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News HYIP-industry (11.12-18.12.2017)

I welcome you dear partners!
We are glad to present you another version of the news review of events for the passed investment week. Honestly, it’s bitter to remember the current moments in the industry and how many scams now come across, and they also say that seasonality does not affect in any way. If we speak openly, then most of the projects somehow made it possible to earn money, but on condition of playing mainly according to the "hit-n-run" strategy. Reinvestment trips often end in failure, and in general now it is better to limit yourself to investments altogether or play with small amounts to maintain tone. Even some giants of the HYIP market announced the suspension of any accruals for the period of the New Year holidays, in simple words they left until mid-January, but we will find out whether they will return in a month. In terms of content in the review, we will consider some new items, as well as notify about what is new on the portal, in the industry, what projects were closed and how they worked. Stay with us! Stay with the best! Stay with Profit-Hunters.Biz

New projects: - was one of the first to start after our last news release. I liked the project by its external and technical data, it looks beautiful and modern. Technical parameters: licensed H-script engine, DDoS protection from Ovh Sas, ssl encryption from Comodo, there is a British registration certificate. Investment rates are broken down into 4 variations with gradation by the amount of deposits, the percentage of daily profitability ranges from 1.05% to 5.5% for the period of accrual from 11 to 30 calendar days. For a week of work, the project has not yet shown itself in any way, but it attracted attention, it is just that before the new year we are unlikely to see any dynamics here. is a new mid-term project with well-known marketing often used by some admins. So, according to the plans, there are only 6 investment proposals with a return of the deposit at the end of the term and a yield of 2% to 5.5% per day for 7-42 calendar days. Each next plan increases the term of the deposit by a week, while the interest rate and the minimum entry threshold increase. You can see the line of after-plans yourself on the project website. In terms of technical parameters, we observe a high-quality assembly: a self-written script, Ddos protection from Ddos-Guard, ssl from Comodo. The project is being promoted moderately, and among investors it is not yet particularly popular due to restrictions in available payment systems at this stage, we will observe. - novelty of the week with excellent preparation. The plans are quite working for standard time, but at the current stage you need to be prepared that the return on investment will come only next year. There are 2 investment proposals in the project: 1% per day for 11 working days with a return of the deposit at the end of the deposit and 4.4% per day for 35 working days without a return of the deposit. As part of the technical configuration, an official script from the H-script developers is used, the domain was bought for 2 years, a dedicated server, ddos ​​protection from Ddos-Guard, ssl from Comodo with a greenbar. Advertising costs are still minimal, but investors are already testing the project with might and main, we will follow the development.

bench: - 73 days, worked great for the average static hype, making it possible to earn more than 100% of net profit. But given the presence of the legendary admin in the management, the hopes of many investors who constantly went to reinvest were not justified. In general, without being greedy, it was possible to make a good profit, especially in the wake of Bitcoin's growth, this is especially noticeable. There will be more profitable projects, and Bitcy has already been sent to the scam, do not invest. - 143 days, a good indicator. Most of the tariffs were not passed, but the deadlines for them were significantly long. In any case, it was allowed to exit early and fix the profit. Those who did this received a good increase in capital. Of course, we did not leave our partners offended and fully compensated for the losses, even paid small bonuses. We fix the scam according to the project and move on. - 29 days, in fact all the tariff plans turned out to be profitable for a one-off game. Given the zakidon at the start, the admin has worked fine, poking, in principle, not for that. Since there are losers in any project, some of our partners also got into this situation, but remained satisfied on the whole, having received a full compensation of losses from Profit Hunters and a partner bonus. - 32 days, not enough for a project with limits and no significant advertising costs. In fact, he pulled out one circle according to two short plans, according to which the starting players earned up to 33% profit. The main tariff with the included deposit in payments turned out to be unprofitable. The project stopped making payments, transfers were made for insurance and compensation.

Events: - due to the increased limits in cryptocurrency exchangers, they are forced to increase the minimum withdrawal amount from 15 usd. In addition, withdrawals to Litecoin, Dogecoin and Dash are temporarily suspended due to technical work, in addition, the site is periodically subject to ddos ​​attacks. For quick news tracking, a telegram channel has now been added: @antexcloudchat. - launched a new subsidiary of the Cashbury holding called "CashTrading". The project is engaged in trading on the world's largest stock exchanges. There are special offers for all investors and partners. Marketing allows you to invest from $ 50 to $ 100000 for a period of 135 to 400 days. The interest rate is floating from 0.5% to 1.5% per day. The body of the deposit is not available for return, the investment stops working when it reaches + 100% above the nominal value. - took the weekend for the period from 18.12.17/10.01.18/11.01.2018 to 2018/XNUMX/XNUMX, in connection with which accruals for plans with a daily rate will be suspended. The new “Lackenhof” tariff continues to work, and all funds on the balance sheet or through an affiliate program will always be available for withdrawal. From XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX, the project will resume its operating mode, and all plans will continue to be profitable. For the next XNUMX, many large-scale works are planned, in January a full report on the project will be provided, we are waiting for return.

News of the website:

1) On the portal received the following projects: (On the site - with 11.12.17, under protection - up to 13.02.18).

2) published a draft review:

3) video reviews are published projects:

4) Articles on crypto-currency topics are published:

IOTA Crypto currency is a revolutionary platform for the Internet of things.

5) compensated partners lost funds in the projects: - paid 25% loss (more than 500 $). - paid 110% loss (more than 500 $). - paid 110% loss (more than 1000 $). - paid 110% loss (more than 1500 $).