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News HYIP-industry (01.10-17.10.2016)

NewsI welcome you dear partners! 
Today we will try to understand the situation of the recent time in the market of hyip-investment. Several past news issues we missed because of the high load, and focused on reviewing new projects, now we will fill this information omission with the events of the past weeks. As part of the release we will inform you about recent scams, fresh promising newcomers and will follow the innovations in the already proven projects. Before proceeding, we once again remind you of the combination of high risks in this area of ​​investment, which requires care and careful analysis, as well as a competent distribution of personal capital. Do not invest the latest and accumulated funds, always check the information on the project, fresh feedback and the opinion of experienced participants in open areas. Good luck and profit to you friends!

New projects: is a relatively fresh middleman with popular marketing in a single version, operating on an indefinite basis. Accruals are made on weekdays with a constant interest of 4%, going to breakeven in 25 days. The project pays by instant, the minimum entry threshold is the standard $ 10. The technical characteristics are as follows: licensed engine from H-script, dedicated server, Ddos protection, ssl from Comodo. The manager is determined to work productively, we will continue to monitor the development by posting on the portal in a premium format. is a classic sports center with an attractive look and automatic payout processing. This does not mean an instant, but a full automatic withdrawal of funds, i.e. you do not need to order anything. Marketing is not complicated and offers 24% to 80% profit within 20-90 calendar days. For each tariff, a certain investment range is established, the minimum salary is from $ 10. The refund of the deposit can be both at the end of the term and as part of daily payments, depending on the selected tariff. The administration has extensive experience in the hyip industry, there are successful projects, so we are counting on profit. In this case, we acted as a vehicle on mmgp, from the portal we offer an increased refback and an increased deposit protection fund, we recommend. is an investment platform with a legend about sports betting. Technical parameters are one of the strengths of the project; you shouldn't worry about data security and site protection. Investment proposals are built with the same term for 30 calendar days and a deposit included in payments. The working percentage of dividends is 4.5%, in general, for marketing, the percentage reaches 6% per day, payments are received instantly. At the initial stage of development, the administration limited itself to supporting top blogs, practically without the participation of monitors, let's see what such smooth dynamics will lead to. is a noteworthy medium-term project with a single tariff plan for 365 days, charges are made daily at a flexible interest rate from 1% to 5%, on weekends there is a fixed rate of 1% of the deposit amount. The technical data is excellent, the project operates on a self-written script. The minimum size of the deposit does not differ from the majority and is $ 10, the withdrawal of funds is made instantly. The admin is experienced here, the development is smooth and competent. We will soon prepare a full review article for you. is an outwardly attractive centerpiece with documents, videos, and multilingual design. The investment proposal has been developed for an unlimited period of time with a floating percentage of charges in the range from 0.8% to 3.5% per day. They expressed their opinion in a detailed review on the portal, to date, they have also prepared a video version of our review, so get acquainted and join our friendly team.

bench: - a family of bots moored to the shore after working 48 days, during which it was possible to earn up to 87% on investment terms together with the ref. The planned updates for October-November turned out to be only part of the addition, one might say it closed at the peak of growth. The project came under the protection of deposits, compensation was paid. - the famous lighthouse went out after almost 7 months of work. Many will say: "Project of the Year", some will criticize, we did not dare to take part in a timely manner. Still, the idea of ​​“HYIPs in HYIPs” made people refrain from investing. Undoubtedly, many have made a lot of money here and we are disinterestedly happy for them. We will not express our thoughts on the scam, the topic is quite wide. The project is scam, restart is not excluded. - 9 days, the administrator did not give a chance to even the first investors to recapture your investment, not to mention profits. As soon as it came to the approximation to breakeven in the first test plan, the planned instant broken forever. I manage simply ran away with the rest of the cash register, mediocre work bench. is not the best example to follow. If I may say so, then the worst of the bots, tk. not even a circle. For 16 days, the admin did not show any strong qualities, they encountered an ordinary scammer. - here's the best project working through Telegram, which can also be nominated for the project of the year, I think many will agree with this. The result of Lara's work is 112 days, and this is no less than the initial contribution three times, so there was enough time to fix the profit. Lara will be remembered by investors for a long time, and set as an example for newcomers in this area. Unfortunately, the platform has ceased to operate, it was a pleasure to work here.

Events: - the Chinese version of the resource has appeared in the project from our last notifications. We connected such payment systems as Qiwi and Yandex Money, with which you can make transfers through terminals. In the near future, they promise to introduce payment using WebMoney. The new representatives of the company took care to open an office in the city of Khmelnitsky. From the beginning of October, a special offer with pleasant prizes started, which will last until the end of the month. The prizes will be deposits to the account of $ 200 and the main prize from the company a brand new iPhone 7. The administration of the project strongly recommends that you pay attention to the appearance on the network of pirate duplicate sites created for the purpose of fraud, beware of them. - they opened their corporate office in the Pechersky District; also, investors with personal deposits of $ 500 or more are given branded mugs, pens and notebooks. Quite recently, just a few days ago, the Chinese version of the translation was introduced to the site. - added the ability to make deposits and withdrawals using the new AdvancedCash payment system. - made planned accruals according to the "Trust Management" plan, and also summed up the results of the trading period for the months of June-September. Excluding all deductions, the profitability of investors for 4 months was 21.005%. Because 5% are paid in a guaranteed order on the first day of each month, then the remaining 1.005% is additionally credited to users' balances. - for the convenience of users of the system and to improve the quality of service, online support will now work daily from 09:00 to 21:00 Moscow time. - we have already celebrated 6 months of work (six months), which is certainly a joyful event. During this period, more than 25000 users have joined the project, over 4 million dollars have been invested, more than 1.100.000 dollars have been paid. New sections "Forge of Good" and "Gallery of Good" are opening. In the near future, it is planned to create a special channel for the exchange of funds. - an informative video presentation of the project was created and a translation of the site in French appeared.

News of the website:

1) On the portal received the following projects: (on the website - with 03.10.16, protected - up to 26.10.16). (on the website - with 04.10.16, protected - up to 10.11.16). (on the website - with 11.10.16, protected - up to 30.10.16). (on the website - with 12.10.16, protected - up to 12.03.17). (on the website - with 13.10.16, protected - up to 05.11.16). (on the website - with 13.10.16, protected - up to 07.11.16). (on the website - with 13.10.16, protected - up to 21.10.16). (on the website - with 14.10.16, protected - up to 20.11.16). (on the website - with 17.10.16, protected - up to 17.11.16). (on the website - with 17.10.16, protected - up to 05.11.16).

2) published reviews and video reviews of projects:

3) compensated partners lost funds in the projects: - paid 20% of losses (more than 500 $). - paid 40% of losses (more than 300 $). - paid 110% of losses (more than 300 $). - paid% of losses (more than 300 $). - paid 100 +% loss (more 300 $). - paid 20% of losses (more than 500 $). - paid 100 +% loss (more 500 $). - paid% of losses (more than 300 $). - paid 70% of losses (more than 500 $).

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    Yes, and not a word about forexparadise, how he left, why ... yesterday I just received another payment from him

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    Thank you for the next review and news, albeit with some delay, the question is why nothing has been said about Tokyo Investment Company? ...