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News HYIP-industry (07.03-13.03.2016)

NewsI welcome you dear partners!
It's time to gather together the information of the outgoing week relating to the HYIP industry and display it in our weekly news release on the investment portal As you have already noticed, the last period has brought a lot of unpleasant surprises, the list of scams has been replenished with new projects, striking investors' purses. It is worth noting that there were almost no quick bets, only Dailybusiness expected to spoil the overall picture with the disgusting result, which we smoothed, completely compensating for our partners, and it is possible to include the poor performance of the S-kolos project, despite such a long period. In general, the activity on the portal still does not slow down, we try to keep the brand, leaving competitors behind. For new projects added to monitoring, expect detailed reviews next week. Visit our investment portal and keep abreast of all the new developments in the HYIP market.

New projects: - a freshly designed project from the category of middle percentages, the script is made to order, it looks attractive and multifunctional. Otherwise, the technique is at its height, the domain up to the end of 2018, ssl encryption from Symantec + GreenBar, protection against attacks is provided by Ddos-Guard. In the deposit part, plans are prepared with a floating interest, working up to a total return of 150%, after which the accruals cease and the deposit is closed without a refund. The minimum percentage per day from 1% and reaches up to 4%, depending on the plan. The personal cabinet is well executed, advertisers can make an order for advertising their banners, 50 transitions cost only 1 $. The minimum contribution of 10 $, options for replenishment is a large number, and in different currencies. In general, there is something to see, but there are a lot of shortcomings in the text content, which the management does not hurry to correct, but it's worth watching. is the new middler, one of the first this week. The technology uses plans with a deposit included in the payment, the period is the same for all and is 30 calendar days, the yield from 20% to 50%. The minimum contribution is 10 $. On the technical side, the H-script engine, ddos-protection from Ddos-Guard, ssl from Comodo with the greenbar are connected. The development of the project on monitors does not stand still, we will follow the events. is another medium-interest with almost the same investment conditions as in the previous project. In technical terms, it uses the same H-script, ddos-protection from CloudFlare, ssl from Comodo, the resource is hosted on a dedicated server. The estimated profit here is much higher and ranges from 41% to 140% of net earnings, the investment period for all tariffs 30 days, daily accruals from 4.7% to 8% per day, the body of the deposit is naturally included in payments. Promotion is conducted in a smooth pace, connected well-known foreign monitors, with interest we will observe the process.

bench: - 96 days, the result for the middle manager is good, completed three full laps, allowing you to almost double your initial investment. The project has worked out its term for protection with a large margin, so our partners should be in profit. The site is still opening, but do not try to invest there. According to the official version, the OkPay payment system blocked the project account with an amount of more than $ 10000, which affected the premature scam. - in the last news release we mentioned this middleman, and even then the opinion about the short work of the administrator crept in. He is not able to work in this section, and in fasts he has already lost the skill and attention of most experienced investors. And where will it come from if out of 30 declared days of marketing, it lasted only 4 full days. Even if the investor did not go right away, you need to find a way out and get interested, and not run away, as everyone knows who. Well, okay, his right, the benefit of the victims turned out to be few. From the portal under the "Protection of Deposits" program, everyone recovered losses, even threw a small plus. - moved the project into the scam category, because usually in such situations, no one returns to the previous operating mode, no matter how they create visibility. What happened after all? According to the administration, a group of cybercriminals took possession of important data from the PC of an employee of the company, which entailed theft of all money from electronic wallets and the destruction of all data stored on the main and backup servers. The administration is taking action on what happened, the site has been launched in a new domain zone (, we sincerely wish them success in their recovery. The project worked for a long time, more than a year, but unfortunately, we were forced to remove the project from the worthy ones, because without exception, we always adhere to our rules about the performance of the project. Everything is simple here: there are no payments, the regulations are violated - it means a scam. - almost 4 months of seemingly active work and, as a result, a loss. It is not difficult to calculate that an ordinary investor, if he is not a large reformer at the same time, had the opportunity to recoup only a third of the amount of personal investments. Very frivolous, although with such marketing experienced managers could still keep the project in trend. The site is currently unavailable, there are no payments, we are fixing a scam and waiting for your reports. - it is not known what prompted the admin to close it so abruptly, perhaps a force majeure situation happened, or perhaps the fear of parting with the money that had to be paid according to monthly plans. There is no simple logic to be traced here, after all, the project enjoyed good attention, the admin was typing advertising, and suddenly it was a scam. As a result, in fact, the total work was 29 days, 2 minimum circles and the losses incurred by our partners. The project is undergoing compensation from the portal, although it was hoped that it would not come to this, according to the reports provided, payments were made.

Events: - expanded the list of payment systems through Payza and Visa / MasterCard. Through the latter, it is still possible to replenish the balance in the ruble currency, the company pays the commission for the transfer and withdrawal. The minimum amount for replenishment from the card is 10000 rubles, withdrawal to the card - from 250 rubles. In honor of the past holiday on March 8, for all women who made a contribution to the project before the end of the month, a bonus on the balance of 5% for the 1st plan and 10% for the rest will be credited to the amount of the investment. The bonus is immediately available for withdrawal, in order to receive it, you need to make a phone call to the project support service. - put things in order in the "Referral system" section, added new banners and a counter showing how many partners have joined using your link, and for what amount. A news section has also been added and, in addition, the site has been translated into English. In the future, there will be new changes in the project and systematic development. - The Budabi app has been approved by Apple and can now be downloaded for your phones from the Apple Store, and the app is available for Androids in the PlayMarket catalog. Also, the English version of the site has been improved. - optimized the system and improved the service by switching to Bitrix24. Each client of the company who fulfills 3 conditions will receive a $ 111 bonus on the account:
1-e condition: record a video call and post it on your page in social. Network;
2-e condition: to be photographed against the backdrop of the company's website and also post a photo on your social page. Network;
3-e condition: to write an essay on the project, describe its quality from the volume of 3000 characters, place on any page in the social. Network and collect at least 10 likes.
All links about the work done sent to the office, there you will find detailed information about the bonus. - all participants, in honor of the celebration of March 8, were added to new deposits with a + 5% bonus in the period 8-9. They still post their trading video reports, where successful trades with good profit are demonstrated. - connected the NixMoney payment system, added an advertising page "Landing" in personal accounts. From today until March 23, a competition for video reviews of the project is being held. $ 7 will be raffled between 300 winners, the prize for 1st place will be $ 100. The results will be announced on March 25, 2016. To participate, you need to record a video review and upload it to YouTube, take a picture in front of the site and add the photos and videos you made to your page on the social network. Then send all links and contact details to - Suspended accepting new investments indefinitely due to a decrease in the number of employees on which a share of the balance was reserved. As soon as the freed up funds are distributed, the acceptance of investments will be restored, of course, this will not affect payments. - introduced a bonus encouragement from the company in the amount of $ 0.01 to $ 500 for reposts of the referral link on their pages in social. networks or blog. If your link is pinned at the top and is not removed for a week or more, then the chances of receiving a large bonus increase. Among the innovations, the Indian language has been added, and work is also underway to translate the site pages into French and Spanish. - switched to manual withdrawal of funds in the PerfectMoney payment system. The time limit for withdrawal under the new conditions is 12 hours. - the new Capsize plan is available until March 20:
1.5 365% daily for days
Min / max contribution: $ 10 - $ 2000
Deposit is included in the payment
The total profit - 547.5%
Going through the breakeven 67 days
Also, the payment schedule has been changed, now payments are made twice a week (Tuesday and Friday), respectively, requests for withdrawal should be submitted up to 23: 59 every Monday and Thursday. Minimal to the output is reduced to 3 $.
Since 14 March, launch a share for partners, according to which the bonus account will be credited in the amount equal to the deposit of the partner you attracted. - we have introduced investor certificates into your personal accounts, now after your deposit such a certificate will be created, which can be printed, and will be a confirmation of your investment. We have connected the NixMoney payment system, and for PerfectMoney EPS, replenishment and withdrawal of funds are now carried out instantly. The commission for input is $ 1, for withdrawal - 3%, the amount of withdrawal to payment systems is at least $ 5 or 250 rubles. For residents of Kazakhstan and Ukraine, telephone numbers were connected (for Ukraine: +380 (44) 331-05-54; for Kazakhstan: +77 (27) 350-75-24.

News of the website:

1) On the portal received the following projects: (On the site - with 10.03.16, under protection - up to 15.04.16). (On the site - with 10.03.16, under protection - up to 16.03.16). (On the site - with 10.03.16, under protection - up to 05.04.16).

2) published a draft review:

3) compensated partners lost funds in the projects: - paid 35% loss (more than 300 $). - paid 110% loss (more than 300 $). - paid 60% loss (more than 300 $).