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News HYIP-industry (01-21.03.2021)

I welcome you dear partners!
Today we have prepared an overview news release, in which we will consider the events of the investment market that took place over the three weeks of March. The main base of the portfolio is occupied by established "old men" who consistently give profit. New projects are not yet pleasing with their results, so we recommend you to feel it carefully, without large contributions. We will not touch on each topic, as before, we will discuss the latest interesting news, comment on some scam projects, and also go through the main changes in existing funds on the blog.

New projects: is a non-standard investment piggy bank with a floating yield from 2.051% to 3.28% per day. The validity of the deposit is not limited in time, but after 30 days the body can be collected without any commissions. The site also allows you to purchase an internal CCT token, the rate of which grows by 0.025% for every $ 1000 spent on investments in the project by all users. So far, the site accepts only cryptocurrency without conversion. The admin in the project is experienced, regular innovations and planned development are expected in the future, we will observe the events taking place. is a project with a partisan base, presumably from a working admin. Tariff plans are here for every taste for a period from 1 to 100 days, daily charges from 0.8% to 4% of the deposit. But in order to be able to choose plans, you need to increase your deposit or referral turnover. The minimum contribution is 10 USD, manual payments, affiliate program - 1%. There is very little advertising now, and they come mainly with their own funds, we will watch the development with interest. is a quality novelty launched this week. In terms of technology and design, everything is great, protection is provided at an excellent level, the functionality is based on a handwritten engine. For the investment part, 3 plans have been prepared with daily accrual from 1% to 2% for 10-20 days, the return of the deposit at the end of the term. The minimum contribution is available from $ 10, we receive payments instantly. In fact, you can play with small amounts of money, it develops systematically, the first conclusions about the project can be made after passing the minimum circle. is a new project in the blog's portfolio, we do not pin high hopes, but marketing is very profitable and is represented by four perpetual tariffs with a gradation by amount. Charges are daily and range from 5% to 9% without refund of the deposit. Technically, the project was created on the GoldCoders script, there is a dedicated server, Ddos protection from Ddos-Guard, ssl encryption from Sectigo, design and content are unique. Instant is established for payments here, basic payments are present. The project was launched recently, it is developing gradually, it will be possible to get acquainted with the project in detail in a short review.

bench: - 15 days in working mode, during which no one even managed to break even. These are the admins who are now getting out, they themselves do not know how to work and litter the industry. The project stopped payments, all partners who submitted applications were paid compensation. - 11 days was enough for the admin to hump. We wanted to present this project as a novelty in this newsletter, but the admins write their own story, which defies adequate explanation. We accept your reports on losses, according to the regulations, we will make compensation to all partners. - the project lasted only 8 days, providing an opportunity to recoup no more than 30% of the invested funds. Very poor performance, although the marketing was quite relevant to the market and did not offer exorbitant returns. Perhaps the admin originally planned a razor, fix the scam. Unfortunately, the fund was enough to cover only 25% of the losses of our partners. - 7 days, the dirtiest scam in March. It would be understandable if fast marketing with a large financial burden on the cash register was introduced here. But with such a theme, restrictions and moderate profitability, to work only a week? You have to be a rotten scammer to manage this way. The collection of applications for calculating and paying compensation has been announced.

Events: - continue to show TOP work. In early March, we launched the Coin Profit Team program and listed our Boco Coin on the Antares Exchange. On this occasion, the founder of the platform recorded a video message in which he answered many related questions. On March 19, they announced the launch of the Antares Wallet, a cryptocurrency online wallet. With the application for Android and iOS, you can store popular crypto assets and make transfers to any specified address. Also, we cannot fail to celebrate the anniversary of the project, the grand celebration of which took place this week in Dubai. - top fast from top admin. The project has been working for more than 100 days, the blog has gone through three full circles from the start and has brought about 300% of net profit at the moment. - developed a special Promotional Bonus program, resulting in a new Bounty section on the site. Subscribe to the project's social networks, write reviews, film your reviews and get up to $ 10 for your deposit. See the website for details of the program. - connected a new payment system Epaycore. By investing using this EPS, you have the opportunity to receive a bonus of + 5% to the deposit. - within the framework of the blog, the project has been working for 10 months, has already brought more than 100% of net profit and continues to develop successfully. The main focus of the company is the creation, support and assistance in doing business. Another progress in the development of the company was the online store of furniture and lighting fixtures in the loft style “”. At the moment, the fund's specialists are working to improve the functionality of the site and its services and to develop customer service. - held a large forum in March in the Dominican Republic, bringing together leaders from all over the world. At the Big Forum, a new ecosystem was announced that allows to expand the community and strengthen the development in the market. We also changed the Brand to QubitLife and moved to a new domain. We released our own QBT token based on the Qchain blockchain. We carried out the first private sale of tokens with a starting price of $ 0.01, where 7% of the total volume was purchased in less than a day. The public sale of the token with a price of 0.02 USD starts tonight. Registration has opened for the next BaseCamp, which is scheduled for April 19-26 in Thailand. The rest of the project is developing all over the world, with new offices opened in Malaysia, Chile and Mexico. The project has been working on the blog for the eighth month already, our partners have been in profit for a long time and continue to increase their income. - due to high fees when transferring cryptocurrencies, there may be delays in payment. The administration tries to minimize costs and monitors the minimum commission for withdrawal. If you need to receive a payment quickly, despite high commissions, write to support or email and you will receive a transfer within 30 minutes. There are several options for depositing and withdrawing funds for bank cards. If the payment to the card is declined, contact support and you will be redirected to another payment gateway for payment. In the near future, there will be an option to replenish the card using the Fkwallet wallet. On this occasion, a new section with video instructions will appear on the site. - the next adaptation of the payment schedule has passed, I hope everyone was prepared for it. The next time payment adaptation will take place on April 18, 2021. Plan your investment actions in advance in order to gradually bring the karma indicator to a level of at least 100% over this period.

News of the website:

1) On the portal received the following projects: (On the site - from 02.03.21, under protection - until 26.03.21). (On the site - from 04.03.21/26.04.21/XNUMX, under protection - until XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX). (On the site - from 09.03.21/10.06.21/XNUMX, under protection - until XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX). (On the site - from 19.03.21, under protection - until 12.04.21). (On the site - from 20.03.21, under protection - until 23.04.21).

2) published a draft review:

3) video reviews are published projects:
Binary plus.

4) compensated partners lost funds in the projects: - paid out 110% of losses (over $ 500). - paid out 110% of losses (over $ 500). - paid out 25% of losses (over $ 500). - paid out 110% of losses (over $ 500). - paid out 110% of losses (over $ 500). - paid out 110% of losses (over $ 500). - paid out 20% of losses (over $ 500).
* Bounty participants have 50% loss closed. - 40% of losses paid (over $ 500). - paid out 75% of losses (over $ 500).
* Bounty participants have 100% loss closed. - 80% of losses paid (over $ 500).

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