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News HYIP-industry (06.04-12.04.2015)

NewsI welcome you dear partners!
Let's start our weekly digest with congratulations to all Orthodox Christians on the Bright Sunday of Christ - Easter. We congratulate you on this extraordinary great holiday, we wish you warm and beautiful days, a bright future, give love and kindness to your family and friends and, of course, stable profit to you from cooperation with our portal. The week turned out to be balanced, among the numerous scams, there are many interesting events and new projects, especially from the fast category. For details, follow the link "Read more ..."

New projects: - can rightfully be considered a new project, the rebranding of which everyone has been waiting for. For more than a year, the admin kept this site in the status of a partisan, but at the beginning of this week he showed it to the general public in his finished guise. Design, content, technical side - everything is thoroughly worked out at a professional level. The local admin has already earned a reputation for working in other projects and are now also convinced that he will give many people money. The proposed investment plans a little alarmed investors, but it is possible that this is another tactic towards fruitful and long-term work. The PR company, as in all creations of the admin, is carried out efficiently, we added the project to the portal under protection with increased refback. - fresh average interest rate, launched at the beginning of the week. Design for an amateur, there are minor bugs, content is prepared in two languages. The technical assembly is fine: licensed H-script, dedicated server, ssl encryption from Comodo, unique design. According to investment plans, it is going to pay from 1.5% to 4% every day for 12-45 days, the deposit is returned at the end of the term. The admin is communicating with investors in the project topic on the MMGP forum. Development is still very weak, we advise you not to rush to carry deposits here. - the new middleman at the start did not interest investors, the reason for this was not work plans. Most projects with similar marketing ended up in the same way - a quick scam. For all tariffs, the investment period is 40 days with a deposit included in the payments, charges are made daily from 4% to 4.5%. Outwardly, it looks good, there are no questions about the technique, the admin is gradually working on errors on the site, although there is still something to fix. Let's see how it will take ads. is a fresh investment project with a declared profitability corresponding to a low-interest section. According to the legend, the company is engaged in the installation and maintenance of advertising video screens in many countries and is positioned as a really operating company. On marketing, the minimum profit is from 0.5% per day, the investment period from 36 months. Charges are made on calendar days, the deposit is included in payments, the minimum deposit amount from 25 $. The project was developed on a script with a unique design, for protection of the site against various kinds of attacks for some reason not taken care of. We will monitor the conduct of the PR company.

bench: - the admin did not live up to expectations, no further development was received, and the project suddenly moved to the problematic section, having completed only 27 days. With such quality preparation, we have a very bad result. Fortunately, there were very few investors here, since marketing for a period of 180 days turned out to be irrelevant and practically did not interest anyone. Who nevertheless managed to drop by here, submit your reports through a special form on the portal for paying compensation. - it is not at all clear what the admin hoped for, promoting only the first 2 days. The project needs to ensure a regular inflow, and not sit idly by and watch from the side, as in this case the manager did. The lack of advertising led to a decrease in demand and subsequent closings. Since the investment policy of the project made it possible to withdraw investments the very next day, it was still possible to make money in 9 days. Now there are no payments, the site is not available, scam. - as expected, marketing did not bring a positive result, but we could not have predicted this to work out only 6 days out of 30. As it turned out later, the administrator came to the middle managers from mlm, and apparently does not know how to work longer. Unfortunately, absolutely all players were at a loss, the project no longer pays. - we will not cover much on it, but the project has not come out of the crisis after the problems that arose on the side of well-known brokers. Difficulties with payments completely absorbed the work of the project, and now, according to the administration, the company's trading accounts were blocked. In any case, you could make money here, and even double your investments from the start. The project is currently moved to the problematic one, we strongly do not recommend investing. and - have successfully completed the full program, we did not need the collateral fund, there are no complaints about the projects. It was possible to twist your deposits for several circles with short-term periods and exit with a profit. There are no payments for today, do not invest.

Events: - warned that a fraudulent site has appeared on the network -! All participants are asked not to use logins and passwords on other sites, because you can lose personal information and money. The official website of the company is Site mirror - - officially registered their company in the UK (reg. Number: 9524452) and opened a representative office in London. The site also screwed ssl with a greenbar. You can now contact technical support by phone for residents of Russia, Ukraine and England. On Sunday and Monday (12.04 and 13.04), the exchanges will not work, so there will be no charges on these days either. - launched a new campaign in honor of the Cosmonautics Day, under the terms of which profit on deposits will be accrued double. The promotion is held from 12 to 19 April 2015 inclusive. Accruals on deposits made before or after the specified date will proceed as usual. - the project manager has prepared answers to frequently asked questions in video format. The video lasts about 6 minutes, in which you will find out the answers to the following questions:
- cards of which banks can be used to deposit / withdraw funds;
- about special conditions of the affiliate program;
- on the rules for the execution of applications;
- when the profit from the rates is calculated;
- whether the investor needs to worry if several bets are lost in a row. - it is now possible to top up the balance from your account or withdraw funds through the exchanger. Direct deposit and withdrawal are available in semi-automatic mode through the payment systems Webmoney, Okpay, Yandex.Money, Privat24. It is planned to expand the directions of exchanging Webtransfer to other currencies and electronic wallets. - with the help of the real estate agency Lundin plans to buy 8 luxury apartments in the center of Stockholm with the aim of their subsequent short-term renting out. The purchase and preparation of all objects will be completed within 4 months. Investors are offered individual conditions for investing in this project until 30.04.15/5000/XNUMX. The minimum investment amount is $ XNUMX.
Also according to the plan of investing Bronze investors will receive a bonus of 3% of the deposit amount. Bonus can withdraw or add to the deposit. Offer valid until April 17.

News of the website:

1) On the portal received the following projects: (on the website - with 06.04.15, protected - up to 06.07.15). (on the website - with 12.04.15, protected - up to 16.04.15).

2) published a draft review:

3) compensated partners lost funds in the projects: - 50% loss paid (over $ 300). - 40% of losses paid (over $ 500). - 70% of losses paid (over $ 500).

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