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News HYIP-industry (11.07-17.07.2016)

NewsI welcome you dear partners!
Again, we are in touch with the weekly news column in the Hyip industry, in which you will learn about the emerged novelties with a promising future, recently stopped fulfilling their obligations to investors projects, we will also talk about other news and bright events. Summer has already changed its middle, despite this wonderful time, the industry is now experiencing not the most favorable period. Therefore, we recommend that you take special care to place deposits, because any investment carries increased risks, which is evident in the large number of poorly developed projects in recent years. Nevertheless, sometimes administrators who are familiar with the market go out, offering something new and interesting, we are trying to track and observe such proposals. We remind you that we will start processing all applications for effective compensation at the end of next week.

New projects: - a new mid-income project is now on pre-launch, the official launch tomorrow, 18.07.2016/15/00 at 3:2. It is an investment platform with powerful technical training: a self-written script, a domain paid for 1 years, a dedicated server, DDoS protection from Koddos, ssl encryption from Comodo with a greenbar. In the investment part, 5 basic tariffs are available with a deposit included in payments: 30) 2% daily for 110 working days; 10) XNUMX% after XNUMX days. The plans are quite popular and well-demanded, so far only the very idea of ​​managing the launch of the project from the pre-launch is not clear. We will definitely follow the set of advertising, we do not recommend starting with large amounts. is a freshly introduced project from the category of middles with an amazing technical equipment and investor-friendly plans. Markeng is represented by six tariffs with a single investment term for 35 days and a certain graduation for the minimum amounts. Depending on the tariff, the amount of daily charges is from 3.8% to 5.8% per day, the deposit is included in payments. The project is based on a script with a license from GoldCoders, ddos-protection is provided by Ddos-Guard, ssl-data encryption from Comodo with support for the green line. Admins buy ads for now on dubious / little-known monitors, we'll watch for further development.

bench: - the problems started from the last weekend, but finally it became clear about the scam from Monday, especially after the admin himself put forward his version of the closure of the project. From his words, programmers stole money from their wallets when they were engaged in the implementation of the Bitcoin payment system. We do not force anyone to believe, project the scum, do not invest. During the working period (80 + days) the depositors had the opportunity to earn from 6% to 50% of profit. - for 2 months of work, depositors' profit could be from 30% to 50% for the first and second plans. Traces of development stopped almost at the start, in the future, recruitment was not observed. Last week, updated the design, and on the current state of the fact of the scum. Payments are not present at the declared automatics, not to invest. - the project worked a little more than 30 days, but did not reach the full circle. The admin has an unequivocal experience in managing social projects, but not everyone can pull such aggressive marketing. Nevertheless, during the work it was possible to raise about 50% of profits, but due to the reflex and systematic gifts, even more. Now the administration is thinking over the restart, consider this option is not recommended. - 9 days, subject to freezing of deposits by condition for 5 days, participants had the opportunity to enter the first 4 days and get off at the earliest opportunity with an income of about 10%. Perhaps with numerous summer benches this is the only correct decision, rather than waiting until the admin all frowns. The result is not commendable, the governor did not allow the continuation of the outflow of the cash register and decided to stop work. There are no payments, the regulations are broken, the scum. Closer by the end of next week, our partners will be compensated.

Events: - connected the NixMoney payment system, deposits and withdrawals with its help are carried out instantly. They continue to make video reports on rates in order to show and prove the reality of the club's analysts' forecasts. - introduced a unique game "The Game". To participate, the user must pay one or more bets worth $ 5. The winner is chosen at random and receives the bets of all participants in the form of a contribution to the main plan. Everyone is invited to an online conference on Tuesday 19 July at 19:00. Added Kazakh and Indian versions of the site. - all existing Skype chats were filled in a short time, so we opened two new Russian-language chats. - more and more articles about the E-dinar platform appear not only in the top Russian, but also in the world media. For Chinese users, we created mirrors of the site domain (;, which will work faster than the main domain ( There are regular conferences in different countries and webinars. - completed a video report from the official opening of the first office. We also managed to open a new office in Kiev, all the contact details of the office are available on the website, in the Facebook group there are also several photos from the place of this event. For the July action, the first winner has already been found who has attracted $ 100000 in a personal structure. The winner receives a MacBook Air 13 as a prize, and four more leaders can receive the same gift by the end of the month. Bitcoin was added to the list of accepted payment systems. - promise to reimburse 100% commission when replenishing from Visa / MasterCard payment cards until July 20, 2016. After replenishment, please contact, specifying the title of the topic "100% commission compensation". An article about the company appeared in the electronic information magazine Profi-Forex, link on the site. - we launched a survey for the system participants so that they themselves choose what to change in the project to improve and usability. They propose to improve the functionality of the account, change the design, add new payment systems for depositing and withdrawing funds, introduce tariff plans with good profitability, expand deductions for the affiliate program, and so on. Please send your options or options from the list to or write in the comments. Added a new method of replenishment through Qiwi, instructions on the site are attached. A new office was opened in Novokuznetsk. We also launched a competition with numerous prizes, 100 prizes are being played, conditions on the site. The next update was the introduction of a new tariff plan:

2.5 60% daily for days
Min / max contribution: $ 10 - $ 10000
Deposit is included in the payment
Net income - 50%
Going through the breakeven 40 days - celebrated 2 months of work. Over the past 30 days, many updates have been introduced, the design has been refreshed, the site has been translated into Chinese, Spanish and Portuguese. There have also been changes in the affiliate program, and for the top three leaders with the highest amounts of deposits during the last month, a prize fund of $ 1550 was prepared. Added a line of new investment plans: Fast, Stayer Pro and Stayer Long. - changed the bonus program for partners, now it will become even more interesting to attract, new conditions have already been introduced in the review. They also pay attention to the facts of Skype fraud. The link to the only correct Skype is at the top of the site, above the menu. The administration in no way requests your login information under any circumstances. For account security purposes, it has now become impossible to change your account details yourself in your personal accounts. Also, as promised, a German version of the site has appeared, the next in line will be the Spanish language. - a 2% bonus is credited when depositing an account through PerfectMoney, Payeer and AdvancedCash. The bonus is immediately available for withdrawal. The payment period has been reduced to 24 hours on business days. - the company has also reduced the commission to 0% when replenishing an account from any payment system, including Visa and Mastercard. These conditions will be valid until the end of summer.

News of the website:

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