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News HYIP-industry (10.03-22.03.2020)

I welcome you dear partners!
We have another news release, in which we would like to reflect the recent events in the field of the highly profitable HYIP investment market. At the moment, in March, it is somehow stingy with new products, but other projects from the portfolio on the PH blog hold up well and are developing well. In connection with the general epidemic of coronavirus, stability in world markets is losing, the global financial crisis is imminent, and cryptocurrency is also shaking. Although Bitcoin is beginning to return positions, it will take more than one month to restore the rate. Now is the time to use online tools, including investing in HYIPs. So gain experience, study projects from the "Worthy" category on the blog and earn with us.

New projects: is a new mid percent with good technical data and a working investment line in marketing. Investors were provided with two packages of plans with a return of the deposit at the end of the term (1.5% -2.1% daily for 25-45 days) and with the included deposit as part of the accruals (3.8% daily for 50-90 days). Each package contains three plans with a gradation according to the amount. The larger the deposit amount, the higher the percentage of charges and the term of the tariff, the minimum investment threshold is from 20/50 usd. Externally, the design has unique properties, the engine is installed from GoldCoders, the site is installed on a dedicated server, there is protection against Ddos-Guard and SSL encryption for a year from Sectigo. Of the payment systems, only PM, Payeer and Bitcoin were involved. According to the advertisement, we see a quiet form of PR, only a few monitors are engaged in support, in fact, a very smooth launch, we observe. - the site was launched less than a day ago and is not yet popular among investors. Marketing is available here with a yield of 0.6% to 1.5% per day with a rate increase of 0.1% per month. Investments are available only in cryptocurrency, the deposit can be withdrawn after the first month of work. Funds from the balance can also bring additional profit of 0.2% per day. The technical configuration uses an individual script, ddos ​​protection from CloudFlare, ssl from GeoTrust with an Australian greenbar. The site has many different chips, a bounty program has been developed with accruals in SWL tokens, there is an internal cryptocurrency exchanger, a mobile application, and so on. We got confused with the project, here is how it will be displayed at a distance, we will follow. is this week's fresh investment project with all the guerrilla hallmarks. For investors, a single low-interest plan was prepared with a yield of 0.3% daily for 15 calendar days. For the full term, investors will receive 4.5% profit. The minimum deposit is $ 10, the maximum is $ 300. You can have only 1 deposit in the asset, the next one can be created after completing the previous one. Only Perfect Money is available from payment systems. The affiliate program also has only one level with a reward of 1% from the deposits of referrals. Technically, the resource is prepared well: a licensed script from DevQuill, a domain for 2 years, ddos ​​protection from Ddos-Guard, ssl from Sectigo, a unique design. There is no advertising on the network, with such an offer we may not see it soon enough, you can go for a trifle, and so let it work out the deadline.

bench: - 43 days of work, of which almost a month in the investment portfolio of the blog. The circle did not pass completely, but the presence of an early withdrawal made it possible to fix a good profit. Partners who have not withdrawn the accruals, but have logged in since the publication on PH, also have income, the rest simply played too. The project does not pay at the moment, there are no payments, no compensation is due. is a strange scam and illogically fast, the project existed for only a couple of days. The admin apparently came to work with tweets, and having connected the Profit Hunters audience, he lost control. An experienced admin would be able to promote the topic with the growth of the token rate, gradually raising it in price, but this is not the case. As a result, only megahitran is in the black, the rest are in the red. Unfortunately, the compensation fund was not enough to cover the losses of our partners. - the top project after rebranding worked for 25 days, giving investors up to + 50% of net profit. On the blog, the site was announced immediately after changing clothes, first in the test section, then within a week they were transferred to worthy ones under protection. At the moment there are problems with payments and recovery should no longer be expected. Considering the kooky at the start, the fall in the cryptocurrency market and the general financial crisis, we believe it worked top-notch. Since today is the last day of protection of deposits, we will pay compensation to everyone who did not manage to break even. Submit your applications using the form on the blog. - about 50 days in a working rhythm, which brought enough profit for the first investors. They brought it to the blog a month later, so our partners did not have enough to break even, they had to use the compensation fund. In general, the admin behaved strangely, interrupted stable work by unnecessary dressing up before the scam. Apparently he was hoping for a return inflow of investments, while he did not spend on additional advertising. So it does not work, as a result, the project is scammed. - worked for 16 months, collaborated with the project since 2018. The admin showed a gorgeous result, perhaps the best that I have come across on the topic of cloud mining. All our partners are in the black, at least everyone could easily double their investments. At the moment, payments are no longer coming, one of the rare cases when, after scams, you can thank the admin. There are similar candidates in the blog portfolio, we expect the same achievements from them. - Admin stopped payments after 63 days. The term as a whole is not short, but the project was not of particular interest, the level can be assessed by a weak "four". In fact, it was possible to drive a circle at any rate and get a profit, so we don't make any special claims. The project was still under the Protection of Deposits, so all the blog partners who did not manage to break even received compensation.

Events: - published an interview in video format with the founder of the project Janis Latsis, in which he gives detailed answers to frequent and important questions from users. We have added a calculator on the website that will help you calculate the average profit received in BTL tokens in accordance with the chosen plan and the amount of the deposit. - launched a new product in the form of a landing page in BTC, which allows you to store cryptocurrency and receive a guaranteed bonus for it. There are 2 types of landing pages developed: fixed and unlimited. Opening a fixed landing page allows you to receive a bonus at the end of its validity period. An unlimited landing page can be closed with a bonus at any time. - project developers are constantly working on the development of their fund, its improvement and quality of service. Recently, we have made optimization of all pages, made a light redesign and worked with navigation. The menu was updated, the most important sections were moved to the "Useful" menu category, and a lot of work was done on adapting the resource for convenient display on any screens. Added information about the reserve for payments with explanations on the frequency of its change. Reduced commissions for replenishment of funds using Yandex Money and bank cards. A number of other changes have also been made to facilitate successful work and convenient use of all the functionality of the resource. - created a community on the VK social network, where you can communicate, share your successes and payments, and also learn about the latest news. The administration reports on the positive dynamics of the growth of users and investments. At the moment, they are preparing to increase the advertising campaign, open offline offices and launch an incentive system for active project participants. - expand the boundaries of use by adding 6 more localizations to the site in a short time with translation into English, Korean, French, Italian, Hindi and Portuguese. International webinars are also held; at the moment, speakers from different countries have already held 5 webinars. For some of them, recordings are available for those who could not attend the live broadcast. We launched an exchange office, in the future the number of directions for payment systems for exchange will increase. Also, now you can make a video review of the project, and if it meets the requirements, you can get a bonus of $ 5. - from March 16, withdrawal of funds to "To The Moon" cards is available. Among the advantages when withdrawing to these cards are anonymity, quick replenishment and withdrawal in cryptocurrency, large withdrawal limits, detailing of all operations, the ability to accumulate cryptocurrency on a card with conversion at the time of transfer. Also, due to the introduction of quarantine, the company's office is closed, and all processes will be carried out online. - for the safety and security of your funds, we added the ability to connect additional protection in the form of a PIN code. You can set an individual password for withdrawing profits in your account settings in the "security" section. - you can now subscribe to the telegram channel to quickly track all updates and news of the project. - Despite the economic turmoil, the Monelo team still pays 3% on weekdays and 1% on weekends. More than two months have passed since the start of the project, the first investors could receive up to 150% of the profit. After appearing on the blog, our partners also went into breakeven and continue to receive income. Do not forget about the possibility of withdrawing the deposit at any time. Also, for convenient communication, the company has developed new personal telegram stickers. - the project has been on the market for 5 weeks and has managed to gain high confidence in itself, which is manifested in the constant growth of investments and the number of participants. At the request of users, the company has implemented the opportunity to invest using Visa, Mastercard and Maestro bank cards. For the convenience of using the cards, you will find instructions on how to work with them in your personal account. - the function of internal transfer of USD or WTP tokens to other users is available in the personal account in the "finance" section. The transfer is available on accounts that have two-factor authentication enabled. Since March 17, the ability to activate the test package is not available, and all restrictions on the purchase and sale of tokens have been removed on the internal project exchange. For users registered before September 1, 2019, the top-up in WTP tokens has been temporarily stopped. - the next adaptation of the payment schedule will take place today. So that your expected payments do not move in terms of the adaptation system, use the indications of the Indicator and make a Recommended contribution.

News of the website:

1) In the next 3 months on the Profit Hunters blog, new spring promotions will be available for each of our users:

- Spring insurance auctions (during the draw in the telegram chat, order a deposit for a larger amount and get a fixed insurance);
- Doubled refbacks on the blog (every fifth request for refbek in the general queue will be doubled);
- Secret promotions (subscribe to the telegram channel, invest on the blog links and get 3 secret gifts this spring).

2) On the portal received the following projects: (On the site - from 10.03.20, under protection - until 10.04.20). (On the site - from 13.03.20/05.04.20/XNUMX, under protection - until XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX). (On the site - from 19.03.20) Test project. (On the site - from 20.03.20, under protection - until 01.04.20).

3) published a draft review:

4) video reviews are published projects:

5) Published a new article:

How to make money in highs? (Three initial options and three honest answers to the question "How to make money").

6) compensated partners lost funds in the projects: - 30% of losses paid (more than $ 300).
* Bounty participants have 50% loss closed. - 40% of losses paid (more than $ 500).
* Bounty participants have 75% loss closed. - 110% of losses paid (more than $ 500). - 40% of losses paid (more than $ 500).
* Bounty participants have 60% loss closed. - 60% of losses paid (more than $ 500).
* Bounty participants have 100% loss closed.

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