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News HYIP-industry (07.09-13.09.2015)

NewsI welcome you dear partners!
On the Profit-Hunters portal, we start preparing a weekly review, taking into account the main news and developments in online investment for the last 7 days. As you can see, the beginning of autumn began to appear to the public a large number of new projects with current technical standards and excellent external data, but as time has shown, at the helm of these programs are all the same Admin scammers trying to deeply penetrate into the confidence of investors and maximum Correspond to their preferences. Unfortunately, good resources will crumble, leaving players in deep minus, therefore carefully approach to the decision of placing of investments and, that it is a lot of important, a choice of the apline. On the portal, the last period passed without much activity, unlike the previous weeks. Temporarily there were difficulties on the hosting side, which are successfully solved, access to the site works in the same mode. In addition, MMGP participants played an interesting contest with a cash prize, for more details read in full review.

New projects: is a mid-term platform that was launched at the beginning of the week with a simple design and a good technical base. The marketing presents 2 tariffs with daily accruals and payment of the deposit at the end of the term. According to the terms, it is proposed to make a deposit for 7 days at 1.4% and for 30 days at 1.8%. The minimum contribution is $ 10, payments are processed instantly. Small advertising costs are noticeable only on the first day of the launch, let's see how it behaves further. is a new creation from the mid-income section with high-quality equipment based on the GoldCoders licensed engine. From the rest of the mince: a dedicated server, a domain from 2010 (until 2017), DDoS protection from Ddos-Guard, ssl certificate from Comodo with a greenbar. Investment plans are developed with daily accruals (1.8% -2.0% for 20-40 days) and interest payment at the end of the term along with the body of the deposit (115% -155% after 10-30 days). Payments are instant, minimum wages for any tariff from $ 10.

bench: - an unexpected scam of the project brought losses to absolutely all players. Out of 90 working days, the admin paid only 25, giving a chance to deposits to work out only up to 70% of the refund, taking into account the ref. Still, long plans and large-scale promotion at the initial stage lead in some cases to disastrous results and participation in projects with such marketing is inappropriate. Although it is worth noting in terms of technical parameters, the project was polished to the smallest detail, which is not a guarantee of success in the hands of a scammer. At the moment, the instant has disappeared, selective payments have also stopped, do not invest. - This week's collection of scams is complemented by another long-term middleman. The project worked for 46 days, having managed to recapture only about 50% of the deposit. So long to wait for the return of the deposit and eventually leave with losses - somehow it turns out ineffectively. The emphasis was placed on technical data, like other "brothers" from this section, as a result of scams. Instant is gone, fake payments are coming to accounts. - despite the amazing level of technical training, it didn't take long to play here. In the news release, we warned about the high risks of participating in this project, as it turned out for good reason. Marketing, however, was not designed for the everyday hyper, besides, the scammer essence of the admin played a big role. As a result, only 20 days of work and, at best, 50% return on investments of the first investors. and - moved to the problematic section on the forum due to numerous complaints from ordinary users due to violation of the payment regulations. If in the first there are selective payments, and only to monitors, then in the second, the administrator practices account blocking. One way or another, we recommend refraining from deposits.

Events: - continue to work productively and develop, not forgetting to improve the site's functionality for the convenience of working with partners:
1) company selects for cooperation and quick-profitable projects, among which appeared online store ChinaBazaar, delivering goods from China to Ukraine. Earlier shop worked mainly for pre-order through the company's Partner store warehouses filled with goods, enabling customers to purchase the purchase in just a few days without a long wait, and companies receive an additional source of income. Company Partners provided by affordable prices for equipment and other accessories, discounts will be introduced in the near future;
2) for the convenience of inviting partners added another automated Landing page with audio books on business. The page will be provided with your contact details and ref. link. You can also add to it their own audio content, the site is painted how to do it;
3) implemented a message system in the personal accounts of users, through which you can contact your sponsor and all referrals in the structure directly from the LC. The use of spam in these messages is strictly prohibited and threatens to block your account. Also on the "Affiliate Program" tab, the registration dates of your partners began to be displayed.
4) and finally hooked up to the new payment system and AdvancedCash OkPay, using which it is easy and convenient to recharge the account balance and implement the findings. - at the rate of «Smart» for the period of 07.11 09.11 traders could bring investors a profit of 3.1%. Also repost ended competition with a total prize fund of $ 2000. As a result, by number generator defined x 33-winners, whose names were read out at the Unity Finance group in the social network Vkontakte. - since yesterday we have added the ability to work in the project with ruble deposits through Sberbank. Read the balance replenishment rules at the link:

News of the website:

1) Among the participants of the MMGP forum, another competition was held with a cash fund of $ 50. According to the conditions, 70 people took part in the competition, among whom the only lucky winner has already been determined - the owner of the prize fund. Details here:

2) On the portal received the following projects: (on the website - with 13.09.15, protected - up to 13.10.15).

3) published a review and video review of the project: