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News HYIP-industry (01.06-07.06.2020)

I welcome you dear partners!
Congratulations to all with the onset of the summer season, the heat has come, and we have gorgeous updates on our blog. To begin with, we recommend everyone to go to our new chat in a telegram, the link to it will be lower in the article, it can also be found on the blog or channel. Plus they launched an excellent Telegram-bot with new unique features and convenient functionality. Starting this week, new summer promotions with bonuses and insurance are also activated, be sure to read the conditions. There are few fresh projects, but they are, the investment portfolio has been slightly updated. In general, we’ll go through all the events and talk about the changes, stay with us.

New projects: is a new mid-percentage with a good technical base and a smooth launch. I liked the design, the personal account too, only English is available from the languages ​​so far, expansion is expected in Asian countries. Marketing includes three tariffs, although only one is connected with a 1% charge for 10 business days. Each participant is allowed to create 1 active deposit in the amount from $ 10 to $ 500. Payouts are processed manually upon request. The beginning is good, there is little advertising, plus the plans will be gradually opened, it is quite possible that the admin is counting on a long game, so we will watch the further development. is a fresh mining project from a smart admin who made good money in the past. The admin does not spend money on listings, works on reputation, the start is quiet, so they took him to the test section on the blog. Investments are available for a period of 60 to 180 calendar days and bring from 2% to 4% per day. To make a profit, you need to buy power and activate the mining of the desired currency. The more capacity you have, the higher the percentage of charges. There are a lot of payment systems in the project, manual payments with regulations up to 48 hours. A great option to participate in the blog bounty. We recommend entering for 60 days with a deposit of $ 50 or more, the protection of deposits for the project does not work.

bench: - watched the project from the start, worked for 9 days. Absolutely not a logical scam, although everything was done according to the mind for a long work - the start is quiet, there is little advertising, the reviews are positive, and marketing was reliably protected from kooky. Apparently the admin in the past is a rukozhop, he just made a project for the order. - worked within the blog for 4 months. A good project, you can't say anything, but the admin here is terribly greedy for money, and according to the running plans they didn't even have time to break even. Selective payments and repeated cases of transferring investments to longer plans do not fit into our rules in any way. We do not work with problem projects, so we fix the scam. Compensation has already been paid to partners, unfortunately, the fund was small, and the losses were serious, it was possible to cover 30% of the losses. For some, small payments still come to the wallet, try to withdraw. - about 40 days on the blog. The very idea with maps is not bad, with proper implementation it was possible to work with such marketing for a long time. The disadvantage is that many stupidly did not understand the principle of work and did not go here, although some, on the contrary, lost part of their investment without thoroughly studying marketing. Last month, the admin stopped taking ads altogether, which led to a complete lack of influx. On the channel, the admin said that the accruals will continue for those deposits that did not give 120% of the investment, so try it, it may still be possible to withdraw something. According to the project, a "deposit protection" fund was kept on the blog, which was enough to compensate its partners for all losses in full, and they also added + 10% profit.

Events: - two weeks ago the CEO of the company Janis Latsis gave a second exclusive interview for all users in the format of video answers to important questions. Who for some reason could not watch the video, the news section of the site now has answers in text format. To get partners for your team and hold your own webinars, you can download a high-quality pdf presentation with designer slides in Russian, English and Chinese on the site. A grandiose update awaits everyone on June 8, 2020, the platform version will change from "Beta 1.0" to the working version of "Bitles 2.0". For 4 months of the project's work, we managed to fully test all functions and modules, eliminated all the shortcomings and improved the main features. After the transition to the new version in the back office, innovations await you as changed conditions for some accumulation plans, the binary turnover will be taken into account only from active plans, and the possibility of using BTL Staking technology, which allows you to earn BTL tokens, is also implemented. A complete list of innovations with a detailed description can be found on the project website. - launched another data center in Karelia with modern mining equipment. In this regard, the administration has prepared new contracts for investment and a lane of new miners. Terahesh unit cost and daily maintenance fees have become lower. There were also some changes in the BTC landing page service. You can store cryptocurrency assets on urgent and indefinite terms. When investing in an urgent landing page, you can return the funds along with the profit only after 90, 140, 270 or 360 days, depending on your choice. Perpetual landing page allows you to take profit at any time. - the next results of the monthly competition "Investors" and "Referrals" have been announced. Prizes were credited to all winners on their balances. June 13th will launch the June Races, which will likely lead to a temporary slowdown in the Drift game itself. In this regard, the administration decided to give a 8% bonus on each balance replenishment "for purchases" from June 15 to June 5 (inclusive). - as part of improving service and quality of service, the company is constantly working on updates, thanks to which the performance of the official website and navigation have become even more comfortable recently. A new video presentation has been published, where the company's manager discusses issues of further development, expanding the client base, launching representative offices in different countries and an affiliate program for VIP clients, as well as issues of investment security, new functionality and opportunities. - the project website was opened, where you can follow the development of the company, familiarize yourself with the main goals and features, and connect to various communities. The project has been posted on the blog for 16 days, many have already managed to make money. The term of protection of deposits ends today, payments continue to come to the wallet stably and instantly. - the next results of the Top partners bonus program are known, the most active partners have already received their prizes. The project has been online for over 100 days, and a new promotion “Cashback 10%” has been launched, which will be valid until next weekend. Make a new deposit, buy power and get 10% of the purchase amount on your balance. The bonus is credited within 24 hours and is immediately available for withdrawal. is a new project in the investment portfolio of the blog, added as a Personal Choice. Recently published a detailed review, you can familiarize yourself. We remind you that the administration has launched a section with daily and weekly contests, where promo codes will be drawn, with which you can increase the percentage of profit, as well as receive a bonus on the balance, on a bonus account or on a deposit. Promotional codes are activated when you open a new deposit, if you wish, you can transfer them to other users. In the near future, it will be possible to buy / sell promotional codes on the exchange. All partners of our 1st line can receive additional bonuses of 50% -150% of the investment amount to the bonus account by making a deposit in the period from June 5 to June 12. - added the ability to combine several small deposits into one, provided that the deposit was made from one payment system. The investment creation date will be considered immediately after the pooling of deposits. The company also announces that it has entered into an agreement with the American International Group, Inc. insurance company for $ 5 million. The contract is concluded for three years and is confirmed by the corresponding certificate, which can be found on the website. - while the company is unpacking boxes with new ASIC miners, assembling and connecting equipment, you can purchase the power of any mining algorithm at a 15% discount of the cost. - the next adaptation of the payment schedule will take place on June 14, i.e. next Sunday. Be sure to plan your investment, use the adaptation indicator and achieve 100% Karma. - launched a promotion, according to the condition of which for each new deposit in the project made in the period from June 1 to June 15, a bonus + 2% to the deposit will be automatically credited.

News of the website:

1) In the next 3 months on the blog Profit Hunters will operate new summer promotionsavailable to each of our users:

- New Telegram chat and blog bot (for a whole month after the start we will distribute a lot of money every day);
- Pools with fixed insurance (all summer we will collect pools for promising projects under the insurance of the blog);
- Mini insurance auctions (during the auction in the telegram chat, offer a larger amount and get a fixed insurance).

New Superchat
Bender bot

2) According to the Bounty program, we remind you that now all your unsubscribes are taken into account in the report if there is a deposit in working projects worth more than $ 50. Starting next week, posts of participants with lower deposit amounts will not be accepted when calculating. The bounty will work stably all month, we will inform you about the extension of the program for a further period later. Make contributions to projects, post payments and get from the blog up to $ 70 per week for your activity.

3) On the portal received the following projects: (On the site - from 02.06.20, under protection - until 25.06.20). (On the site - from 06.06.20) Test project

4) published a draft review:

5) video reviews are published projects:

6) compensated partners lost funds in the projects: - 110% of losses paid (more than $ 500). - 30% of losses paid (more than $ 300).
* Bounty participants have 50% loss closed.

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