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The best exchanges crypto: where you can earn on trading?

What only earnings do not offer us a worldwide network - you can find employment for every taste and color. Not so long ago, trade on the stock exchange became public, and with the popularization of the Crypto-currency, all massively went to trade these virtual money. Trading in crypto currency at the exchange does not require us to be financiers or geniuses of trading, and anyone who understands the benefits of the new direction is trying to test their strengths in earning money on the course of the crypt. About where it is better to trade and on what major exchanges crypto currency is worth paying attention, we will tell in this article.

Exchange cryptocurrency Poloniex    

By right the most popular trading platform in the crypto currency market is Poloniex. There really are serious money circulating, and many exchanges are worth learning from this top-site. If to speak the language of figures, then the turnover of funds per day on Polonix is ​​more than 648 $ million! This speaks not only of the fact that traders show considerable interest to the exchange, but also that it is really possible to earn here, and in large quantities.

The American marketplace (and Polonix from the United States) was launched in 2014 year and, despite a relatively young age, managed to win the appreciation of crypto currency all over the globe. If you think that the exchange kriptovalyut Poloniex in Russian, then we hurry to disappoint you - the Russian version is not available and it is not expected in the near future. This can be considered a significant drawback, but many users note that they have no problems with their work - everything is very clear, and the interface is almost intuitive.
Initially, the emphasis on the exchange was made on the etherium and, it should be noted that the turnover of the air here is the largest and today - therefore if you want to trade precisely this promising currency, then there is simply no better place than Poloniex. But, in addition to the creation of Vitalik Buterina, there are a lot of other crypto-currencies, and there really is something to trade here - 140 directions of exchange are presented to the attention of traders. As for the technical tools, everything is very convenient for this part, there are graphs with the possibility of customization, statistical summaries for analysis and other stock chips. It is also pleasant that the commission of the system is very democratic and ranges from 0 to 0,25% of the order amount.

It is impossible not to say that the creators of Polonix are very picky about the security and protection of the exchange at a high level. Nevertheless, the administration is so pedantic in this matter that it may require that the user be verified forcibly, if something seems suspicious to her. This is spelled out in the rules of the system, and Poloniex actively exploits this rule, which causes discontent among many participants who want to remain incognito. In general, the exchange has a lot of advantages and is suitable for trading both experienced and seasoned traders and beginners.

Exchange Exmo

On the expanses of the CIS, the Exmo marketplace is very popular. Such interest among our compatriots is caused primarily by the fact that, among other things, the exchange functions crypto currency works with rubles and - about a miracle! - there is a Russian version of the site. This is not the whole list of advantages, the platform makers themselves say that they took into account the mistakes of their competitors and offer a completely perfect product.

On the one hand, one cannot but agree - the exchange works with a large number of payments, banks, withdraws funds for dollar and euro-cards, takes a low commission of 0,2% and has an affiliate program. At the same time, there are not too many investment instruments for traders here, as the Eksmo cryptocurrency exchange does not want to work with coins that have a small capitalization. 

BITTREX - cryptocurrency exchange

Another crypto-exchange is from the US, which is in demand - BITTREX. It appeared not so long ago, in 2015, and from the start it was a simple exchanger, which soon changed its profile of activity. Today it is a large exchange, which has authority and attention of traders, because it offers neither much nor little - 190 currency pairs, and for a day here it is about 140 million dollars.
The Bitrix cryptocurrency exchange pays much attention to the safety of its customers - for the safety of funds, cold storage technology is used, and to withdraw money, it is imperative to pass two-factor authentication.

As in the case of Polonix, Russian-speaking users who do not speak English will have to be in prostration for the first time, but, having figured it out, you will quickly learn how to work with the platform and precisely evaluate its advantages, because besides convenience, availability of clear trading tools and security, BITTREX It offers a fairly low commission in the amount of 0,25% of the transaction. 

BTC-e Currency Exchange

The best cryptocurrency exchanges include in their list one of the sites of domestic production - BTC-e. Despite the fact that it is registered in Bulgaria, the management company was lost somewhere in Cyprus, and the exchange mainly makes transactions through a Czech bank, nevertheless, Russian comrades had a hand in its creation, so here you have the Russian language, and work with rubles.

The site is confidently included in the list of leading Russian-language exchanges, and the daily turnover over 100 $ million attracts here not only traders, but also hackers who godlessly attack the accounts of users, then the site itself. Fortunately, the BTC-e Crypto-Currency Exchange can stand up for itself and for its customers, so it actively responds to various acts of fraud. In particular, the largest case of an attack in the history of the stock exchange, when some anonymus decided to abort 4500 MTC, was prevented, and the illegal transaction was miraculously abolished.

On the territory of Russia, the official site of the exchange is banned and blocked, but its mirror is available, so you can personally evaluate the convenient functionality of the trading platform, a low commission of 0,2% of the transaction amount, and trade both the currency and cryptonyms.

Kraken Currency Exchange

The exchange is famous for being one of the most popular on the European continent and, as proof of this, it ranks first in terms of trading volumes in euros. Over the past two years, the Kraken has bought up a bunch of other exchanges and, as a result of such a takeover, significantly expanded its influence and audience. The daily turnover of funds is $ 347,5 million.

The company is based in San Francisco, it is not surprising that the interface language is presented only in English and Japanese. The user is offered several levels of verification, the passage of which will give additional features, for example, the withdrawal of money in Fiat. As for the commission, it decreases with an increase in the amount of the transaction and ranges from 0,26% to 0%.  

The newcomers note that it is quite difficult to get used to the stock exchange and the lack of a Russian version plays a big role in this. Nevertheless, many traders started their way in trading with Kraken, because besides the standard set of technical and functional parameters on the stock exchange, there are several types of orders, trade with a leverage, but of course the list of crypto-currency pairs is relatively modest.

Exchange of Crypto-currency Yobit

Yobit arose much later than some of its competitors, but in many ways is more progressive. In particular, the trader is offered a wide range of currency pairs - they are about 400 and this number continues to grow. At the same time, there are various interesting chips that others do not have (for example, a lottery, free coins), a Russian version, and often a more profitable cue-ball course.

Compared to the market giants, the turnover of the exchange is relatively small - around 10 million dollars per day, but Yobit gives high hopes and gives wide opportunities, so very soon it can confidently enter the TOP. In general, the site is convenient to use, there is nothing superfluous on the site, only the tools of trade and analysis necessary for the trader. Adds a plus to the site and the availability of live chat, where bidders can share tips and observations.

Of course, this is not the whole list of exchanges, many popular sites have not been included in it for various reasons. The presented crypto-exchanges are the most convenient and functional for users, and, most importantly, they really give an opportunity to earn money, as the turnover of the trades and the number of crypto-currencies occupy the leading positions. Nevertheless, it is highly discouraged to give preference to only one of the above-described sites and to carry all of its capital there for the purposes of trade. As in the haypah, among the stock exchanges there are closes and frank scams, a vivid example of the bankruptcy of the first MTX exchange, which recognized the colossal sum of the bitcoins of its customers without a trace. So do not forget about diversification, divide your funds into several trading services and successful trading!

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