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News HYIP-industry (07.07-14.07.2019)

I welcome you dear partners!
We continue to keep the news digest section, and since the next investment week has ended, we offer you to get acquainted with the past events of the HYIP industry. In this report, we traditionally celebrate the current news, touch on the recent scams, and mark the news of working projects of the blog over the past few days. We also remind about our seasonal promotions, in which there are hot offers from the blog throughout the summer. Successful to you investments!

New projects: is one of the notable middlemen of this week, but in terms of reliability, the project goes far into the background. Marketing is aimed at beginners and naive investors. In fact, the starting tariff is presented with popular conditions, where within 30 calendar days 5% of the deposit will be charged, the deposit is included in payments - this combination can be considered as working. Here are just the following tariffs, moreover, admissible at the minimum threshold, have a greater advantage due to the increased rate of income and a shorter period. That is, we get upside-down plans, and even the script from DQScript does not add trust. In general, the technical base is well equipped, the start is successful, but there is no confidence in the same ending, doubts about profitable investments creep in, so we will observe from the outside. is a controversial average percentage, on the one hand, an excellent appearance and technical part, on the other hand, strangely built plans and a suspicious quirk from the start. Marketing can be broken down into 2 camps. In one, daily accruals from 1.2% to 2.2% for 15-65 working days, minimum investment from $ 50, deposit at the end of the term. In another, the accruals are 3% -6% for 100-500 days, the starting entry threshold is from $ 100, the interest, along with the deposit, will be received at the end of the term. In the foreground, you can simultaneously keep one open deposit, on the rest any amount. The platform runs on a handwritten script, a dedicated server, DDoS protection from CloudFlare, ssl from Sectigo. I can't say that the admins used aggressive advertising, but the demonstration of five-digit deposits from the start is not encouraging. is a medium profitable novelty on the original engine with a yield of 3.1% daily for 40 days and from 120% to 1000% after 20-100 days. The project looks simple, it is developing calmly, in the future it is expected to scale by country. The minimum deposit is possible from $ 20, payments are manual. On the technical side, it is worth noting the author's script, DDoS protection and ssl encryption from CloudFlare. The project is new, the profitability is moderate, we recommend testing at first with small deposits.

bench: - 74 of the day, as part of our blog, our partners had the opportunity to earn over 70% of net profit. The project worked perfectly, the admin once again emphasized his reputation, adequately conducted work with investments throughout the entire period. At the moment, the site is still working, but does not make payments, do not get caught. As for the project, we kept an indefinite fund in the amount of 500 $, we distributed it in proportion to the losses among all the investors of our team who submitted applications for compensation. - according to approximate data, the project worked for about three months. Those who jumped into this wave managed to make good money. After adding a resource to the blog and the appearance of a resource on well-known HYIP communities, the project lived a little less than a month, in the foreground it did not reach breakeven a little, respectively, some of the partners got into a small minus, which will be as much as possible compensated by the deposit protection program from Profit Hunters. The project is a scam, the regulations on payments have been violated, we are starting to collect applications in the form for distributing the fund. - 77 days, the first investors could raise up to 40% of the profit. The result of the blog is a little more modest, our partners with a huge margin rolled at the minimum tariff and earned about 24% profit, taking into account the bonus. Compared to other scams, the result is bearable. Project protection expired 1.07, so let's move on ...

Events: - a new translation of the site in Vietnamese has been added, and in general, the fund is expected to develop rapidly in Asian countries. We remind you that the project is still at the testing stage, the official launch is scheduled for July 15, 2019. - A webinar will be held on July 14 at 20:00 Moscow time, where news, achievements and prospects of the company, as well as various strategies for making money with the project will be discussed. By joining the webinar, you can ask your question and receive a comprehensive answer from the hosts. Also, live, during the webinar, lottery prizes will be drawn between all users with active contributions. - developed a Russian-language version of the site, thanks to which the platform has become even more convenient to use. The first financial report of the project is going to be published next week. - as a key partner of the company, for the Profit Hunters blog, the FCM-market management met halfway. Now mandatory verification in the project has been canceled for all our referrals. Good news, but do not abuse it, multi-accounts and registrations "for yourself" are strictly prohibited. - the project has been successfully generating profits for over 8 months, showing incredible results. They also inform that after the recent conclusion of an agreement with the Swiss insurance company Swiss Re, investors with deposits of $ 5000 or more are reliably insured. - This week held another test drive of the Tron Dynamic investment plan, in which more than 120 people took part. The promotion is permanent, held one day a week, so wait for the next announcement. Now, another campaign has been announced for the weekend, where in the period until July 15 (until 12:00 Moscow time), 5% of the amount is charged on all new deposits or replenishment of existing deposits with the possibility of withdrawing from the project to the wallet. The bonus is credited manually after the end of the promotion. - added an alternative to the project site, namely the ability to manage your own assets using the @WorldServerBot telegram bot. The bot contains all the necessary functions for creating deposits, withdrawing, viewing statistics and much more. Telegram chats for English and Russian speaking audiences have been created. The other day, users may experience difficulties logging into the site, this was due to the transfer of the entire database to a more powerful server to increase security and protect against ddos ​​attacks. The site is now working as usual.

News of the website:

1) Pay attention to our seasonal blog promotions and the new format for them. Now you do not have to wait for a specific month, all existing shares will be available during the whole summer period.

- Progressive refbacks (the bonus for repeated deposits is now only growing: 120% => 140% => 170%)
- Hot auctions (for each new project we will distribute insurance in the blog chat)
- 100% insurance with the choice of the project (made a contribution from 500 $? We insure a new contribution in the amount of 10% of the amount, that is, from 50 $).

2) On the portal received the following projects: (On the site - from 08.07.19, under protection - to 05.08.19). (On ​​the site - from 09.07.19, protected - to 17.07.19).

3) published a draft review:

4) video reviews are published projects:

5) compensated partners lost funds in the projects: - paid 50% loss (more than 500 $). - paid 15% losses (more than 500 $). - paid 110% losses (more than 500 $).