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News HYIP-industry (07.11-13.11.2016)

NewsI welcome you dear partners!
According to the outlined tradition, we are ready to provide our regular readers and users of the TOP portal with another Sunday news review on the memorable episodes of the final week from the field of HYIP-investments. Today we will look for the most significant events and talk about projects that have gone to the side of the scam, continuing the section with comments about promising newcomers. I would like to immediately note the fact of a decrease in target activity, both on the part of investors and on the part of managers. Some are afraid to enter for long periods, others do not want to catch a temporary drawdown, which is why they increasingly have to deal with scams. The coming period also contributes to this trend to a large extent. The Deposit Protection Fund is often not enough to cover all losses, but I want to assure you that not every our competitor (work colleague) is ready to compensate for losses in such amounts, therefore it is much more comfortable and safer in our ranks. Now let's talk directly about what happened ...

New projects: is a novelty of this week with two tariff plans starting from $ 20 for entry. First offer for 10 days at 1% daily, deposit at the end of the term. For the second plan, 31 working days are allocated with a deposit included in payments, profit is received from Monday to Friday in the amount of 5% of the amount. Payments arrive instantly, there is career growth under the affiliate program. In a technical environment, everything is at the level: H-script with a license, protection against Ddos-Guard, ssl from Comodo, a unique design with a planned expansion of the list of language versions. The project is proceeding smoothly, the flow of small deposits is established, the main thing is not to abandon it. - announced on the portal and forum mmgp a new average interest rate based on Telegrama with the function of daily charges of 3% for 60 calendar days. The deposit is naturally included in payments, at the exit we have 80% profit. Investing and withdrawing charges is possible only through the application. Technically, the presentation resource is based on a self-written script, hosted on a dedicated server and protected from attacks by the well-known company Ddos-Guard, Comodo is responsible for the security of encrypting user data. The PR process was launched at an easy speed, let's hope for a positive outcome. - a solid newcomer to the portal in the format of VIP-Listing, started before the weekend. It is a multidirectional site with an internal payment system (you will receive a purse after registration), your exchange office, in the future launch of a crypto exchange. Investment packages in the classical form, from the growth of the deposit amount, the increase in the daily rate, the investment period and, of course, the final profit depends. Charges are from 2% to 2.5% every day for 75-80 days. From the technical side, no complaints: a unique script and design, a functional cabinet, dedicated server, ddos-protection from CloudFlare, ssl-encryption from Comodo with a greenbar. The administration has ambitious plans for the future, entry into the 2017 year and the addition of various chips. In a detailed review, we will try to highlight the possibilities of investment in more detail.

bench: - 19 calendar days, even taking into account the inclusion of the deposit in the amount of payments, contributors have not recouped their investments during the working period. Unpredictable, but this is also a scam. - 30 days, just such an investment period was assigned for all tariffs and that is how much the admin worked, i.e. fulfilled its obligations to start-up investors, making it possible to earn + 35% over par, plus a high refback. Of course, praising the admin is not entirely correct, but nevertheless, he showed some kind of result, in contrast to his colleagues. We didn’t go in right away, so we came out only for payback with a scanty profit, who continued to think and later entered, unfortunately, were among the victims of the scam. - 257 days (8.5 months) is 8 full circles and 120% of net profit. A worthy result of all the latter, the admin deserves a lot of gratitude and respect from investors, here is an example to follow how to work. He left without finishing, which also emphasizes his best qualities. - a month and a half of work, included at the start, took about 150% of the total profit to the details of payment systems, where 50% is a net profit. On the night of November 9, the instant finally disappeared, the admin does not answer, now the site is already inaccessible, scam. The project appeared on Profit-Hunters almost a month later, so the “Deposit Protection” program was launched, according to which it was possible to pay partners 40% of losses. - 3 weeks (21 days) and another scam. The admins themselves pull the industry to the baseboard, such marketing in good hands can stand perfectly for a month or more, especially the percentage of charges is floating, but the admin decided not to wait for the break-even for investors and stopped payments. The site is still working and probably continues to accept deposits, be careful, this is a scam. - 14 full days, according to the main plan, the admin did not even pull out half of the term, paying just over 70% of the deposits. According to the short plan, the circle was passed, but according to the words of the manager himself, people did not go for reinvest, so it was decided to declare themselves bankrupt, or a scam = (Added to the portal a week after the launch, for which they paid, scam.

Events: - as promised earlier, made design updates in personal accounts, which have now become more attractive and convenient to use. - the service has been pleasing with its stable work for two months already and is in no hurry to leave the investment market, announcing grandiose development plans. The page "Rating of managers" has been added, which presents the names of the company's managers and their statistics in the field of trading with all the details for the past month. A training section "For newbies" has appeared with detailed instructions on registration, investment creation and withdrawal of funds. The section for partners has been updated with new advertising materials, and this is only a scanty confirmation that the company is ready and will develop. - completed work on adding the Russian version of the site. - offer to take part in the action, where a ticket to Egypt with a vacation in a 5-star hotel is raffled off. To fulfill the participation condition, it is necessary to conduct a turnover of at least $ 10 from November 30 to 20000. In Lviv, on the eve of the weekend, we held another presentation of the company with sweepstakes and prizes. - a section with a list of company representatives from different countries has appeared. Today there are 37 representatives from 17 countries and this is just the beginning. To get into the number of representatives, you need a personal contribution of $ 500, knowledge of all the intricacies of the project and the ability to provide consulting assistance to users. If such conditions are not a problem for you, fill out the form and wait for the administration's approval. - launched the "SkyLine" bonus program, according to which when you rent a server for an amount of $ 500 or more to mine Bitcoin, you automatically become a member. The main prize draw is $ 5000000, which will be drawn on December 26, 2016 and will be divided equally among 5 investors. In the program, you can also earn 10 $ -10000 $ instantly on the account balance. The "SkyLine" bonus program will start operating on November 14th. - the site has been operating for more than 40 days, which means that the first investors have moved to level 3 with a daily income of 3.2% per day. Moreover, the restriction on freezing the withdrawal of a deposit was reduced from 20 to 5 calendar days, i.e. 5 days after the investment has been created, the deposit can be ordered for payment to wallets.

News of the website:

1) On the portal received the following projects: (On the site - with 07.11.16, under protection - up to 10.12.16). (On ​​the site - with 10.11.16, under protection - up to 30.11.16). (On the site - with 10.11.16, under protection - up to 20.11.16). (On the site - with 11.11.16, under protection - up to 05.01.17).

2) published reviews and video reviews of projects:

3) compensated partners lost funds in the projects: - paid 40% loss (more than 300 $). - paid 40% loss (more than 300 $). - paid 50% loss (more than 300 $). - paid 40% loss (more than 500 $). - paid 40% loss (more than 500 $). - paid 35% loss (more than 500 $).

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