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News HYIP-industry (08.03-19.03.2017)

I welcome you dear partners!
Let's briefly go through the events of the last week, so as not to lose sight of the basic information. The hype industry is constantly under the onslaught of new products and is improving from year to year. It is becoming more and more difficult to play, previously existing strategies are no longer relevant, nevertheless, this direction will always be in demand due to the opportunity to earn good money in a short time. We have something to present to you as new products, but scams have also become frequent in the recent period. Gradually, last year's giants, such as Razzleton and QFXO, are leaving us, I hope most of them have fixed a profit on total investments. The clear leader of recent times, so to speak, "took over the watch" is the project, the rebranding of which has been waiting for more than two years. Let's talk about this, and also touch on the latest news of the existing HYIPs on the portal.

New projects: is one of the projects in the context of medium-profit new products. We have already indicated the main features in the extended review published on the portal, now we will just repeat the marketing and a few words about the technical configuration. Marketing is calculated for 60 calendar days with a daily accrual of 3% of your contribution, the minimum amount for participation is $ 10. Accruals will stop when you receive 180%, where 100% is the body of the deposit, 80% is the net profit. The project is based on a self-written script, the domain is paid for until 2026, protection against various types of attacks is at a high level. Let's see how the manager will cope with his tasks for the development and long-term retention of the project in the working environment. is a new mid-percentage with established marketing and decent technical equipment. Outwardly it looks good, nothing bright and shiny, but it is convenient and comfortable. Packing plans are popular among investors, the minimum contribution is from $ 20. The first offer is calculated for 45 days with a daily charge of 3.5%, the total yield is 157.5%. The second option does not provide for daily payments, the entire amount (deposit and interest) in the amount of 115% is returned after 14 days. In both variations, the dates are indicated in calendar days. The site is based on H-script, hosted on a dedicated server protected by CloudFlare against DDoS attacks, user data security is provided by Thawte with a green bar. Let's sit on the side of the observers in order to evaluate the further actions of the manager. is a new highly profitable project that falls into the category of middlemen according to the minimum plan. In total, marketing is represented by 12 tariffs, in half of which interest is calculated daily, and in the second half only after the end of the investment period. In the first case, the profitability varies from 2% to 5.5% per day for 7-42 days. The minimum contribution is from 10 usd, with an increase in the contribution, the interest rate will also increase. In plans with a one-time accrual of interest and par at the end of the term, the total profit is 150% -550% for 15-44 calendar days with a starting deposit of $ 100 or more. The project uses a handwritten engine, ssl from Comodo, ddos ​​protection from Ddos-Guard, payments are declared "instant". The admin is not a beginner, he knows how to work, they added a site to the portal in vip format. - the portal has a fresh investment platform, in fact, the project has been partisan for more than two years and has only now entered an active phase. Of the numerous line of plans, the working environment is represented by only one offer with an accrual of 2% within 75 working days, the rest of the tariffs will be considered in a full review. Knowing the admin, over time the minimum wages will be reduced as the project develops. The technical assembly was treated with care: a licensed GoldCoders script, a domain until 2024, a dedicated server, protection against Ddos-Guard, ssl encryption from Comodo with an Australian green bar. The work of the administrator is equated with the giants of the industry, so it is not rational to miss such proposals. We also do not forget about the risks, if everything suits you, welcome to our team.

bench: and - two piggy banks powered by the telegram app have ended their activities this weekend. Let's take the terms of work and the possible profit: Eqniax - 32 days and 70% of charges, Weollee - 60 days and 90%. As you can see, Weolle worked longer and generated more profit. One way or another, in both projects, the withdrawal of the deposit was available at any time, so objectively it worked well. For Eqniax, we ask our partners to form claims for losses, in the near future we will calculate the total losses and pay compensation. - the overall impression remained positive, almost 4 months of use for a decent percentage were able to significantly increase the total capital of users who dared to participate from the start. Considering the high-spirited activity a couple of weeks before the scam, there were some drawbacks. Thanks to a specially allocated fund, our insured partners did not feel the bitterness of losses, but simply did not receive the expected profit. The site is still working, so be careful, this is a scam. - The biggest disappointment this week is the departure of the undisputed leader of the last half of the year, Razzleton. Yes, the newcomers may not have caught its initial stage of development, somewhere they studied the theory for a long time, so losses are inevitable. But the main body of investors has incredibly risen here on investments, such work has not yet been met in recent years. It is always a pity to part with such projects, but alternatives always remain. By the way, for the most patient we will advise you to split requests for withdrawal into small amounts, and perhaps something else can be pulled out of the office. We moved the project to a scam due to a violation of the payment regulations. - after all, a careless attitude to your project is doomed to a poor result in advance. For two weeks, the administrator did not show himself in any way, hence the almost complete lack of interest among investors. We are waiting for your reports, most likely the fund should be enough to fully cover the losses.

Events: - added Polish and German versions of website translation. - expanding geographic horizons by adding a website translation in German. The administration also allocated $ 1000 to the fireproof protection fund on our portal. - enabled the ability to replenish deposits using Master card, Maestro, Visa bank cards. The transfer amount for one transaction should not exceed 15000 rubles, and the daily volume should not exceed 100000 rubles. The commission for transferring via cards will be 2% of the amount. The funds in the account will be displayed in USD. Deposit and withdrawal are made at the rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on the day of transfer. - added to the website and in a telegram account balance in the settings you can specify how output from automatic to instant. This is to ensure that investors have the opportunity to create a balance with the right investment, not throwing them to the purse to purse. Finally, there was a continuation of the official video presentation and several languages. Also added to the French version of the translation resource. - the top three winners have been identified in the competition to create the best Etoro Invest group in the VK social network. The $ 1000 fund was distributed as follows: 1st place - $ 500, 2nd place - $ 300, 3rd place - $ 200. Prize money was paid to the winners' wallets. Links to groups can be found in the project news. - recently the design of the site has changed externally and is going to go international, gradually adding new localizations. With the platform update, bugs in functionality or design may be identified. If such are found, the administration asks to warn about this on any contacts provided on the site. - updated design and marketing of the project. The marketing concept has not changed, but now there is a fixed percentage for each tariff, which also includes the body of the deposit. - In order to obtain a Skyllex Bank license, the company temporarily raised the limits on the Ascent and Glimpse plans. The new terms were included for demonstration to representatives of the Australian Finance Commission, which approved the scope and performance of the company. The testing of the banking platform was successful, which made it possible to return to the limits according to the announced plans on the same terms. - we have connected a new way of depositing and withdrawing funds through the Nixmoney payment system. - the site is now available in addition to English in Italian, Portuguese, French, German, Spanish, Japanese and Vietnamese. A page has been added with representatives of the company, of whom there are already more than 280 people from more than 40 countries. In addition, in the next couple of weeks, it is planned to launch its own mobile applications for the iOS and Android operating systems. - for more than a month now, the fast project pleases with high profit, the total period of work has reached more than 80 days. Also added a new plan for VIP-investors "Nuwara Elya (VIP Long)": 2000% after 20 days, subject to a deposit from $ 100 to $ 500.

News of the website:

1) On the portal received the following projects: (on the website - with 09.03.17, protected - up to 29.03.17). (on the website - with 13.03.17, protected - up to 15.04.17). (on the website - with 13.03.17, protected - up to 01.04.17). (on the website - with 14.03.17, protected - up to 15.04.17). (on the website - with 14.03.17, protected - up to 15.06.17). (on the website - with 15.03.17, protected - up to 01.06.17). (on the website - with 17.03.17, protected - up to 25.03.17).

2) published a draft review:

3) compensated partners lost funds in the projects: - paid 110% of losses (more than 300 $). - paid 100% of losses ($ 2000 Fund). - paid 40% of losses (more than 5000 $).