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Unexpected leaps of the bitcoin course: does the crypto currency really grow and what is the catch?

A few months ago, at every corner, it was trumpeted that very soon we would see bitcoin on 100 000 $. While this event is far away and the main crypto currency is not in a hurry to surprise us with the culmts of its course, rather the opposite - the market went into an unprecedented correction, it can not get out of which already from the very beginning of 2018. But recently in the price of bitcoin oddities were seen in the form of a solid rise in price in a matter of minutes. Perhaps these are the first calls of a speedy movement "to the Moon »?

Incredible jump bitcoin to 8400 $ for 1 minute

For several months the market was in despair, and many participants also quickly disappeared from it, as they appeared. Everyone expected that after incredible success, the crypto-currencies would show even larger peaks, but in practice everything turned out differently. You do not need to be a financial genius to learn that after a long period of growth, in any market, be it oil, dollar or gold, sooner or later correction comes. These are the laws of the financial world and they can not escape from anywhere.

But, of course, we all waited for Bitcoin unexpected explosion and the beginning of August gave us something similar. Literally before our eyes, the main crypto currency has rushed to its price not somewhere, but upwards, and for one minute from the mark in 7500 $ reached 8400 $. Investors rejoiced in anticipation of further active movement "to the Moon ", but it was as quickly broken as it had arisen.

A sharp rise in the price of bitcoin almost 13% did not go unnoticed and there were various versions. Since pampas were not displayed on the stock exchanges, different rumors crept into the crypto community, one more beautiful than the other. The most realistic explanation was that allegedly the whales of the market began mass purchase of bitcoin outside the exchanges, and they are immediately bought in bulk - by 40 $ billion! Really really big holders of capital came for bitcoin?

Pump or failure?

The owners of the cue ball did not have to be happy for long, because in reality the pampus was nothing more than a resource malfunction Coinmarketcap. As we know, this is a kind of Mecca for investors and traders, where you can see reliable courses and learn information about crypto-currencies. For some reason, the resource suddenly began to display the wrong data, which in fact, and, except for a minute pampa bitcoin, could be viewed as some kind of crypto currency VeChain climbed from oblivion to the fifth place in the ranking of coins!

The fact that there was a real failure, and not miracles of crypto-currency growth, said the administration Coinmarketcap in your Twitter account. In the post it was noted that the causes of the malfunction are being clarified and will be eliminated. And so, a small bug turned for us into an abnormal growth of bitcoin, which inspired the hope that a deep correction was over.

Will Bitcoin at $ 100000 - what experts say?

Apparently, in the coming days, there is no need to wait for a boom with respect to bitcoins and other crypto-currencies. A miracle will not happen and this is confirmed not only by technical analysis, but also by sound logic. Unfortunately, for the time being the starry time for the main crypto currency has not come, and hence the course "to the Moon" is again temporarily postponed.

In May, the main event of the year in the world, the Consensus 2018 crypto currency, took place, at which the majority of experts expressed the idea that the growth of the cue ball should not wait until autumn. Between disputes about who is cooler bitcoin or Block, experts from the world of cryptocurrency gave different predictions. I am glad that they, like many investors, do not lose their optimism.  

Conspiracy theorists are of the opinion that bitcoin has not yet fallen in price enough that whales, on which the course depends for the most part, began buying coins. It is likely that the situation around digital money will continue to be pumped, which will lead to an even greater drawdown, after which growth will begin. Will it really be a big secret, but, as we see, various authoritative financial persons and organizations continue to escalate the situation.

In particular, just the other day Goldman Sachs - the world's largest investment bank - predicted a further fall in the cryptocurrency market. In its report, the organization stressed that digital coins are not a means of accumulation, exchange, or a unit of measure, and therefore cannot keep their value. Judging by the superficial assessment of the experts, Goldman Sachs gave cryptocurrencies, it can be argued that such reports are made to further reduce the price of bitcoin for personal gain, or there are no experts in Goldman Sachs who know cryptocurrency.  

When do you expect the growth of the main crypto currency?

To exit from the free fall mode bitcoin, and the whole market, a certain push is needed. They can become either some positive news or a warmer attitude from the side regulators. We will not rule out the possibility that active growth should be expected when the whales really come into the market with a crypto currency, but they can not miss such an excellent opportunity to make money. We do not have to panic and wait for an hour of "X", which is sure to come, but when - exactly you will not answer any expert.

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