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Kyll is a platform for crypto-currency traders. It is suitable for those who seek to apply in their work only the best and most demanded tools and strategic bidding planning, as well as the joint community of colleagues to uniquely achieve the maximum return on profit in the crypto markets.

The platform itself makes it possible to create trading strategies based on your own intuition, and you can run them in a test mode and analyze its success or vice versa.
The platform provides an interface that says: You trade what you see! This confirms the uniqueness and transparency of the system, which depends only on your actions. Your strategies will be created with the help of the most advanced and latest developments in the trade industry, and then tested on the basis of specially developed techniques.

At the moment when the hypothesis about the effectiveness and value of the invented strategy and the corresponding toolkit is confirmed, you can proceed to the settings that allow you to "patent" them and conduct activities on your behalf. Moreover, it will allow you to take trading positions at a certain time, comparing this with daily monitoring. The results of your intellectual activity can be leased to someone and given a chance to make money on them. Of course, this will allow you to generate additional income without effort.

The platform operates in the framework of five blocks that contribute to the creation of a strategic plan:
The trend in the market. This is a simple analysis of the latest events (trends), a study of how they change over time and the identification of unusual patterns. Modeling of strategies takes place at the level of machine learning.
Trading cycles. Buying, selling, etc.

Semantic content analysis in social networks.

Operator-conductors. Ensure the smooth operation of channels and their interaction.
Also notifications are sent to inform about the statuses of strategies using smart notifications. You can contact the mobile device.


The maximum supply of coins will be 72 million units, including 40 million for sale. Tokens not sold by KRL will not be generated later. This stage will last until 20 April 2018 year. The hard capitalization is 8 million dollars. The cost of one KRL is 0.2 dollars, with a minimum contribution of 500 coins. What crypto currencies are accepted? Bitcoin, Ethereum, Lightcoin, Bitcoin cache, Z-cache and Dash. All those who register and participate in ISO will be invited to the alpha version of the platform.
56% of tokens are for sale, 22% for the company (of which 12% for the team, 6% for the secure reserve, 4% for legal support and advisors) and 22% for the relevant community (1% bounty, 14% user acquisition, 7% advertising and Press release).

Use of funds:

54% - platform development;
18% - marketing costs and customer acquisition;
15% - partnership;
9% - operating costs, office and hosting;
3% - reserve, 1% - legal support costs.
Everything is transparent enough.


Already in February, the early sale of tokens with huge bonuses up to 30% started. Now, until 20 April, the period of sale of tokens without bonuses lasts, and a demonstration of the prototype is also taking place. In May, the emission of tokens on the blockbuster Efirium will begin. The company plans in the summer to launch a closed alpha version for sales to investors. By the end of the year, applications will be created and the beta version of the development is open. In 2019, work will continue on the development of, namely, the introduction of machine learning is planned.
So, the project is relatively new and is just beginning to develop. Let's see how successful the sales campaign will be and how many new users Kryll can attract.

The project team

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Outcome of the review

Kryll's trading platform allows not only to manage funds and trade in crypto currency, but also to create its own trading strategy, and then evaluate its effectiveness and share experience with colleagues. This is a unique opportunity to make money efficiently, safely and with pleasure! Good luck!