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News HYIP-industry (05.12-11.12.2016)

NewsI welcome you dear partners!
The first decade of the final month has ended in the current 2016 year, and with it the next week in the field of hyip investments. The winter benches continue to bend their line, considering medium-term investments is not an option at all, only fasts are in the trend, among which, too, additional analysis and careful selection are needed. A kind of advice for gamblers in the market who are monitoring the situation. Particularly cautious, nervous and depressed is better to refrain altogether from investing and to wait for the New Year holidays on the fence. Of the series of recent pews, EarnTech was most upset by the lost opportunity to earn more. It's a sin to complain to the admin, there was a chance to double up, but he did not have the expected expectations, stopping payments in the very beginning of December. By compensation, almost paid off with our partners, it is not rare to recover to a loss, which can not but rejoice.

New projects: - another novelty in the middles on the theme of the casino. Administration somehow does not feel confident in the market, now and again changing tariffs from one to another, and after all it had to be dealt with before launching. In any case, the current variation looks more preferable than at the start (from 1.3% to 2.8% for 3-35 days). On technology: license from GoldCoders, domain for 2 year, ddos ​​protection from CoverDdos, encryption of data transmission from Comodo for a period of 1 year. The game without large deposits will allow to hold out to the project, therefore participate without fanaticism on short plans. is a new medium-profit hip of pleasant appearance and relaxing music at the moment of viewing. In the 3 marketing toolkit with accruals at the end of the term (109% in 5 days), every 24 hours (5% for 30 days) and every 5 days (130% over 15 days). Technical features of high rank: the use of H-scripta, payment of the domain for 3 year, ddos-protection from Ddos-Guard, ssl-encryption from GeoTrust with greenbar. In development is not yet seen, you can observe how to behave in this difficult period. - and a fresh hyip partisan with a moderate interest in 7 days, return of the deposit at the end of the term. Foreign monitors were the first to take up the promotion with minimal payment for "sheets". There were no serious remarks about the desk, the finish result is not predictable. On a technical issue, there is a licensed script from GoldCoders, budget hosting, dedicated server, ssl from Comodo. The limit for one-time investments is set from $ 10 to $ 500.

bench: - not entirely expected, but "the bird is dead" after 70 days of appearing on the network, i.e. just at the time when the first investors were in anticipation of going to breakeven. Very poorly, in fact, the admin did not let anyone earn money, and with such marketing it was possible to please both himself and the investors, but often the greed of the administrators works contrary to expectations. The site is not available, scam. - 4 months from the start and almost 3 months after rebranding and adding the project to the portal. During this time, our partners have completed 2 laps, which indicates a doubling of the initial investment. Nevertheless, the game was predicted, at least until the new year in the light of recent events, many continued to reinvest and increase the amount of deposits, hence the possible disadvantages in the end. Being careful, the majority have taken profits into the portfolio's piggy bank, but now it's game over. The admin still makes selective small conclusions, it makes sense to break the balance into parts when requesting a payment, it is possible that something else can be pulled out. You can discuss what happened for a long time, but the result is still the same - a scam. - did not even have time to write a review of the project to the end, the game stopped. I didn't hook the investors with anything, and along the way I got into scammers on the mmgp forum, actually everything that the admin managed to do in 3 days of work. We are waiting for your reports on absolute losses to calculate the percentage of compensation. - I doubt that with such low percentages, someone worked in a plus. Perhaps we will refrain from commenting, just write it down among the scams. It is not for nothing that our referrals chose Profit-hunters as their upliner, having received compensation for losses in full. - that has worked for more than 3.5 months in the guerrilla mode, this is the merit of the administrator. But nevertheless, the starting point for the general market should be considered the date of rebranding, it was here that they got it quickly in 2 weeks, without even going through a circle. With this approach, the admins themselves dictate the rules for working with "desks", ie changing clothes is a loud bell for going to the exit. The scheme is fundamentally wrong, but it often saves you from losses. We moved the project to scams, partial compensations were paid to our partners.

Events: - German and Turkish translation versions have been added to the language panel. Now it will be even more convenient for visitors from these countries to use the site. - just yesterday, the first webinar of the project took place, the speaker of which was Yuri Kamelchuk, well-known in investment circles, who has charisma and the ability to clearly convey the necessary information to users. The recording of the webinar is available, you can find it at the link: - opened a new section for representatives. If you are an active participant, on the page "Contacts / Representatives" you can apply for a representative status. This will give you additional referrals from the company, access to leader chats, a budget for the development of the project, plus your contact details will be visible to all site visitors. Also added a section with reviews from real project participants, where you can always read the latest comments and opinions of users. - in order to reduce the load on support contacts, detailed manuals with illustrations and a description of the sequence of steps have been created for everyone who wants to make an investment through the payment systems Qiwi, and Neteller. - new payment systems Scrill and Neteller were connected to the existing methods of depositing and withdrawing funds. - provided the opportunity for numerous users from China to use the site in their native language by adding a Chinese translation.

News of the website:

1) compensated partners lost funds in the projects: - paid 100% loss (more than 500 $). - paid 100% loss (more than 500 $). - paid 50% loss (more than 500 $). - paid 35% loss (more than 500 $). - paid 30% loss (more than 500 $). - paid 100% loss (more than 300 $).