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Meatex project overviewAs part of today's review article, we want to remind users of the Profit Hunters blog about the presence of a quality middleman in our portfolio with the name Meatex. The administration in the project is experienced, previously demonstrated TOP work and are now determined to stay on the high-yield investment market for as long as possible. Marketing offers investors accruals from 2% per day with instant payments and return of the deposit body at the end of the term. They accept contributions only through cryptocurrencies directly without conversion. They are developing gradually and competently, the current indicators are already pleasing, the popularity is growing, we are counting on a great profit.

Start of the Meatex project took place on September 10, famous bloggers and monitors, ours and foreign ones, are connected. We designed a site on the blog in the "Personal Choice" format on the 4th day after the official launch on the network and the start of advertising development. By the way, to date, the first income has already been recorded, the minimum circle for a period of 15 days has been completely passed and 30% of net profit has been earned.

Meatex project overview

To development legends for an investment fund, admins also came up with creativity. According to the information from the website, the Meatex company is engaged in the technology of meat production from healthy animal cells. On this topic, a lot of material has been highlighted on the resource pages, we have prepared thoroughly. In addition, the company has officially confirmed its legal status, having passed registration in the public register in Australia on March 31, 2021 (registration number: 649 135 740).

Investment line draws your attention to 5 tariff plans, two of which bring daily income of 2% and 3% of the deposit amount within 15 and 35 calendar days. On the remaining three tariffs, investors are promised 50% -3000% of net profit in 20-210 days. In this case, interest is calculated on the same day with the return of the deposit. However, you can familiarize yourself with marketing in its expanded form on the website or in our first review "Review and reviews of the project". In reality, only one investment plan "Laboratory research" for a period of 15 days and a yield of 2% per day is truly working, the rest of the proposals are not relevant for reasonable reasons.

Investment plans of the Meatex project

1. Laboratory research
2% per day for 15 calendar days
Min / max contribution: from 20 $
Deposit at the end of
Net income - 30%

Top up balance accounts with various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, Tron, Ripple, Stellar, BinanceCoin, as well as Tether (TRC20 / ERC20). The minimum withdrawal thresholds are not overestimated; each coin has its own minimum wage. It is most profitable to create an investment through USDT in the TRC20 network, the minimum withdrawal request is available from only $ 1, and there is no withdrawal commission at all. Applications for receiving payments are processed by an instant, in some cases delays of up to one hour are allowed, well, take into account the time for confirmation of the transaction by the blockchain.

Partnership program in the classic form, it is represented by one level with the accrual of 5% of the deposits of all your referrals. For active users, today we launched a regional and TOP-affiliate program with the ability to receive even more commissions up to 10% of the amount of your team's investment by 3 levels in depth.

Meatex project affiliate program

Basic: 5% (after registration)
Regional: 7% -1% (turnover of the structure from $ 2000)
TOP: 8% -2% -1% (turnover of the structure from $ 250000)

From the latest updates on the project website, you can now see the colorful PDF presentation with drawings and illustrations, which will facilitate your acquaintance with the resource and will allow you to study all the features of the fund. Also, for the convenience of working with the project, the Meatex mobile application was recently launched, available for download in Google Play.

Updates in the Meatex project

At the end of articles, we want to mark the Meatex project as a high-quality and reliable investment platform. The project got into the category "Personal choice" on the blog for a reason, we have already cooperated with the admin, TOPovo works and competently promotes its brainchild. He is in no hurry with advertising, only now the admin ordered banners and a branded substrate on the blog, expanded the affiliate program, by the way, Profit Hunters is now a regional representative of the fund and is on the list of top managers on the project website. The site was posted on the blog 3 weeks ago, for the first round the team earned 30% of the profit. The activity of the structure is excellent, only on the first day after the addition, the turnover from the blog exceeded $ 10000. Nothing has changed in marketing over the period of work, we still recommend investing only on the first tariff plan with a yield of 2% within 15 days. Unfortunately, the period of "Protection of deposits" on the portal has ended, which means that the project continues to work successfully and we did not need insurance, but we still offer a refund of the refund fee in the amount of 6% of each of your deposit. Successful investment for you.

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