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News HYIP-industry (28.12.2015-10.01.2016)

I welcome you to respectNewss partners!
Last Sunday we skipped a news release due to the lack of current events in the world of hyip investing. Therefore, today, with renewed vigor and a sufficient amount of fresh information, we will debut our news release this year. For the missed period, several projects were identified, from which such a “stab in the back” was not expected (Cartage Rent a Car and InvPerfectMoney), the first compensations have already been received on the accounts of our partners. Among the newcomers, the representatives of the industry have not yet found worthy of attention, there is a lot of slag, but for you we continue to monitor the market every day in search of worthy projects. As before, the special interest of the participants can be safely attributed to the fast-section, which is where the main activity is now being conducted (Startup Insider, WoodyFunds and others). Read our hyip industry news to the end to keep up with all the major events.

New projects: is a novelty of the week with working marketing, good technical characteristics and design, so to speak, "for an amateur". The tariff line includes 4 plans with an investment period of 10 to 40 days. In the shortest tariff, the body of the deposit is returned at the end of the term with a daily charge of 1.2% per day, in other options, the deposit is included in payments in the amount of 4.3% -6.5% every day. On the technical side, we have an original script, a dedicated server with DDoS protection from CloudFlare and SSL from Comodo. We put the project under control to see the first returns of deposits. is a fresh partisan middleman with marketing that is completely unusual for this category. The plan is the only one for 27 calendar days with an hourly charge of 0.2% every hour (4.8% per day). The body of the deposit is included in the payments and is bounced back in 21 days, the total profit following the investment will be 130%. The investment range is limited to the amount from $ 10 to $ 100, let's see how the admin intends to change in the future. is the latest novelty of this week, launched only about an hour ago. At first glance, the middle manager did not like anything, except for decent technology, design and fonts for an amateur. The investment plans are as follows: 5% daily for 30 days (the deposit is included in payments, accruals every hour) and 110% after 7 days (return of the deposit and interest at the end of the period). The minimum deposit amount is $ 10. The technical feature includes a self-written script, ddos ​​protection from Ddos-Guard, ssl encryption from Comodo with greenbar. Since the project has just appeared, there is nothing to say about the development strategy at the moment, but it is definitely worth watching the project.

bench: - despite the fact that the project has formally completed the full minimum circle, ordinary investors have not received any returns. In connection with the holidays, the admin is postponing the payment terms, but practice shows that such actions do not lead to better changes. Alas, the admin completely exhausted himself in HYIPs and began to show negative results, although a promising game was expected. Your requests for compensation have been accepted and processed, check on your wallets. - we will not say anything bad about the project, because it has more than 6 months of work behind it, which is more than 100% of the net profit. However, a certain amount of disappointment is still present, many expected a detailed continuation and no doubt went to reinvest, but the project management apparently had its own plans in this regard. Since December 31, access to the site is closed with the sign "Server is under maintenance." Congratulations to those who came out on time and fixed a profit, but who flew in at the wrong time, alas, but HYIPs can be very unpredictable, scam. - well, this is the case when a moderate game in a short time quickly turned into a banal quirk, which had a critical impact on the final result. For 6 days of working in fast with a one-day plan, you could scroll through your savings and jump off in time, but you can't go anywhere without losers. Compared to previous projects, this time the admin worked poorly, but let me remind you once again that in many ways the players themselves with large deposits tried to do it. All claims from our compensation partners are paid according to the rules of our portal.

Events: - made the next accruals under the Trust Management plan and made payments on them. - as promised, added the NixMoney payment system, next week it is planned to accept deposits via bank transfers. Introduced a program of regional representatives. - continue to gain momentum and systematically develop. During this year, many different innovations are promised that will allow the company to step far ahead and gain a leading position in the investment market. - of the recent innovations, the sale and purchase of weapons has been introduced to the exchange. The prices at the moment are not the most reasonable, but the situation changes from the rates of the players themselves. As promised, prices for units and weapons were increased by 25%, prices for factories and mines were raised by 20%. A lot of interesting ideas are planned for 2016, literally next month 2 additional servers will be opened to start the development of the game on an international scale. To optimize the market situation, a number of planned changes have been made to ensure that all players are on an equal footing. We also launched a competition "Creative with WOTP", according to which it is necessary to portray the word WOTP with a creative approach. As an example, you can write a word on the sand by the sea, sculpt it out of snow, lay it out with fruits, money or other objects, in general, there are enough ideas for that. The competition will last until February 1, 3 people with the best works will become winners. (Triada) - In the coming year, plans to expand the boundaries of the community by opening new branches in the United States and China. We also carried out preventive work on the site, increasing the data transfer speed and the level of security. A sponsorship bonus of 5% was introduced for the purchase of new shares by partners. The bonus is immediately credited to the account after purchase and is available for withdrawal. - published some round numbers from statistics: more than 60000 investors, more than 81000 active deposits, more than 100000 subscribers to the Facebook group. Once again, all active virtual (demo) deposits were closed, the funds were returned to the balance. Recall that this is done to reduce the load on the system. If you understand how it works, do not open new deposits from virtual accounts. Also, due to the increase in the number of participants and new contributions, the script was optimized, thanks to which the site now works faster. - for illustrative purposes, we introduced the “Trust Index” function on the main page of the site and in the LC, which displays on the graph how much the participants trust themselves as a whole for every day and throughout the entire period of work. The higher the index, the greater the level of trust, maximum 100%. We also added the ability for registered members to leave comments on community news events. For new users who lost funds in the Elevrus and Care projects, the management decided to help in the form of a return of 7% of the amount of assistance provided by the participant (see the community website for details).

News of the website:

1) On the portal received the following projects: (on the website - with 05.01.16, protected - up to 11.01.16). (on the website - with 08.01.16, protected - up to 10.02.16). (on the website - with 09.01.16, protected - up to 25.01.16).

2) published a draft review:

3) compensated partners lost funds in the projects: - paid 25% of losses (more than 300 $). - paid 60% of losses (more than 500 $).

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