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KYC.LEGAL - unique service for remote user verification

KYC.LEGAL Is a special service designed to carry out prompt and accurate verification of active users. Thanks to this, cases of fraud are being suppressed more and more often. The platform is based on Blockchain. It is an effective tool for protecting as well as validating data.

The KYC.LEGAL platform will be useful for everyone. Its advantages will be appreciated:

  • users: fast and convenient verification procedure, as well as personal data protection (performed using encryption, biometric data). This group of participants will also appreciate the simple placement of data on personal devices, tight control over the data provided. The ability to use digital signatures to approve and verify important documents is another plus;
  • service providers: reliable, as well as reliable information about the participant, the exclusion of fraud, the convenience of the ecosystem for more fruitful interaction.

In addition, special KYC tokens have a whole set of functions. If necessary, they will allow the owners of tokens to create auxiliary cash flow flows.

Blockchain technology for verifying user data KYC.LEGAL

The lack of suppliers, users, a variety of intermediaries leads to a simplification of the already existing virtual verification system. Blockchain technology, which uses a decentralized data register, can solve various problems of CDD / KYC processes. Thanks to decentralized data registers, it is possible to store any information, even identification information.

The following advantages of Blockchain technology stand out:

  • Transparency of transactions: users have access to data on participants in the process, its stages;
  • no unified control: the user stores data that is updated automatically in the new record;
  • intermediaries are absent: the technology promotes full interaction of participants on the basis of automation of the decentralized network without introduction of the third party. Delay payments do not occur.

Blockchain is the foundation for the latest in user verification solutions. Decentralized systems are actively used by international corporations, governments around the world. Investing in new technological solutions, as well as process automation is one of the main priorities. Blockchain provides a platform for running automated, completely secure solutions while adhering to basic rules regarding KYC processes.

Solution KYC.LEGAL

To increase the efficiency of participants' work, verification should be carried out on a new platform, using a special exchange unit. The platform includes the deployment of a set of services (automated). Their work is based on Blockchain-technology. Platform developers divide the available services into the following types:

  • services for verification;
  • self-verification services.

                                                 Self-identification of personal data: KYC.LEGAL helps users verify data provided by participants. This is accomplished thanks to the generation process when (necessary to confirm identity).

Verification of personal data through professional agents: in most cases, verification of KYC requires that the agent (third party) confirm the official identity of the participant. The developers of the KYC.LEGAL service managed to solve this problem by creating a global network of trusted agents. They are ready to take all the necessary actions to verify the data on the participant's request for 30 minutes after the request is generated.

Auxiliary service complexes include:

  • signature, as well as digital verification of documents: registered users get the right to verify documents, as well as to verify the validity of verification by other users;
  • provision of services by third parties: third-party companies with good reputation provide verification services, as well as digital signatures.

                                                What problems can solve KYC.LEGAL

The KYC.LEGAL platform offers users a secure, simple, fast way to authenticate data. Thanks to it, the participants of the system can successfully solve many problems existing in the market. The following are the most common problems that can be solved with KYC.LEGAL.

1 problem: Negative user experience at low cost

Solution: the KYC.LEGAL technology turns the KYC process into a check (based on Blockchain technology). It is carried out automatically. Thanks to this, users manage to save time, money.

2 problem: Providing unreliable information that violates the rules of using the service (because of the increased likelihood of fraud)

Solution: The service provider can not doubt the validity of the user data, as they are verified by personal identifiers, authentication processes. In addition, the information is protected by Blocking technology. It ensures the integrity, as well as the security of the operation.

3 problem: Lack of control over the process of distributing participants' data.

Solution: Due to Bocchan technology, a hash is generated for the user data parameters. In this case, the user's name, age, address and other personal data are stored.

4 problem: Low level of data storage security, increased costs for it.

Solution: On the platform KYC.LEGAL, all personal data is not saved. Accordingly, even if KYC.LEGAL is compromised, personal information will not be removed by intruders. After all, it is stored only on the user's personal computer. This approach is especially relevant today. In total, during the 2016 year, 15,4 million US citizens became victims of network fraud. The service will help to solve this problem. Using the KYC.LEGAL system, the user is responsible for the safe storage of personal information. A list of the data provided to partners can be controlled by the participants of the system independently.

Tokens KYC

For effective work, the operational development of ICO 2018 KYC.LEGAL, KYC tokens were issued. They comply with the standard ERC-20. Tokens are intended for user verification referrals (decentralized type). The ICO will be held in several stages. To buy tokens is more profitable immediately after its launch, since the cost of KYC is growing at each stage. For example, first the price is 1,5 $, after the completion of the ICO it can rise to 2,5 $.

Token KYC allows you to combine users, as well as service providers. Thus, a new structure of user verification based on referrals is being created. The level of integration of users into the system for the benefit of service providers, the community, the owner of the tokens is increasing. KYC tokens can be used in the following modes:

  • in "passive": the owner of the tokens does not take any action after their purchase. KYC tokens are stored in the user's wallet. However, over time, the price of the cryptocurrency will rise. Accordingly, you can earn money by selling tokens;
  • in "active" mode: in this case, funds can be earned within the KYC system. To register, a new user needs to "lease" a KYC token. The price of this service ranges from $ 10 to $ 50. If the procedure is carried out in the United States, the rent will be $ 50. The agent is entitled to 50% of this amount for identification work (field visit, identity verification). The other half is managed by the token holder. Depending on personal preferences, he can take the entire amount for himself or provide a discount to a new user (for an amount from $ 0 to $ 25). The amount of the discount is indicated immediately in the user's account (has the name Stack). You can rent tokens no more than once a month. In most cases, a new user chooses the cheapest rental for their region. Accordingly, each region has its own cost for renting KYC tokens.


In February 2018, the completion of the ICO project KYC.LEGAL is planned. After that, the product will be launched. In the same month, KYC.LEGAL will provide participants with the company's development plan, development stages, key goals. In July 2018, the KYC token will be put on the stock exchanges.


Distribution of tokens


Daniil Rausov - founder

Sergey Bekrenev - co-founder

Nikolay Evdokimov - Strategy Director

The KYC.LEGAL platform is a completely new idea. Thanks to it, it will be possible to easily identify users on various resources. The service will be convenient for working in brokerage companies, on crypto exchange sites. KYC.LEGAL can also be used to purchase tobacco, alcohol in online stores.

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