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News HYIP-industry (11.04-17.04.2016)

NewsI welcome you dear partners!
Another weekly segment is over and it's time to reflect in the news review what has happened in the HYIP industry in recent days. All newcomers from the previous version of the digest remained in the ranks, joining the current giants of the highly profitable market. A project that was not quite in demand among players left the category worthy of us, the losses in which we managed to compensate in the amount of 20%. The rest of the week turned out to be calm, so to speak - profitable, old people delight with stable payments. This is, perhaps, only part of the information that we want to convey in today's article, for other equally interesting events, see the expanded version of the review.

New projects: - according to the minimum plan, it was referred to the category of middle interest, but in all respects we consider it as a fast-project with good technical equipment and external data. The percentage of daily accrual (2% -5% per day) in combination with short-term periods from 5 to 30 days may well interest any hyip player, providing a minimum income of 60% per month with a return of the deposit at the end of the term. There are comments on the content, it remains to observe how the admin will cope with the payments of deposits in the first round. is a new middleman with budgetary costs for technical equipment: there is a license from GoldCoders, an ssl certificate is installed and a feeble hosting is paid, although it is announced on the Ddos-Guard website. The marketing includes plans for all occasions, the terms of investment are not overstated, the interest is quite working. The minimum entry rate is $ 10, payments arrive instantly. The external data is nice, the start-up costs for advertising are traced, let's look at the further dynamics in the development of the project. - medium-term novelty, not deprived of attention of potential investors. Marketing carries a floating rate of 0.9% per day for one year with the possibility of early withdrawal with a penalty. The remaining tariffs on 6 and 3 months with a minimum percentage of 1.6 2.8% and%, respectively, at the moment not available for placement of deposits. Strong technical base sformirovna: samopisny script domain to 10 years, dedicated hosting, ssl-encryption and Ddos-protection. To create investments only Bitcoin payment system used and bank transfers in dollars. I think we should watch for some time for further development.

bench: is a funny story, the project is mentioned in two headings at once for a reason, since it could not work out even one circle, having appropriated the funds of depositors. In principle, there is nothing surprising, above we suggested waiting for the time of payments on initial deposits, which never happened. Regulations violated, scam. is undoubtedly worthy of praise, because not everyone can boast of a period of just over 470 days. Many have benefited well from the project, so the admin deserves a break. The site is closed, the payment regulations are violated, scam. is an ineffectual option, with a two-month period it will not allow to recoup even half of the investments, at least despicably from the admin. Apparently, initially, ordinary investors did not have the slightest chance of any "win", although it is worth noting that with proper guidance it was possible to keep the project here for a long time. In general, we talked and forgot, the entrance to the resource is not available, there are no payments, scam.

Events: - celebrated a month of productive work, during this period many investors have fixed profits and have signed up an affiliate program of representatives. They point to the fact that participants trustingly reinvest their funds back into the project, which indicates the current demand for this site. In the future, they plan to start connecting new EPS, starting with AdvancedCash. - made the site multilingual, adding Russian, German, Spanish translations of a high quality to the English version. The Chinese version of the site will be launched in the next few days. - with the support of the company, the BoomPayChange exchange service was launched with an affiliate program, loyalty programs and cumulative discount systems. On April 16, 2016, a new consulting and information office was opened under the leadership of Nikulina Victoria Evgenievna at the address: Belgorod, Leader shopping and entertainment center, st. Shalandina 1a, office 35 (3rd floor). - added a conference from one of the company's investors and new video reviews of participants, which can be found in the corresponding section or at the link - LLC "Forexbinar Invest" has opened an officially registered representative office in Russia. In connection with this event, it is proposed to accrue bonuses for new deposits:
+ 20% - for deposits from $ 50 to $ 100
+ 15% - for deposits from $ 101 to $ 500
+ 10% - for deposits over $ 501.
Bonuses are non-removable, they can be used only to create deposits when added to investing personal funds. If you open a deposit of up to 21 April inclusive, the percentage of the first accrual will be doubled. - reported possible short-term disruptions in the site's operation, related to the more frequent ddos ​​attacks carried out by cybercriminals. The site's security experts monitor such attacks around the clock and do everything possible to stabilize the site's constant availability, however, temporary difficulties with access are not excluded. They are also asked to confirm payments by leaving data in the form of text or screenshots on various forums and thematic platforms. - changed the schedule for calculating dividends on shares. From April 11, dividends will be charged once a week, on Mondays at the end of the trading day. The amount of profit will be based on the weekly income generated from trades. - continue to fill the list of language layouts, this week the Turkish version of the site has become the next replenishment. Also, do not miss visiting the webinars that are regularly held by the organizers of the company and leaders in the field of online earnings. - from April 17, they plan to resume accepting new deposits, for this, from the beginning of the week, they began to form a weight list of all interested investors who want to transfer funds to management. For any contacts on the site, you must send an application, where you indicate: the amount of the deposit, the method of transfer (EPS / bank), the period of placement, the time interval of the relevance of the queue in the weight list. At the moment, the amount of the deposit under the Trust Management plan is at least $ 500. Under the Stable plan, all deposits will be returned on May 15, 2016. The schedule of trading periods has been updated, now the nearest trading periods will be shifted in order to synchronize by quarters of the year by the end of the year. - also reported repeated hacking attempts this week, which negatively affected the stability of the resource and the violation of the queuing for receiving payments. It was decided to move the site to a more powerful server to improve performance. Orders with the status "out of stock" were canceled, leaving funds on the balance, to activate a new order, repeat the request. At the moment, there are more than 1600 orders for buying Points, which makes the system in demand.
We simplified the conditions for obtaining compensation from all levels of the affiliate program. Previously, it was necessary to create an application for the purchase of 25 PP, now this limit reduces everyone visiting your active partner. Let's say you have drawn 10 people who bought at least 1 points. To activate all the levels, you need to create an application for the acquisition of 15 points. If invited 20 active participants, then you only have to buy 5 points, etc. - until the end of April, a campaign is being held, according to which you can purchase a ready-made turnkey business with a 50% discount by opening an office in your city under the Yabankir brand. For only $ 500, interested investors and businessmen will be able to buy the company's franchise. The promotion applies only to the first 10 franchises, and an office has already been opened in the city of Volgograd under the leadership of a well-known personality in the network, Dmitry Vladimirovich Mazanov.

News of the website:

1) On the portal received the following projects: (on the website - with 11.04.16, protected - up to 29.04.16). (on the website - with 13.04.16, protected - up to 27.04.16). (on the website - with 14.04.16, protected - up to 15.06.16).

2) published a draft review:

3) compensated partners lost funds in the projects: - paid 20% of losses (more than 300 $).

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  1. Avatar photo bona:

    Yes, this is a remote control and not a hype. Of course, there are risks - nobody canceled the human factor. But this is not a pyramid, and we know Vlad (the head of the fund) as a very decent, adequate and obligatory person. Recommended.

  2. Avatar photo Eugene:

    Do you consider exactly as a pure remote control? In simple words - is it too late to enter? 🙂