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News HYIP-industry (04.07-10.07.2016)

NewsI welcome you dear partners!
The next one-week period ended on the hyip-investment market and we will try to summarize everything that happens in today's review article. Since our last news release there was not so much novelty, the industry, although not sleeping, but systematically gives several reasons for discussion in our rubrics that we will touch on briefly in today's lines. I draw your attention that the administrator of the portal, Ilya, is on vacation until July 22, therefore, all effective payments will be made upon his return, we kindly ask you to be patient. It will not affect the payment of referral commissions and will be paid in accordance with the regulations.

New projects: is a new classic centerpiece with a bright and pleasant design. Marketing is difficult for the admin, but attractive for the investor, since the deposit is included in the daily payments for 20 calendar days for the entire tariff line. The amount of charges depends on the amount of the deposit and reaches from 6.9% to 8.4% per day, the minimum allowable contribution is from $ 10. The project engine is based on H-script, the site is hosted on a dedicated server and protected by Genius Guard, ssl from Comodo. Development is proceeding with restraint, it will be interesting to watch. is a fresh medium-profit project with a yield from 17% to 32%, depending on the purchase of shares from the value of the car for a specific offer. The minimum cost of replenishment to create a contribution of all 1 usd, payments arrive by an instance. Technical data: self-written script, dedicated server, ddos ​​protection from, ssl-encryption from Comodo. The site has publicly available documents confirming the right to engage in the automotive business. The start date of the site did not really come out, the site has a mention of news as early as February, but in reality they only heard about it this week. The project with the proper promotion can achieve effective performance, look at the situation in a couple of weeks.

bench: - the admin has once again confirmed the tendency of inability to manage the cashier in medium-term projects. This time it worked worse than ever, 7 days from 30, some mats only come to mind. You can only refer to the fact that the moderators of the MMGP forum on 4 day of work carried the topic of the project to the scam section due to serial administration, I don’t want to comment at all. In fact, payments to the wallet stopped coming, here scam, by the way, compensation to our partners has already been paid to everyone. - for 5 full days, the admin kept the bar at the instant level, until the site disappeared completely, leaving a trail with the words "Fatal Error" behind. Taking into account short-term plans, the starting players managed to cull the project, but the admin could not overcome the deadline set by us. There are no payments, the regulations are violated, scam. Submit reports for payment of compensation in the form, but the processing of applications will have to wait until July 22-23. - no influx or planned scam? The answer to this question will not change anything, because the suspension of payments has lasted long enough to announce the scam. As a result, the 44 of the day, and in fact, literally today, the first deposits should have come back, but the admin apparently decided to take the lead.

Events: - held the first online conference, after the successful release, the date is set for the second online conference of the company on July 14. We connected the possibility of creating a deposit through Tinkoff Bank. The minimum deposit amount is from 3000 rubles, the minimum withdrawal is from 500 rubles. In addition, the site was translated into Ukrainian and Belarusian. - connected the Bitcoin payment system. - released a video about the company in English, installed an improved data encryption certificate from Comodo, now with a greenbar, to secure financial transactions with the site. The main news this week is the official opening of the company's first office in Kiev. The event turned out to be large-scale with many guests, an opening ceremony, a concert program, a buffet table, negotiations and, of course, a photo session. Photo report published in the official social group. the Facebook network. - in the news, the admin informs about the achievement of more than 300 participants in half a month of work. To motivate people to reinvest, they launched a promotion to this day, according to which an additional 50% will be added to the reinvested amount of $ 5, and the percentage of the referral commission was raised by 1% to the first line. - connected the Qiwi payment system in usd currency. The minimum deposit and withdrawal amount is $ 1; the maximum deposit and withdrawal amount is $ 200. - updated the site design to a fresher and more modern one with a pleasant design for comfortable work and convenient use for all clients. - very soon it will be 2 months of work from the moment of launch, but for now, the administration is convincingly asking not to violate financial discipline by creating multi-accounts and using other deception schemes in order to increase earnings. For the first time, the identified violators were warned without blocking the offices, but in the future, measures will be taken tougher. - literally at the beginning of the week, some figures from the statistics were given, but now, at the end of the week, the results have practically doubled and this is not the limit. We published a link to an unofficial Skype chat created by one of the participants for open communication with investors. Also today, the Chinese version of the website translation was added, and the work on the preparation of the German localization will be completed in the near future. - added a new section "Media about us", which contains all publications about the project on various news portals and blogs. Three months of work are already behind, and the founders of the site are still making ambitious plans for further development. Soon the site will be redesigned, the list of payment systems will be expanded, and offline promotion will be launched. - hold conferences in cities, recently visited Kazan, tomorrow they are heading to Belgorod with fresh information on the prospects for the development of the Yabankir service. The next conferences for July are published on the site. Also, at the request of the participants, the Bitcoin payment system was added.

News of the website:

1) On the portal received the following projects: (On the site - with 06.07.16, protected - up to 10.11.16). (On site - from 08.07.16, protected - up to 10.10.16). (On the site - with 10.07.16, under protection - to 20.07.16).

2) published a draft review:

3) video reviews are published projects:

4) compensated partners lost funds in the projects: - 70% losses paid (more than 300 $). - 25% losses paid (more than 300 $).