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News HYIP-industry (08.06-14.06.2020)

I welcome you dear partners!
Another week has passed since the last publication of the news digest, so today we traditionally offer to get acquainted with the latest developments in the field of hyip investing. In terms of new products, nothing worthy has appeared over this period, projects for network structures with multiple affiliate branches, binaries and other goodies for leaders are launched, where passive investors have nothing to do. The investment portfolio during the week went down on a couple of good projects that failed before the planned date; they paid compensation to their partners as part of the deposit protection fund. There are also a lot of news on the existing investment sites, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with them. Do not forget about the start of new summer promotions on the blog, participate in a bounty program, launch a new bot and communicate in our new friendly chat in a telegram. I wish you all a sunny summer and profit!

New projects: is a new middle manager of good quality, in fact it has just launched and has not shown itself in any way. On the technical side, the project is based on a script from H-script, there is a dedicated server, Ddos protection from Ddos-Guard, data encryption from Sectigo. The investment program in the project consists of 4 tariffs with the same validity period for 1 year. The minimum investment amount is available from 10 USD, the larger the deposit, the higher the percentage of charges, which can vary from 1.5% to 3.7% on business days. Investments are available in dollars and rubles, instant payments and manual processing, depending on the withdrawal method. There is no information about the project on the network, there is little advertising, we will follow its work from the first row. - just launched middle percentage with fast borders, works on a self-written script. We took on the blog from the start and posted it in a VIP format. Marketing is interesting and available from $ 25. The term of the main plan is 50 calendar days with daily charges of 4% of the deposit, the total profitability is 200%. The second current tariff is no less interesting, it offers 3% -5% per day, but the minimum threshold starts from $ 200. Payments in the project are manual with a schedule of up to 24 hours. Technically, the project is equipped with a handwritten core, the domain has been operating since 2018, a dedicated server, ssl from Sectigo for a year. We do not recommend making large investments, but we try to play around. The project is already on the blog, from this day we are monitoring its development and payments, in the near future we will publish a detailed text review.

bench: - worked 98 days, lasted 55 days on the blog, and in fact, only according to the first plan, did not break even our first investors a little. Since the partners were connected gradually, and the turnover of the team in the project is large, only 20% of the losses received were compensated. In general, from the start, the admin did a good job, showed quality development, it's a pity they added it too late, hence the result within the blog is bad. At the moment, payments are no longer coming, the project is scam. - 16 days, frankly speaking, a weak result for such a project, especially since both sides were active. The admin attracted advertising well to the last, the flow of deposits grew. Most likely, the admin decided to fix the checkout, didn't pick it up, closed the site and deleted the chat. In fact, it was possible to go through one circle according to the after-plan and earn 13% of profit with refback. At the basic rate, the matter did not reach breakeven, partners were compensated for up to 50% of losses.

Events: - at the moment they are looking for premises to open an office in Russia in the city of Vorkuta. A representative of the company is expected to attend the opening. Additionally, information on the opening date of the office will be given in advance on the project website. - the project from the legendary admin continues to amaze with its turnover. She has been working on the blog for more than two months and brings 2.1% profit every day. - no innovations were noticed on the project, nevertheless, in 23 days with the PH blog, it was possible to scroll through investments at almost any tariff and increase income up to 27% of the invested funds. - fixed some bugs and made changes to the June Arrivals program, which is launched once a month. Now the initial jackpot amount has been increased to 25000 rubles, the deposits of the participants of the last race will be returned to the balance “for purchases”. The maximum amount of deposits will now increase smoothly, and the commission for withdrawal to the balance "for payments" is 3%. Also, until June 15, inclusive, you can still get a bonus for replenishing the balance "for purchases" in the amount of 5% of the amount. - in the Payments and Feedbacks section of the site, there is now a search form where you can find your transactions by login or ID. - the company's results for May have been announced. During this period, 300 new investors joined, the monthly turnover amounted to $ 150 thousand, dividends were paid in the amount of $ 30 thousand. The project continues to work steadily and develop, the blog has passed the full minimum circle and brought partners 31% profit, taking into account the referral bonus. For the safety of personal investments, the administration recommends creating complex passwords for offices, changing them periodically and keeping them in a safe place. - from the start on the blog, we have been working for 19 days, in total there are more than 1200 investors in the project. On the positive side, the first investors managed to ride any tariff for a period of 11 business days and earned from 22% to 44% of net profit. - updating the farm with new ASIC miners is coming to the final stage, which has increased the reliable and profitable mining work. The broadcast continues around the clock, after the complete connection of all equipment, a high-quality video review of the assembly and operation of the updated mining farm will be provided. - 4 months on the blog, during this period partners could earn from 120% to 360% profit. The total number of users in the project is approaching 85000, and the total investment exceeds $ 325. The company is developing, the growth of participants from different countries is constantly growing, over the past week, partners from Egypt have joined the most.

News of the website:

1) In the next 3 months on the Profit Hunters blog, new summer promotions will be available for each of our users:

- New Telegram chat and blog bot (for a whole month after the start we will distribute a lot of money every day);
- Pools with fixed insurance (all summer we will collect pools for promising projects under the insurance of the blog);
- Mini insurance auctions (during the auction in the telegram chat, offer a larger amount and get a fixed insurance).

New Superchat
Bender bot

2) According to the Bounty program, all your unsubscriptions are taken into account in the report if there is a deposit in working projects for an amount of more than $ 50. Posts of participants with lower deposit amounts will not be accepted when calculating. The bounty will work stably all month, we will inform you about the extension of the program for a further period later. Make contributions to projects, post payments and get from the blog up to $ 70 per week for your activity. Bounty bonuses were sent to everyone, check wallets.

3) We remind you about the contest on the blog for our partners with a prize fund of $ 555. The drawing of a cash gift from Profit Hunters is as follows. We created a Perfect Money voucher for the indicated amount, but in order to activate it you need to know the code of 16 digits. The first digit is open, the remaining 15 are hidden.

E-Voucher Number: 2775303985
Activation Code: 5xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Investing in any project using a blog link from $ 100, you will get one figure, for two deposits - two numbers. In case of deposits in one project, at least 5 days must elapse between deposits for re-application. You can get no more than three digits per person per day. At the moment, only one partner has opened 5 digits as much as possible, but many simply forget about the competition, so they made a deposit of $ 100 or more - immediately inform about it in a personal.

4) On the portal received the following projects: (On ​​the site - from 14.06.20/15.07.20/XNUMX, under protection - until XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX).

5) video reviews are published projects:

6) compensated partners lost funds in the projects: - 20% of losses paid (more than $ 500). - 30% of losses paid (more than $ 500).
* Bounty participants have 50% loss closed.

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