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News HYIP-industry (08.06-14.06.2015)

NewsI welcome you dear partners!
Today is Sunday, time to sum up the results of the next outgoing week. In this news digest, we will inform you about the latest scams, newcomers of the current week and numerous other events of hyip projects in the field of online investment. In general, the situation has practically not changed, only one project Sg-investment has left our monitoring list, where most of our referrals are in a good plus. This project provides for the protection of deposits, so we will collect applications for compensation, most likely, from tomorrow. Anyone who has not received a refback yet, do not worry, by Monday evening all requests will be processed. Now about everything in order ...

New projects: - fresh mullion with b / y design and yuzaniya purse. Work fore only, but there is a minimum amount to enter overstated (25 $). The period of the deposit 12 10% days under daily deposit at maturity will not be returned. Other plans to consider no sense, because when joining a game which immediately stops. Technically, the project is protected properly: License from GoldCoders, dedicated server, DDoS protection Sharktech, ssl encryption from Comodo period of 1 year. is a new medium-term hyip-project on a sports theme. According to the marketing policy of the resource, the investor is offered a floating percentage of accruals on the deposit, which, according to the results, will amount to 30% -60% of net profit per month. The body of the deposit is blocked for 20 days, only interest is available for withdrawal, which is accrued 7 days a week. The technical side is well prepared, outwardly the site also looks quite positive. There is practically no promotion on monitors and blogs, mainly development is currently being carried out on a social network. is a mid-income investment project that has been in operation for a week and will probably overcome its minimum marketing circle. Investors are invited to make a deposit for 11-50 business days with an interest rate of 2% to 3.75% per day. The deposit is returned at the end of the term, the minimum deposit is $ 25. Technically, the project is well equipped: licensed goldcoders script, ddos ​​protection from ddos-guard, ssl from Comodo, unique design. The admin has screwed on a lot of payments for convenient use of the program. In terms of development, a smooth pace is planned with a gradual increase in the number of advertising sites.

bench: - 6 days in total, the minimum circle has not been passed, another scammer was caught. The admin did not even try to somehow properly promote the project, so almost no one went here. Conducting contests with high rewards was the last trick, since the people did not bite. No payments since June 10, scam. - looking back, you can easily tell about the good work done. During the course of the project it was possible to deposit and double and triple, in general, it was to make time. Admin until recently extended the term of protection of deposits, but around the end of it. Now the administration introduced a mandatory verification offices, for which payment is required from the 100 $. Of course nothing will not translate, we fix a scam. Our partners will be able to apply for compensation after the publication of relevant news on the portal, watch.

Events: - due to the increasing problems with the automatic acceptance of deposits in Bitcoin currency through the Blockchain API, the administration decided to switch the reception to manual mode until stable operation was restored. To do this, the investor just needs to select the method of replenishing Bitcoin in his office, make a payment to the received wallet number and fill out a simple form, after which the deposit will be transferred to work. - expand the list of accepted payment systems by connecting one more electronic payment OkPay. They also let you know that the volume of investments through the Bitcoin payment system has grown significantly. - announced the planned technical work that will be carried out in the period from 10.06.2015/16.06.2015/XNUMX to XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX. Some updates are made on the site and in the account cabinet, so there may be technical problems, if you find them, please inform the support service immediately. - still periodically face the problem of accepting deposits through Bitcoin, at this point all pending deposits have been processed. We extended the registration of the domains and until 2030. - connected the Spanish version of the site and added the ability to invest in the project using Bitcoin. We made the next deposit threshold available on a one-day plan, according to which an investor can receive 107% in 1 day with a deposit from $ 251 to $ 500. The project is reported to be growing in popularity and the Alexa ranking has risen to 70000. - the project is about to celebrate its anniversary and a promotion is announced in honor of this. The winners will have a rest for 3 days in Anapa, in one of the comfortable hotels, where they will be able to get acquainted with the administration of the company, receive pleasant prizes and take part in a win-win lottery. To participate, you must fulfill one of the following conditions in the period from 01.06 to 01.07: 1) make your own contribution to the project in the amount of $ 1900 (the first 10 participants can optionally take a friend with them); 2) make their own contribution to the project in the amount of $ 900 and invite a person who will make a contribution for the same amount; 3) make his own contribution to the project in the amount of $ 300 + invite 2 people with contributions from $ 3000 or 6 people at $ 300 each. In the promotion, you can use the Comfort 7% and 10% tariff plans, the new Comfort 8% + 1%, as well as all the plans of the Profit line. The vacation time is scheduled for September 18-21, 2015. - invite everyone to business meetings in the cities of Yekaterinburg (June 12-15) and Tyumen (June 15-17), where the leaders of the SOK service will share their personal success and secrets. The venues and contact details of the leaders can be found on the website. - for bloggers and networkers, as well as for active referrals, a new service for managing an account opened on the Betfair exchange is offered. The account is taken into management for 1 month, the minimum amount for well-known referrals is from $ 1000, for ordinary investors - from $ 10000. Due to the current holidays, all current claims will be processed on Monday. - added new advertising banners, now there are 35 of them, you can find them in the "Affiliate" section. The five millionth member of the system from Spain was identified, who received a credit bonus of $ 5000. Also, in connection with the recent disruption in payments, which were automatically transferred to some participants in double the amount, the security service will check the accounts that order funds for withdrawal. Soon a completely new mechanism for depositing and withdrawing funds will be launched, stay tuned.

News of the website:

1) In connection with the increasing cases of deception in Skype, we made a link to our Skype in the "Contacts" section clickable so as not to get confused during the search. Fraudsters on our behalf offer users to pay for “paid insurance” and transfer the fee to a non-existent pool. We officially declare that we have never had and never will have any paid insurance, and news about the upcoming pool is published in a special section of the Pools portal. Be carefull!

2) video reviews are published projects:

3) compensated partners lost funds in the projects: - paid 105% of losses (more than 200 $).

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