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News HYIP-industry (01.01-09.01.2017)

NewsI welcome you dear partners!
We return to the working regime after the New Year holidays and are very pleased that practically all projects from our portfolio have remained in operation and continue to timely pay and pay. First of all, we congratulate everyone with the coming 2017 year and the recent Christmas, let your wishes and dreams always come true, interests and new ideas know no bounds, develop, work on your personal growth, and most importantly good health to you and your loved ones. Ahead is the old New Year, well, and we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the latest developments in the hyip industry. The new participants of the market with long-term inclinations are not yet appreciable, the main focus in the current period was on the category of fast projects, providing investors with quality samples. It is extremely pleasant to see the portfolio of the portal preserved, which certainly affects the increase in the profits of our partners. Continue reading our issue, learn all the details from the news review. Festive mood and stable income with the portal

New projects: is one of the New Year newbies, whose work is based on telegram bots. The site is equipped with a classic set of information content and technology, a personal account was recently connected, but still the main functions are performed through the application. Technical protection is provided at a good level, Genius Guard is responsible for the peace of the resource from attacks, the encryption of user data is controlled by Comodo, the site is located on a dedicated server and runs on a self-written script. Marketing offers a single plan with a daily accrual of 2.5% for a period of 60 days, the total profitability in 2 months will be 150%, the contribution is paid off in 40 days. There is little advertising and further development is questionable, but let's leave the project under control. is a low-profit HYIP with a launch date this year and with functionality based on a custom engine. The investment program can be reduced to a single proposal, according to which the depositor is charged 2% of the deposits. Depending on the starting amount, the term of the deposit is adjusted for 60-100 working days. According to the technique, as they said, the script is your own, the domain is paid for 5 years in advance, DDoS protection from the well-known company Ddos-Guard, and GeoTrust with a greenbar is responsible for data security. The project is designed for long-term use with a low final profitability. Since the deposit is included in payments, about 0.33% -0.73% per day are net, without charges on weekends. Development has not yet come, but the project is functionally interesting, you can watch it.

bench: (Triada) - the project turned out to be long-term, payments were made for more than 15 months. The profitability, of course, was low, especially in the last period of time (after all, the low percentage), but many have made a lot of money from the start thanks to this site. From the first days of January, the site does not open, the administrator does not get in touch, the project has been left with the status of a "scam".

Events: - since there were much more people who wanted to rent servers and invest than planned, the company began to expand, namely, rented a new mining room and ordered a new batch of equipment. Investors from Belarus and Russia will no longer be able to lease the company's facilities, since Bitcoin is prohibited in these countries at the legislative level. All accruals for previously rented facilities will be carried out in full. Also, work continues on translating the site to other localizations, this time the language panel was replenished with Portuguese, Arabic and Korean. - for the new year, the site administration has prepared a revised functionality of the personal account, eliminated all comments and optimized the resource. We have added a new tariff for a period of 30 months, for deposits on this plan a bonus of 10% is relying. Acceptance / withdrawal of deposits through Advanced Cash will soon be implemented. - in the coming year, the company is going to develop payments through the SEPA international money transfer system and through the SWIFT system, which cannot be withdrawn every day. For timely payments, withdrawal is now possible twice a month, 1-3 and 16-19 of each month. Payments will be made within 5 business days. All charges made during the New Year holidays can be ordered from January 11. - leaders from Turkey are actively involved in the development of the company; in addition, a website was created at The leaders of Russia, the USA, Germany, Vietnam, India, Thailand and China are also active. Online conferences and the creation of video clips are used as advertising tools, articles are also published in the media and social networks. - from the current year, 2 plans with an interest rate of 0.777% and 1.177% will be constantly working in the Dobro project. Also, many might have noticed that there were no charges on the 3rd, 4th and 5th numbers, because over these days, the system credited funds at a time on January 7. Since January 9th, the work of the project has entered regular mode. Undoubtedly, it is worth noting that on January XNUMX, the project turned exactly XNUMX months old, there is not long left until the anniversary. - the company offers to receive daily up to 20% of new deposits as bonuses. To do this, you need to subscribe to the Telegram channel and follow the updates, where offers on the amount of the bonus and the duration of its validity will be announced. Also, channel subscribers will be able to take part in weekly raffles.

News of the website:

1) On the portal received the following projects: (On the site - with 09.01.17, under protection - up to 15.02.17).