content. Casinos, novelties of the film industry and licensed applications for scanty amounts - the platform will provide the authors of the content and its customers with a revolutionary new model of cooperation, which many have already evaluated. What is not an innovative replacement for torrents? The developers themselves position Tron as a "crypto currency for entertainment" and one can not but agree with them.

But most importantly, what made the world know about the Throne is not his direct purpose at all, but a mad growth of the course, which can not go unnoticed. About why the token is actively growing in its price, we will talk in more detail below in the article, but we can not deny the fact that its developers played a big role in the fate of the project. It is known that it was developing Tron Chinese team led by a certain Justin San. By the way, this person in the Middle Kingdom is considered a very rich and successful businessman and heads some prestigious ratings there. It is rumored that the head of a large and well-known company Alibaba also has to do with the ambitious Throne project, but how things are in fact is a big mystery. But back to Justin San. A lot is known about the developer, but, like the crypto currency itself, San grew rumors and myths. From reliable sources it is known that he is the head of the popular in China company Peiwo, the number of clients reaches 10 million, and before the development of his own crypto currency, Justin was one of the members of the Ripple team.

In accordance with current fashion trends, the Throne was born by carrying out ICO, which was quite successful - the organizers easily collected 70 $ million hardcap. Investors who invested in the token at the time of crowdsdale, earned excellent money, because Tron has risen in price more than in 100 times (if we take into account the peak value at the moment). Today, the developers are working hard on the project, united in the Tron Foundation. This organization is non-profit and officially registered in Singapore - on the legal side, the Tron Foundation operates entirely in the legal field.

Is the trunk a crypto currency or a token?

If you really go into the specifics of what a Tron (TRX) is, it's still a token, not a crypto currency. As expected, the project does not have its own blockade, but uses the database of the Etherium, which is very suitable for this kind of projects (in fact, Vitalik Buterin developed their platform for them). At the same time, TRX is not directly a global means of payment, which in fact should be a crypto currency - it is just an internal means of mutual settlements for the participants of the platform.

Why is it that the Throne is often called crypto currency, and not a token? Yes, for the simple reason that in the world of blocking technologies everything is very blurry and has no specific status, and the concept of "crypto-currency" is often used with different shades of meanings, like the term "token". In a word, there is no critical error in such a substitution of concepts, but we should make a note about the fact that we have a case with a token.

Trinse purse storage purse

Since Throne uses Ethereum's block system and is nothing other than a token according to the ERC20 standard, it can be stored in any purse that supports this type of etherium tokens:

  • MyEtherWallet - a popular ethereum-purse, which has long established itself with a positive side. It is a hybrid client that stores keys on the client side - this will keep the tokens safe.
  • Dappradar - Online option. It is installed as a browser add-on and allows you to quickly and without difficulty operate on your available tokens or ether.
  • Mist - a thick wallet from developers, but at the same time a safe option in which all the updates invented by Buterin appear first.
  • Parity - and in this client neither coins, nor tokens it is better not to store. Although it supports the standard ERC20, but the wallet itself has been hopelessly compromised and risking money is not worth it.

Is there a mining Tron?     

Do not rush to dream of a mining farm, which will produce for you the fast-growing coins of the Throne. In fact, its creation is impossible, at least for the reason that Tron mining is not planned. All coins in the amount of 100 billion pieces were minted and issued after completion ICO, in the future their products are not provided. During the crowdsale, the developers sold 40% of the total number of coins, another 35% were allocated for the needs of the project and frozen by a smart contract for two years. 15% of the remaining amount was for private sale and 10% for Beijing Joy Technology.

Where to buy crypto currency Tron?

With the growth of the popularity of Tron's crypto currency, it began to spread across various trading floors. For a long time in the past those days when the coin met on one or two exchanges - now it can be found on a large number of trading resources. This is quite logical - many traders want to make money on the positive volatility of the Throne and the administrations of exchanges are going to meet them, adding a promising novelty.

Today Tron, which in September 2017 year only entered the market trade, can be found on such popular venues:

  • Binance - is traded in tandem with MTC, ETH;
  • Bitfinex - with USD, MTC, ETN;
  • Gatecoin - you can buy and sell in the directions with VTS, ETH;
  • OKEx - pairs with VTS, USDT, ETH;
  • HitBTC - MTC, USDT, ETN;
  • YoBit - paired with VTS, USD.

Tron - token rate

As already noted at the beginning of this article, the Throne aroused universal interest not so much for its technological effectiveness as for the active growth of the rate. Many holders of this coin, who have put it on for a long time, will not even answer what its prospects are and what the project does - the very active growth of the course provokes belief in even greater growth.

On September 13, the cryptocurrency took part in the auction for the first time - its price was quoted at $ 0,002. Until December, significant activity in the growth or fall of value was not observed; this three-month period can be noted as a complete calm. But on January 5, the quiet mode was over and the cost of the token reached its all-time high of $ 0,25. Currently, there is a spasmodic dynamics - the exchange rate rises significantly, then falls again. The reason for the fact that Tron does not break through the next highs can be considered the general unfavorable situation in the market, when, due to various news, the activity of coins began to decline and a long period of deep correction began.

Scandal token

In the opinion of some "thrononyms", it is not worth waiting for a big increase from the token, since it is a fraudulent project. Such statements caused a storm of emotions in the network, but Justin Sun found something to respond to the hayters. Nevertheless, a certain trail of scandal over the Throne continues and so far, conversations and rumors continue to spread across the network. What did not please the young project of the blocking community? It is possible to single out several categories of claims at once, to which Mr. Sun gave a competent answer:

  • The project does not have a product and copied someone else's white papers. In the first edition of white Tron papers, entire pages of copy-paste were found from another successful project.
  • Throne is manipulated. Active coin race of the coin does not give rest to competitors, and therefore a barrage of complaints has been poured into the developers' address in that they actively manipulate the price of the token, buying up and toking out their tokens. In the course of this charge, purses and other proofs are made, which in black and white confirm that millions of tokens ply back and forth through some purses.
  • The company Peiwo, which is run by Sun, does not exist. Search through advanced Google tools showed that the world is not aware of such a company. Parallel to this, Justin San is called a deceiver who pretends to be a former employee of Ripl.

On all these points, Sun answered, in the course of which it became clear that one of the major investors of the project owns wallets with mysteriously large transactions, to which none of the organizers of the Throne has access, and coin developers are in a two-year freeze. As for white papers, initially the project was conceived in order to occupy a regional niche - such a success could not be predicted even by the creators themselves. That's why in the first version of white papers you could see some similarity with other projects. Later the variant was changed, but the translations into different languages ​​were not conducted in accordance with the final version, in which there is no fault of the developers. And finally, Peiwo is really well known in China, but its customers, among 10 million people, are only 1% of all residents, and Google's algorithms in the Middle Kingdom do not go.

Forecast for Tron Crypto Currency for the Future

Predictions about what will be achieved Tron in the future today sound very different - someone does not believe in success, someone predicts in 2018 the price around 2-3-bucks for 1 TRX, there are also more optimistic versions . It is unambiguous that the Throne has already generated interest as a technology and as an asset for stock trading. This trend, according to the logic of things, will grow with the development of the system and, it would seem, we should expect further growth in the price of the token.

At the same time, it can not be denied that the mood in the crypto industry as a whole will exert its influence on Tron. At present, we see active attempts at regulation and rapid development of the market of block-technologies. These two factors are both provocative and deterrent to each other, therefore the situation in the market will not be exactly predicted by a very experienced trader. In any case, at relatively short distances from the Throne, one should expect active growth and a good profit if one can find the right points for entry and exit.

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