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News HYIP-industry (06.07-12.07.2015)

NewsI welcome you dear partners!
Another investment week ends its period, and therefore it is necessary to summarize the main events that have happened in the field of hyip-investment and to form them in our today's weekly review. As usual, we will start with new projects of the week, which, unfortunately, were practically not found, only some novelties, which we will discuss below in the text. But on the scaffolding the week is also not rich, which certainly pleases. Our investment portfolio of the Profit-Hunters portal continues to operate without losses, several new products have been added to it, which you will learn about while continuing to read us further.

New projects: is a very fresh middleman with attractive marketing, according to which the deposit is withdrawn along with interest within 10 working days. The final net profit will be 25% -50% of the deposit amount. From the side of technical analysis, high-quality preparation is visible: licensed script H-script, DDoS protection against Ddos-Guard, ssl certificate from Comodo with green line support, a real company. The minimum deposit amount is from $ 20. The program was well received on the forums, we will observe the ad set. The project was added under the protection of deposits until July 25, 2015 with a triple fund. For a more detailed overview of the work of the project, see our portal. is a new project offering an average interest rate of 30% per month. Plans are designed for a period of 20-45 days, for all tariffs the body of the deposit is included in the accruals that are made on calendar days. The minimum contribution amount is available for everyone and is only $ 1. Technically well-equipped: of course, a license from GoldCoders, located on a dedicated server, has DDoS protection from Genius Guard and uses ssl encryption from Comodo for a period of 1 year. To help in the promotion, the admin attracted several popular monitors, if you want to play, use a small amount, let's see how the first circle works.

bench: - requests for payments have been hanging since July 1, and therefore the regulations have been violated and the project's scam should be fixed. The admin has not been in touch for more than a week, there is no information on the site. Probably, the managers expected an increase in the number of investors, but it was foolish to expect an influx during the onset of the summer season, especially since the project itself was carried out mediocre. Let's not guess what happened and how, we announce a scam. - stopped paying since Monday, but overall, the admin showed a good result, having worked 3 full months. During this period, it was possible to earn about 60% of the net profit at the minimum rate by investing in other plans, the profit would be correspondingly higher. Now the instant is disabled, withdrawal requests are pending for a long time, the project has been moved to scams.

Events: - implemented user support in online chat in Spanish, previously Russian and English versions of support were connected. Changed the phone number for English-speaking clients to +442070433717 (daily from 11:00 to 19:00 Moscow time). We also changed the number for Russian-speaking clients to +442035193246, the work schedule is the same.
The administration encourages its users to beware of swindlers, who under the guise of the draft guide are sending letters to other participants with a proposal to make a contribution of $ 500 a special VIP plan, which will operate for a limited time. Asked to transfer funds to U8547936 purse (BITCTradeVIP) by direct transfer from PerfectMoney payment system. In no case do not send money so the characters, all the operations of the project are made only with your personal account. - for the convenience of users, the Payeer payment system was connected in order to deposit and withdraw funds. - they send letters about productive development: the project has been running for 520 days, the number of participants is more than 66000, and the amount of funds paid reaches almost 600 million dollars. In recent years, trading on the cryptocurrency market has brought the greatest income, therefore, 5 more exchanges for bitcoin trading were included in the work, where investors' funds will also work. The administration declares that it will continue to make every effort to develop the company and fulfill its obligations to investors.

Also reported an increase in the number of regional representatives who represent the company in 40 different countries. For the current week, there were representatives of almost all the African continent, joined the list of the representatives of a number of new countries. Because of the frequent questions to the management created additional support for regional representatives, which can be accessed at Recall that there are no limitations on the input and output means of the draft is not established, the amount of deposits can be created by anyone and are grateful for all trust. - as mentioned earlier, funds can be withdrawn to Sberbank cards (rate: 1 BETMoney = 55.66 rubles) and Privatbank (rate: 1 BETMoney = 23.00 UAH). In addition, if you wish to use a payment system that is not connected to the project, you can contact the administrator via Skype or online support. Today, the project is one month old since its launch, in this regard, the BETpoints store becomes available, for which you can purchase sporting goods with delivery or increase your earnings. Now there are several ways to get BETpoints by performing some actions: 1) by investing your own funds in the project, you will receive bonuses in the amount of $ 1 to 1 BETpoints; 2) by making a short video review of your account 30-120 seconds long and posting it on MMGP or other similar resources, you will receive a bonus of 150-300 BETpoints; 3) for VIP members to the deposit made, starting from today, an additional 5% will be credited and the possibility of early withdrawal of the deposit balance will be provided no earlier than 15 days from the moment of its opening. For more details, read the news feed on the project website. - launched the next lottery "iPhone from Leveron": To fulfill the conditions of the lottery, you must make at least one contribution to the plan "Stable" or "Long-term" in the period from 10.07.2105 to 10.08.2015. The winner will be chosen at random under the supervision of three independent partners. The main prize is the iPhone 6. - carry out a large campaign on the personal activity of partners. A partner who invites clients from the first line in the amount of more than $ 10000 will be able to go to a seminar of the "Partner" company in one of the best resorts in the world. For attracting investments in the amount of $ 50000 or more, the main prize is raffled - a car of your choice under the "Affordable Car from Europe" program.

In addition to the available bonuses for personal activity and referral programs, we launched the previously announced leadership program, which includes 5 statuses: partner, company representative, regional representative, director and super director of the company. You are automatically assigned the “Partner” status immediately after you create your first deposit. See the conditions for assigning other statuses on the company's website.

Also call to make videootzyv Company to be placed in the new block with customer reviews. The duration of the video should not be long, one minute would be sufficient. Ready videootzyvy asked to send e - allocated a $ 200 prize pool for two active project participants. The money fund will be distributed in equal parts ($ 100 each) between the 6000th participant registered in the project and its sponsor. At the moment, the number of registered participants is 5886 people. - continue their tour of Russian cities. This time the project leaders will visit Yekaterinburg, Tyumen, Omsk, Novosibirsk, Kemerovo, Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk, Ulan-Ude by the end of the month. The meetings will take place from 14 to 27 July, for recording and clarification of the venue, please call: +7 (982) 338-06-93 (Andrey Zolotarev) and +7 (982) 334-53-87 (Mikhail Andreev).

News of the website:

1) for the active group VKontakte our partners additional bonuses were paid. Still we continue to be encouraged active partner portal for performing simple actions. Stay with us!

2) On the portal received the following projects: (on the website - with 09.07.15, protected - up to 25.07.15). (On the site - from 12.07.15, under protection - until 20.08.15).

3) published a draft review:
Article "Problems on the Exchange"

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