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News HYIP-industry (08-14.09.2014)

NewsI welcome you dear partners!
Another investment week has come to an end, which has actively manifested itself on our portal. An unpleasantly large number of skews during this period was recorded, but many of them did not work very badly and gave many investors a good profit. To replace them, new quality projects have arrived, which, with competent development and the desire to work, will yield a profit. Our partners continue to receive generous refbacks and compensation from the portal, as well as an excellent opportunity to secure profit in the projects provided through deposit insurance. Follow the portal, read the news, find out about the latest events and profit us, friends!

New projects: is a quality project from the mid-percentage section with a unique design and dynamic
Beautiful decoration. For all tariff plans, the deposit is included in daily payments for the period from 15 to 20
Days. Minimum to deposit at tariffs is overstated (except for the first plan), but there is the possibility of a group
Investment. The technical side of the resource is not deprived, assembly at a high-quality level. is an interesting mid-interest project with a unique design in three languages ​​and
Efficient investment plans. Marketing is a kind of piggy bank with a freeze
Deposit for 24 hours, after which the deposit can be ordered for withdrawal. The payment commission is set at
2.5%, the minimum deposit amount is 10 $. On the technical side, everything is also pretty good. - according to the technical characteristics, the program is compiled quite powerfully: unique
Design, handwritten script, domain redeemed at 2 year (from 2013 year), ddos ​​protection from CloudFlare, ssl-
Encryption for a year from Comodo with support for greenbar. Charges of 1.5% -3% are made for
Calendar days for 15-90 days. The minimum deposit amount is only 5 $, the deposit is returned at the end
Period of investment. - externally, the project looks beautiful, the technical execution of the resource is at its best. For all tariffs
Plans the term of the deposit is developed for 15 days and is included in payments with a daily interest rate from 7.6% to
8.2%. The affiliate program varies depending on the chosen tariff plan. The minimum contribution to
System 10 $, early withdrawal is impossible. is a company for the maintenance and repair of vending machines. The project has a unique design
and is developed with handwritten script. Positions itself as a really operating company "VendoStar" with
The provision of a certificate of registration. The technical specifications are off scale, the domain is located in
En zone. Marketing presents 2 tariff plan with a deposit refund at the end of the term under 0.8% -1% daily
On 21 day and 2 tariff plan with a deposit included in the deposit payout for 1.8% -2.3% daily for 70-91 days.
Minimum contribution for a small tariff from 10 $. is a quality middleman with working tariff plans from 0.8% to 1% daily for up to
7-28 days. In the tariffs there is a plan-piggy bank with the ability to withdraw the deposit after a day with a daily
income of 0.6%. The minimum deposit for a piggy bank is $ 10, for other plans - $ 50. Technical data is ok,
Payments are declared manual. Under the project, the admin has big plans for long-term cooperation.

bench: - worked a little more than 5 months, which is pretty good, although it could have worked
Much longer. Payments ceased with the advent of September, until this moment was the time to receive
Profit, so you can safely move to the archive. - no one expected the closure of this giant of the current year from the middle section right now,
But still it happened. The project started in early spring and worked exactly 6 months, providing
Investors a long time to make a profit. Admin before closing suggested to continue work, but
Absolutely on other terms, changing investment plans for less profitable and zeroing out deposits of profitable
Accounts. Naturally, many investors did not like this layout, and the project was immediately
Moved to the problem section. - creativity in marketing did not save the project from a quick scam, or the admin is here at all
Not experienced in terms of development. The result of working in 5 days is simply disgusting for the middens, the maximum
The first investors managed to return about 50% of the deposit without taking into account the refs. Our partners are provided with
Compensation for this project. - it's time to move a good middleman to the problem section. Project for the time being
Continued to please his automatic payments of interest on the deposit immediately to the wallet, while in one
Fine everyday day instead of the usual payments came the transfers for 1 cent. The problem was not solved,
Subsequent periodic payments were not received anymore. A software failure that caused a stall or
the planned move of the admin - this question will remain unanswered. Anyway, it was possible
Take part in all three plans and earn about 120% of net profit. - admins of such projects are pulling the industry to the bottom, having worked only 10 days. Even
The very first investors did not withdraw half of their contribution to the project, despite daily payments
Accrued interest together with a deposit. It became clear that the work of the project had ceased as soon as
Admin disconnected instant. - since the opening, the piggy bank has worked for 1 month, which, in principle, is not entirely bad for
Similar type of projects. It is necessary to understand that the piggy banks are not stable and the slightest outflow of funds can draw
Project to the bottom. Here, most likely it happened. Admin initially translated only small payments,
Delaying deposits, and then completely stopped paying.

Events: - available online for convenience and prompt customer support for all users
Chat, where the operator will consult on any issue. Also in connection with the increase in the number of clients
Companies switched to a new mode of operation with 09: 00 to 20: 00. In addition, a free hotline is open
For residents of Russia in all regions. It is enough to call from mobile or landline phone to number 8
800 555-41-08 on weekdays from 09-00 to 20-00 by MSC and receive free information support. - in connection with a small anniversary, namely with the onset of 1 month of work from the moment
Opening an office, offer an additional bonus 5% to the deposit to all who visit the office and conclude there
Contract between 9 and 16 September. Russian residents are also offered to conclude an agreement with the company and
Get it by courier service to your mailing address. This condition is valid only in the event that,
If the balance is replenished once for an amount not less than 5001 $.
The company also increases the ways of replenishment of investments and connected the Payeer payment system, work
Which is configured to perform operations in an automatic mode. Also opened accounts in new banks
Russia: Bank "Otkritie" and Bank "Russian Standard". - the company received the official sponsor status of the 17th Moscow International Forex Exhibition
Expo 2014, which will take place in Moscow on October 31 - November 1, 2014 at the Radisson Slavyanskaya hotel. Login to
Exhibition is FREE! - Reports a new record for daily profit. On September 5, traders showed a successful result
Trade, which gave a record profit of + 4.93%. - changed the design to a more beautiful and pleasant one for viewing. Besides
Added a few more innovations, the Russian language will be added, and the addition of a legend is also planned. - announced the planned innovations, namely the introduction of Visa / MC bank cards
And the introduction of the possibility of replenishment / withdrawal of funds through direct bank transfer SWIFT, it is planned
The opening of offices in major cities of Russia, an open publication on the site of transactions on the fund account. Data
It is planned to implement the innovations until April of the year 2015.

News of the website:

1) Deposit insurance is opened with the support of the portal with 105% coverage in the VORTEX INVEST project. The size
Insurance fund for the project is 3000 $. With general rules, order of registration and other conditions
On insurance can be found in the forum topic:

2) On the portal received the following projects: (On the site - with 12.09.14, under protection - up to 04.10.14). (On the site - with 11.09.14, under protection - up to 21.09.14). (On the site - with 13.09.14, under protection - up to 10.10.14). (On the site - with 09.09.14, under protection - up to 09.10.14). (On the site - with 09.09.14, under protection - up to 17.09.14).

3) published a draft review:

4) compensated partners lost funds in the projects: - paid 15% loss (more than 200 $). - paid 100% loss (more than 200 $).

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