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News HYIP-industry (10.08-16.08.2015)

NewsI welcome you dear partners!
It's time to summarize all the pros and cons of the past week and celebrate them in our weekly news release today. Still, August becomes the final one for many investment sites with which we had to work throughout the summer. One way or another, the opportunity to make money is not excluded, projects are worked out in several circles, allowing you to fix a profit. In the fast category, the situation is a little worse now, we expect the same stability. In general, the activity on the Profit-Hunters portal does not fall, refunds of refunds and compensations under the "Deposit Protection" program are carried out on time, we are preparing lotteries and promotions - so stay with us.

New projects: is a sports investment project, belongs to the category of middle interest with an accrual rate from 0.63% to 1.89% for a period of 15-100 days. Refunds for all plans are available at the end of the term. The emphasis is on plans with access from $ 101, because in the test tariff the interest rate is almost half as much and there is no referral program for it. The technical parameters are normal, the development is just beginning, we will follow the new updates. - an excellent mate of high-quality execution for external and technical parts. Marketing is also very convenient with the inclusion of the body of the contribution to payments on 60 days under 3% -5% daily. In a break-even in a small plan it turns out to go out on the 34 day, but taking into account the refbe or higher plans even earlier. Technology at the highest level: the license script GoldCoders, the domain for 5 years, ddos-protection from Ddos-Guard, ssl-encryption from Comodo with grinbar, unique design. On promotion there are serious costs, we will necessarily bring it under supervision. is a fresh investment piggy bank with an indefinite period of the deposit. The refund of the body of the deposit is available at any time only after 10 days, and the withdrawal fee is not charged. Accruals are made on weekdays from 1% to 2% at the same time, namely at 24:00 (regardless of the time of the deposit). In addition to the investment proposal, each participant has the right to earn extra money by daily choosing an earnings strategy according to the index system. There are some notes on technology and content, which you can find out about from our full review posted on the portal. - another piggy bank with an expected yield of 0.7% on weekdays, launched at the beginning of this week. The deposit period is unlimited, early withdrawal is available after 30 days. Immediately, the dampness of the project is striking, gradually the admin "finishes" it and improves it. Interest is charged to the balance every day, except weekends; interest is withdrawn once a week (every Friday). On the technical side, the resource looks weak, on development there is still nothing to say, we will observe.

bench: - ended its activity on 140 days of life, of which 112 days spent in partisan mode. The reason for the premature scam was the hacking of the PerfectMoney wallet, where $ 6700 was at that time. Believe it or not - the issue is controversial and it is pointless to discuss it, but we are more inclined to believe that the admin is telling the truth, otherwise we do not see the logical sense in deliberately closing the project. In fact, there are no payments, scam. - 34 days, we consider this period to be quite normal for this middleman, taking into account the not active season and the deposit included in the payment. As a result, from the start, 2 complete circles were completed according to all plans, taking into account working days and earned from 50% of net income for the month. Now the admin is sending "letters of happiness" to the mail, in no case believe them, the project is scam. - worked for 27 days, and successfully got out of the protection of deposits on our portal with a margin of 5 days. Hence we conclude that all our referrals, subject to the rules, remained in a good plus. The admin officially announced the scam, complaining about the large investment churn over the past weekend. The project does not pay, it was removed from the list of worthy ones. - the admin managed the project for over 100 days, which certainly speaks of his fireproof professionalism. Many investors, having entered in the first few weeks, were left with a profit, there are also victims, but this, unfortunately, cannot be avoided. Among our partners, if you are not greedy, there should not be such. At the moment, selective payments are still being received, if possible, regularly order for withdrawal, but we strongly advise against investing. - 85 calendar days from the date of adding to the forum, then problems with payments and violation of the rules began. The administration writes about the blocking of the main account at Sberbank, on which there was a large amount of funds, after defrosting they promise to continue payments. Everything is clear, to be honest, they expected a better game with such and such preparation, they announced a scam. We are waiting for applications for compensation from our partners, by Monday evening we will try to process and pay for everything.

Events: - added to the ability to use the OkPay payment system for replenishment and withdrawal, and connected transfers to Visa / MasterCard cards of any banks. Also, if earlier the time limit for withdrawal was 5 working days, now it has been reduced to 3. An interesting 5-minute video with an example of trading on the Betfair exchange has been added to the "About the Company" section. - updates have appeared in the automated system, which will help to increase your structure many times faster. For invitations to your team, a page is available at the link: How to get and use it, see the project website. - according to the Alexa rating, the project is included in the 9000 most visited sites from around the world. To reduce the load on the system, it was decided to close all active virtual deposits and return the funds to the balance. If you still need to figure out how the system for opening deposits and accruals works, then you can create a deposit again for virtual money. Also, for ease of use and performance improvement, we made some updates to the project software. - amended the agreement for the acquisition of a share related to the address of the property issuer and the details of the organization. In the "Documents" section you can already download a ready-made sample. We connected to work a convenient Advanced Cash payment system, with which funds can be replenished through Qiwi, Yandex.Money, Alfa Click, Bitcoin.
Also prepared several packages to purchase shares with a discount. To do this, you must fill out a form in your account and get a discount of 500-5000 rubles. This offer for the promotion will be valid for 7 days from the time of filling out the application form.

1. Package "Start"
Purchase 3 shares for 14683 rubles
Discount - 500 rubles

2. Package "Business"
Purchase 5 shares for 23805 rubles
Discount - 1500 rubles

3. "Premium" package
Purchase 10 shares for 45610 rubles
Discount - 5000 rubles - in investment plans with depot enabled, adjustments were made to the limits. Now in all plans in the heading "No way back" min / max contribution: $ 25 - $ 500. The number of open deposits will be limited according to these tariffs. For more details, see the website, the review on the portal has also been changed according to the new conditions.

News of the website:

1) On the portal received the following projects: (On the site - with 12.08.15, under protection - up to 27.08.15). (On ​​the site - with 14.08.15, under protection - up to 07.09.15). (On the site - with 16.08.15, under protection - up to 21.08.15).

2) published reviews and video reviews of projects:

3) compensated partners lost funds in the projects: - 20% of losses paid (more than $ 1000 - added their additional $ 200 and $ 500 added by the admin after negotiations). - paid 10% loss (more than 300 $). - paid 15% loss (more than 300 $).