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HYIP industry news (11.03-24.03.2019)

I welcome you dear partners!
We have formed a regular news digest for you from the field of high-yield investments, in which we consider the events that have occurred over the past couple of weeks. In general, the market situation has not changed, projects that were attached to the blog before the new year show good stability, the rest should be watched with caution. There are undoubtedly many new proposals for investment, but most of them should be considered for a short game, long-term investments are not yet justified. Actually, in the review we tried to touch on the most significant moments, we recommend you read it.

New projects: - the site was launched this week, in terms of design and technical part it is prepared with high quality. Marketing offers three plans with a final return of 240% in 120-240 days. Accruals are daily from 1% to 2% and depend on the amount of the deposit, the larger the deposit, the higher the percentage and the shorter the investment period. The fund's functionality works on an individual script, ddos ​​protection from CoverDdos, ssl encryption from GeoTrust with a green bar. Despite the long tariffs, the platform has potential, the administrator is likely with experience, we will observe. is a new low percentage on the blog from the start in the Personal Choice section. Of the three plans presented, only the first is working with a minimum of $ 50 at 0.8% daily for 200 days, the deposit at the end of the term is not refundable. The total profitability according to the plan is from 160%, the commission for each withdrawal is 5% of the amount. The project works on a self-written script, protection against DDoS attacks and ssl are provided by CloudFlare, the domain is for 2 years, the design is unique and beautiful. There is also a bounty program and a progressive affiliate program for active users. Marketing may not be catchy, long terms are not in trend now, but the admin in the project is intelligent in terms of development, you can work with him. is an interesting middle interest with two working rates: 110% after 14 days and 2.8% daily for 56 days. In both options, the minimum deposit is available from $ 10, deposits are currently only available in cryptocurrency. Technically, the resource is based on the H-script script, the domain is many years old and extended for 6 years in advance, DDoS protection from CloudFlare, the design and content are original, only the absence of a normal ssl certificate falls out. The progress of the project is smooth, the admin is in no hurry with advertising, we will follow the development of events. is a foreign middleman with an abundance of investment plans. Depending on the selected tariff, charges can be every hour, once a day and only on weekdays, the daily rate varies from 3% to 7.44% per day. Everything is in order with the appearance and technical equipment. The minimum investment is available from $ 50, for the amounts above, the conditions are more favorable, but you should not flirt. Our partners liked the project very much, it can be seen from the dynamics of the structure's growth. On the blog, the resource is placed in the category of personal choice, which does not save you from risk, but has high chances of profit in our opinion. We talked about the project in more detail in the review.

bench: - 50 days, the project worked more than normal, and gave investors to earn up to 51% of net profit according to the start plan with minimal risks. At the moment, with the declared instance, there are no payments, we are transferring to scams. - 110 days, according to the minimum plan, it was not realistic to break even. After violent ambitions and the mood for large-scale expansion, the admins turned their project into a pitiful sight with their own hands. Changing conditions on the go, and even lowering the interest rate to 0.1% for active partners, is no good. There is a small chance of recovery in 1-2 months, at least that's what the founders say, but for the blog, this project is no longer relevant.

С - 8 days, I don't even want to comment on this, much better work was expected. Apparently, the admin caught the buratinka and did not continue. The project is a scam, there are no payments, we are starting to accept applications for compensation. - 41 day, on the blog the project spent 16 days, which in principle allowed to earn up to 35% of the contribution. The overall impression of the project is not the best, the admin could have been better, but the HYIP industry is designed so that every day is like the last. In terms of the protection of deposits on the blog, the project was packed with a good margin, compensation in this case is not provided. - 170+ days, starting players should be marginally better. In general, an extraordinary situation, the admin just announced the launch of his several products (online casino and trading platform), as problems with payments began almost immediately. Unfortunately, we have to announce a scam on the blog, no payments have been received from the project, compensation has been paid to our partners. - 35 days, with such a period, of course, no one even broke even, and the administrator stopped working with advertising two weeks after the launch. The latest promotions and bonuses looked more attractive, in fact, it happened. The project has stopped payments, scam. We accept your applications in the form for payment of compensation. - 19 days, just before the first investors left for breakeven, the admin stopped paying. On the blog, the resource worked for 10 days, among the partners it was claimed, so the compensation turned out to be small. - 13 days, in total, investors could go 2 short laps over 5 days, earning up to 20% profit. In recent days, the admin has been soundly assigned, perhaps the admin has had enough. On the blog, the project is not from the start, so our partners will soon be paid compensation on requests.

Events: - the reputable financial platform Investing has added the company to its Forex broker rating, which once again proves the intention and seriousness of the project. According to the results of two weeks, the profit of investors on the Synergy portfolio amounted to 8.38% of the amount invested. - launched the "Happy Bitcoin Hours" promotion with a time limit and bonus amount. Create a deposit with a minimum deposit of 0.05 BTC and get + 5% to the amount of the deposit. - expanded the list of promotional materials by adding new landing pages, launched a Bounty program with tasks for which you can receive a cash reward. Added Vietnamese version of the translation on the site, and an updated design is expected in the near future. - in 4.5 months the number of users who have joined the project has exceeded more than 52000 people. According to the statistics of the fund, the total investment volume exceeded more than 300K usd, the profitability of investors could reach from 135% to 400%. In the near future, new equipment for mining currency on the Equihash algorithm will be launched. - in connection with the expansion of the portfolio, we recorded several videos with the launch of a masternode of profitable UltraPay, FlexWork, MNpro coins and other promising coins. This month, the project celebrated its six months since its launch. In honor of this event, a competition was launched with a drawing of a sea tour from the company. To participate, you need to create a contribution to the project, repost the required entry in VK, fix it on your page until the end of the drawing, leave a post indicating the 3 main advantages of the fund in your opinion and place your ref. link. The competition will run until April 13.04.2019, 3. In case of winning, the certificate can be used within 35 months or transferred to another participant. Photo report and video feedback from the winner are required. Also, in honor of six months of the fund's work, a series of 0.05 gift cards with a discount in denominations from 5 BTC to XNUMX BTC was issued. To buy a card, contact the online chat on the website. - updated the banner package in your personal account and added the Russian-language version of the site. A convenient calculator has appeared on the main page for quickly calculating profit for any of the plans. There is also a special offer "Second deposit as a gift", according to which you can get 10% on a deposit of the first deposit, details on the website.

News of the website:

1) On the portal received the following projects: (On the site - from 12.03.19, under protection - to 17.04.19). (On ​​site - with 17.03.19, protected - up to 17.04.19). (On ​​the site - from 17.03.19, protected - to 10.04.19). (On site - from 20.03.19, protected - to 25.07.19). (On the site - from 20.03.19, under protection - to 20.10.19). (On the site - from 23.03.19, protected - to 08.04.19).

2) published a draft review:

3) video reviews are published projects:

4) Published articles on HYIP-themed:

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5) compensated partners lost funds in the projects: - paid 50% losses (more than 300 $). - paid 110% losses (more than 500 $). - paid 10% losses (more than 500 $) + 20% losses from the VIP fund. - 10% losses paid (more than 500 $) + 20% losses from the VIP fund. - paid out 20% of losses (over $ 500). - 20% losses paid (more than 500 $) + 25% losses from the VIP fund. - paid out 110% of losses (over $ 300). - 50% of losses paid (over $ 500). - paid 30% losses (more than 500 $).