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News HYIP-industry (02.03-08.03.2015)

NewsI welcome you dear partners!
Today we will again look at the results of the last 7 days, we will acquaint you with the new products of the hyip industry and go through the latest scams and events of the past period. The first week of spring was remembered mainly for positive moments, all projects on our portal continue to work successfully, which means that our investments are profitable, which is good news. Several investment projects of high quality in our opinion were taken to the portal, we recommend that you take a closer look at them. Also on the mmgp forum, 2 large insurance companies were opened, there is still time to take advantage of risk-free investments. And now about everything in order ...

New projects: - a new mid-percent, started just the other day. The project has a unique design, offers a fresh original legend of its activities and has powerful technical characteristics. The technique here is a self-written script, the domain is bought up to 2020 year, a dedicated server, a ddos-protection from BlockDos, ssl encryption for 3 year from Comodo. Localization of the site is prepared in 3 languages: Russian, English and Spanish. By marketing 4 plan with a deposit included in the payment, the investment period is from 30 to 60 days. The minimum amount of the deposit is from 20 $, the repayment of the instant. A full review of the project is available on our portal. - once sredneprotsentny hyip-project, which was launched recently. Designed for the amateur, investment plans have been developed with the return of the deposit at the end of the period accrual 1% -2% daily for 14 and 100 days. Minimum deposit of $ 20, manual payments. Equipment at an altitude: samopisny script domain redeemed 2020 years, DDoS protection Cloudflare, ssl encryption from Comodo to 2 years. The first steps have already been taken for the promotion, will be watching for further action. is a very fresh mid-income hyip project with excellent opportunities. According to the legend, the company develops and creates online projects, one of which is its own exchange Ronexchange and the poker room Ronexpoker. As investment proposals, only one plan has been developed for a period of 90 days with a floating interest rate in the range of 0.6% to 2.5%. An early withdrawal of the deposit is provided not earlier than 30 days from the date of its creation. The technical aspect is no less interesting: rewritten licensed h-script, dedicated server, DDoS protection from Blockdos, ssl certificate from Comodo with greenbar, unique design. The affiliate program is combined: from the amount of the deposit and from the income. The project has been added to the portal under the protection of deposits, we will monitor further promotion. - interesting mullion with a fixed daily rate of 1% for an indefinite period. the contribution of the body can be picked up no earlier than 10 days from the date of opening. Minimum deposit is $ 20, application for withdrawal are processed manually. According to legend, the company is engaged in logging and wood processing. Technically, the project is designed quite well: license script h-script, DDoS protection cloudflare, ssl encryption from Comodo, a unique design. The development is conducted with restraint, will follow the project work.

bench: - 31 working days, project participants could receive interest payments on their deposits, which corresponds to one completed circle at the minimum rate and receiving a declared profit of 21%. Those who decided to go for reinvestment, to other plans, or simply looked closely for more than 2 weeks, undoubtedly remained in the red. More was expected from the project, the payment regulations were violated. - 137 days experienced by the program, including 55 days after thrown over the design and the start of active promotion. The result was worthy for this term investors could increase by at least 50% their investments or even double. At the moment, instant stopped payments do not come. - one week project work according to the conditions of their own policies and regulations. Then began a song about a virus, stealing a large amount of funds, investment plans have changed, and investors suffered deposits for longer and less profitable. Such an alignment of things naturally will not do, the project moved to the problematic section. - actually enough admin 6 days to implement their plans. The timing worked only their minimum terms, but judging by the posts on forums, payments were discovered deposits. Probably the majority went to plan, where the daily calculation includes part of the deposit in this case is to fix the continuous losses. The continuation of the development and have not seen, the payments stopped. With all its arsenal project just got the wrong manager, scum.

Events: - summed up the final results of the photography competition. The administration revealed a boost of likes on social networks, which is why this parameter was practically excluded when summing up the results. 5 winners have already been announced, who won prizes, who will be credited with a cash reward on the deposit. Also, until March 9 inclusive, all women can receive a gift voucher for + 15% to the new deposit. To receive it, you need to contact the support service for numerous contacts and leave your phone number, to which the coupon code will be sent by sms. - provided a report on all investment programs for February 2015. We have suspended cooperation with the EgoPay payment system. Now it is possible to carry out transactions through direct bank transfers and plastic and virtual cards through the Advanced Cash service. For instructions on how to deposit and withdraw funds using this method, see the website. - announced the top three winners in the "Battle of Bloggers" and "Partner of the Month" contests. New contests with valuable prizes are planned ahead. We also opened another new branch of the company in the city of Dnepropetrovsk at the address: Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk, st. Ekaterinoslavsky Boulevard 2, Office 524 A, BC "Bosphorus". Contact phone number: +380 678141624. Photos of the office and a map of the road can be viewed on the company's website. - have implemented the modified terms of the marketing policy with a minimum investment of $ 100. For more details, see the tariff plans on the project website. In honor of the holiday 8 March, every woman in the project receives 8 $ for an open deposit. Also on their own admin turned extra security contributions, deposit protection period for the portal extended until the summer. - celebrate 70 days online and thank all participants for their trust in the project. In connection with this event, a bonus of up to + 7% will be credited to all new deposits. The bonus amount depends on the chosen tariff:
BONUS - 7%
SOCHI-1 - 3%
SOCHI-2 - 4%
SOCHI-3 - 5%
SOCHI-4 - 6%
SOCHI-5 - 7% - congratulate all women on March 8 and give each investor a gift in the amount of 8% of the value of the purchased share. The funds will be credited to the account balance, the offer is valid until March 10 inclusive. - the contest “8 March. Everything is possible! ”, As a result, over 500 works from the project participants were viewed and evaluated. The best works of girls in different nominations have already been determined, see the details in the social group of the Vkontakte project. Also, together with its partner animated and entertainment social network Nabomba, announces the launch of a new entertainment competition with valuable prizes "Nabombi on iPhone". The competition will run until April 2015.

News of the website:

1) Open insurance contributions supported portal coated 105% projects SOCHI TOURISM INVESTMENT and TAXI INVEST. The insurance fund project is 10000 $ (the first) and 510000 rubles (for the second). With the general rules, registration and other terms of insurance available in the topics on the forum: (SOCHI) and = 330927 (TAXI).

2) On the portal received the following projects: (on the website - with 05.03.15, protected - up to 06.04.15). (on the website - with 06.03.15, protected - up to 11.03.15). (on the website - with 07.03.15, protected - up to 15.04.15). (on the website - with 07.03.15, protected - up to 15.04.15). (The site - with 08.03.15, protected - up to 1.05.15).

3) published a draft review:

4) partners paid compensation of lost funds in projects totaling over $ 2200: - 50% of losses paid (over $ 500). - paid out 110% of losses (over $ 500). - paid out 20% of losses (more than 300 $). - 50% of losses paid (over $ 300). - 60% of losses paid (more than 300 $). - 100% of losses paid (over $ 300).

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