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News HYIP-industry (01-06.07.2014)

NewsI welcome you dear partners!
As you can find out from the news, the online investment industry does not present us with pleasant surprises on a long-term basis, but the MLM section is now teeming with various “bubble collectors”. The recently introduced system to reduce the risk of loss of deposits of our partners and select the addition of short-term programs to the portal is slowly starting to operate, but this does not save us from unscrupulous admins. Our partners were compensated for the Surfmoneyclicks project, and new investment sites were provided, which are under our protection. Read more about other events in the world of investments ...

New projects: is a mid-interest HYIP project with a non-standard design that only repels. By technique, almost everything is normal, the administrator even attached a greenbar. Investment plans for different preferences of investors: there are also plans with daily payments, with payment of interest and a deposit at the end of the term, and with a deposit included in payments. For all tariffs except the first one, the minimum entry threshold is too high. The admin started an aggressive promotion, we advise you not to enter here with large amounts. is a quality middleman with a deposit included in payments at all rates. The project started in early April, but appeared on the network after 3 months. Technical parameters at a high level: licensed GoldCoders script, dedicated server, DDoS protection from CloudFlare, ssl encryption from Comodo + green bar. For all plans, the investment period is 15 business days with an expected net profit of 21.5% -68%. The minimum contribution to the project is from $ 30. is a representative of mid-income programs with fast roots. The admin did not even think to work on the quality of his resource, but simply purchased a ready-made used template, replaced several text phrases and, in order not to bother with marketing, indicated a plan for a year with an interest rate of 1.8% except for the weekend. Technically, not everything is so bad, but the beginning of development is simply “impressive”. From the very first days the management bought listings from a huge number of monitors (over 80), and not the cheapest ones. We recommend that you pass by, let the admin play with the monitors himself, and we will not interfere with him. For those who still want to join: the minimum wage is $ 10, the break-even occurs in 56 days.

bench: - the project fulfilled only half of the period from the declared 28 days by the term of the deposit in the system. As interest payments were made, including part of the deposit, it was only possible to repel their investments or approach the break-even point by investing on the third day of the project launch. Naturally, such investors are unlikely to be found, so the admin threw absolutely everyone. - in spite of numerous "shoals" at the start, the admin kept up well for 135 days, having worked almost 2 terms according to the minimum plan. In general, many were satisfied with the project, having received the promised 40% profit from it, but those who expected to receive more income or were simply thinking for a long time have to calculate losses and move on. - this kind of work is not good at all. In the presence of an excellent technical part and a quick start, the admin showed a disgusting result, having worked 18 days. Investors do not like the project very much, and the reason for this is basically the duration of the investment in tariff plans, which was 100 calendar days. Unfortunately here the arrogant scum!

Events: - some changes have taken place, namely, trading on the Btc-e exchange has been suspended since July 4 due to the low liquidity of the cryptocurrency market. Investment funds were redirected to the commodity market, where Copper3M instrument is traded. These changes resulted in the end of accepting deposits through the payment systems Egopay, Okpay and Bitcoin. We canceled the commission for withdrawal through Perfect Money, as well as for all deposits that were made after June 24, 2014. Charges on weekends will range from 0.1% to 2% per day. - reported that new representative offices of the company have opened in the regions. Consultants and office managers are always ready to provide informational assistance on any questions. A complete list of regional offices can be viewed on the company's website. - connected several new payment systems: Interkassa and Egopay. Added a new tariff plan "Instant" with a deposit included in payments. The term of the deposit is 30 days at 4.5% per day. Min / max contribution: $ 500 - $ 4000. Also, now requests for withdrawal of funds are not processed by the admin, but are credited by the instant. - modestly announced that the program had been online for 1 month. - reported that on August 1, gift deposits of $ 100 will be credited to the first 42 participants who make deposits of at least $ 100 starting from July 5, 2014. Deposits that were opened through the drawing of fast codes will not participate in this drawing. The conditions for receiving and using a gift deposit can be found in the news on the program website.

News of the website:

1) On the portal received the following projects: (On the site - with 03.07.14, under protection - up to 19.07.14). (On the site - with 06.07.14, under protection - up to 14.07.14).

2) Compensation of lost funds in the project paid to partners

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