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News HYIP-industry (05.05-10.05.2020)

I welcome you dear partners!
The next investment week has been completed and it would be nice to recall in today's news digest the most significant events of the last period. We did not notice any serious new products; nevertheless, we highlighted more or less interesting options with natural risks for review. The investment portfolio of the blog decreased by only one per week, only one fast-project came to replace it. On the whole, the list of decent projects is well-formed, there is something to work with and where to invest, therefore we are just interested in observing the newcomers announced below. Do not hesitate to seek advice, we are always ready to advise your partners on any issues and, if desired, we will help you to create your own portfolio for investing.

New projects: is a new low-interest project with floating profitability, depending on the reported daily trading. A total of 7 plans are presented to investors with different terms and profitability. For the available plans, you can consider a maximum of 3 first plans: 30% of daily trading for 25 working days (up to $ 50), 40% of daily trading for 60 working days (up to $ 1000) and 50% of the reported percentage per day for 100 business -days (up to $ 5000). For example, you made a contribution of $ 200, and trade statistics showed 2% per day, then the investor's profit will be: (2% * 0.4) * (200/100) = 1.6 $. Profit is calculated from Tuesday to Saturday. With negative trading per day, the percentage of income cannot be less than 0.3% of the investment. The minimum deposit is 10 USD, the deposit at all rates is returned at the end of the term. Technically, the project is based on a handwritten script, the domain is paid for until 2024, the server is dedicated, ddos ​​protection from CloudFlare, ssl encryption from Sectigo for a year. The conclusions about the project are unambiguous, you can work with such marketing for a long time, but the risks do not meet expectations. is like a good hype, it started this week, according to the minimum plan, the middle one. All in all, the project has 3 plans with hourly charges from 0.21% to 0.29% per hour and the same term of validity of deposits within 30 calendar days. The minimum deposit amount is $ 20, payments are instant. Technically well done: licensed GoldCoders script, dedicated server, ddos ​​protection from Ddos-Guard, ssl from GeoTrust. You can work with the project, but despite the frequent charges, the risks are quite high. Already with a deposit of $ 200 or more, the project goes into the fast category with an accrual of 0.25% hourly or 6% per day. It takes experience to keep that percentage. There are advertising costs, active development, let's see how it ends.

bench: - 10 days, not the worst result for a piggy bank, but there is absolutely nothing to brag about. Obviously, many came in to cheat on the project and left before the holidays, the administrator just had to seal the cash register. In general, the interest in the project was quite good, the admin simply did not have enough experience. Payments stopped, do not invest. There is an insurance fund for the project, we are accepting your applications for compensation. - 15 days, an outright scam from the admin. Still, the pre-startups cannot be trusted, plus they greatly overestimated the project, throwing it at the start with "cutlets". Aggressive advertising in the first week was clearly not good, for the whole second week the admin was collecting the remaining deposits and merged. In general, he was quick here, he was noted in the news digest, he was not taken to the blog, so he read it and forgot.

Events: - developed an additional reward program for active partners. For the turnover of attracted investments from $ 70000 - a 1.2% bonus, $ 300000 turnover - a 1.9% bonus, $ 300000 turnover - a 2.5% bonus, $ 500000 turnover - a 4% bonus. After a turnover of investments from $ 150000, you are assigned the status of a regional manager. If you want to open an office in your city, the company pays all costs. A Spanish version of the language translation has also been added to the site. - a project on the blog for exactly a month, passed the full minimum circle and earned 30% of the profit. In general, the site has been functioning for more than a year and a couple of weeks ago they announced the launch of a representative program, which was used by many regular customers from different countries. At the moment, the official list of regional representatives of the project includes more than 40 people from almost 30 countries who are ready to help in any issue regarding the project. There was also good news for Russian-speaking citizens about the translation of the site into Russian. In the near future, it is planned to expand localizations, the administration announced the imminent addition of at least 4 more site translations. Also this week, the admin opened his main tariff plan with charging 2.1% per day for 20 calendar days. - continue to work on improving the service and are ready to present a new functionality available in the personal account - internal transfers. Now each user can send any amount and currency from the account to other project participants. To transfer, you need to go to the "Transfers" section, enter the recipient's username, select the currency, specify the amount, enter the pin-code and create an operation. - The administration reports good activity from investors, who have already joined more than 3000 people. The investment turnover for the first quarter exceeded half a million dollars, interest accrued and paid over 85 thousand dollars. For the convenience of working with the account, a video instruction on how to replenish an account and work with investments has been added. The main tasks for the coming months are to connect cryptocurrency payments, create social communities for the company and open offices in Russia. - a special project chat has been created in Telegram for investors to communicate and quickly respond to your questions. - the 12th week of work is completed after the start of the project and adding to the blog. The number of users has exceeded 60000 people, the amount of investment has almost reached 250 thousand dollars. Within the framework of marketing for the entire period, it was possible to manage to earn up to 250% of the profit.

News of the website:

1) We launched a contest on our blog for our partners with a prize fund of $ 555 (41000 rubles or 14900 hryvnias). Profit Hunters cash gift draw will be held as follows. We created a Perfect Money voucher for the indicated amount, but in order to activate it you need to know the code of 16 digits. The first digit is open, the remaining 15 are hidden.

E-Voucher Number: 2775303985
Activation Code: 5xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

By investing in any project via a blog link starting at $ 100, you will get one digit, for two deposits - two digits. For deposits in one project, at least 5 days must elapse between deposits for a repeated application. A day you can get no more than three digits per person. See other details of the contest on the channel or find out in PM.

2) On the portal received the following projects: (On the site - from 08.05.20/21.05.20/XNUMX, under protection - until XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX).

3) published a draft review: - new marketing, quiet development and 70 days on the blog.

4) video reviews are published projects:

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