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Luxcore: a quality system for the implementation of services

Luxcore Is a comprehensive system of solutions and services focused on the design and creation of ready-made corporate security and privacy products. The Luxcore platform relies on the underlying PHI1612 algorithm, which operates on the blockchain. Through this platform, you can sell products, make changes to the quality of the production process.

The basis of the system is the token Lux Coin. It is aimed at both the average user and the entrepreneur, who has a unique vision of the market.

Another goal of the platform's operation is the use of a block to overcome the gap between ordinary consumers and corporations so that everyone can use the original product.

System advantages

Use smart contracts. Lux works by means of smart contracts that integrate the block system with the PMN protocols.

Implementation of SegWit. The system identifies the signatures that certify certain financial transactions. The signature from the input data is removed and remains until the very end of the transaction.

Parallel masternodes. The project uses its own private network in order to fully meet the needs of enterprises and institutions.

LuxGate. This is an innovative technology, a subject of special pride for developers. With the help of Luxgate, you can direct the unit to perform certain tasks and functions.

Features of the project

Thanks to the implementation, SegWit Lux will share transactional signatures. This is achieved by removing the signature from the input data and structuring it up to the end of the transaction. This provides a higher degree of security, as this prevents hackers from intercepting and changing the sender's transaction ID in an attempt to get more money from it, because the data is "detached" from the transaction.

If the current block size is 4 MB and the lock time 60 seconds, adding SegWit will effectively increase the size of the transaction and eliminate the transaction transaction problems. Thus, the block system will work more efficiently. This will be crucial in the scalability of the Lux blockade.

Lux uses the capabilities of Smart Contract, which will combine the blocking of LuxGate and PMN. These smart contracts are used directly in the purse of the system and are able to run internetwork transfers and perform tasks on the basis of certain conditions specified earlier.

Lux developers have relied on innovative technologies not previously used in other projects. For example, LuxSend. This is a form of coin mixing, which provides an additional level of confidentiality. The multi-level coin service provided by the Lux Masternode network will ensure their reliable mixing so as not to provide information about their origin, details and address of the wallet.

The system offers the opportunity to use the original crypto currency purse. It will keep the crypt intact and safe with minimal risks. Exchange transactions and storage on the exchange are not a reliable way to save funds. In addition, if you have finance on the external storage, you will not be able to receive a reward for PoS. The system wallet will provide an opportunity to trade directly from the wallet with a minimum commission.

If necessary, Lux will provide the opportunity to use several multi-signatures. This ensures that all parties interested in the development of the project will be able to carry out a financial transaction. No controlling body will be able to accumulate a large number of funds under its control.

Thus, users get another level of security, using LuxCoin. Developers offer the following multiple signatures.

1-of-2 Signatures can resolve a transaction. A pair can have a joint Lux account and have two separate signatures. Any one of them is enough to authorize the transaction.

2-of-2 Signatures: the pair has a joint account, but both parties need to sign the transaction, which does not allow one side to conduct a financial transaction without the approval of the other.

Users can specify the number of signatures themselves, in their opinion, necessary to fully protect the project. So, many business funds have already announced that they will check their transactions using 3-5 signatures.


  • 4 kv 2017. Running the first version of the program. Listing in Cryptopia. Upgrade your wallet. Establishment of marketing partnership. Running the Web Wallet.
  • 1 sq. M. 2018. The first big update of the system and purse. Conducting the first phase of marketing, the release of Whitepaper.
  • 2 sq. M. 2018. Release LuxGate, the work on the legality of the project.
  • 3-4 sq. 2018. Monetization of the project.


  • Brian Oliver, CEO, co-founder.
  • Kosmin Tudor, responsible for product development.
  • Gary Sadasivan. Manager of business strategy and planning.
  • Gilles Hot, designer of UI / UX.
  • Maxim Dzekelev, the developer.


You can buy tokens and take part in ICO at In addition, you can get a lot of useful information on the following links:




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