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News HYIP-industry (11.12-24.12.2018)

I welcome you dear partners!
The New Year is getting closer and closer, only one week remains before the solemn event. New Year is a holiday for everyone. That is why during this period the activity in the HYIP industry is declining, since investors and admins, first of all, are also people who have family, friends and relatives, respectively, each of them takes a pause in investment games, hence the weak activity, which entails a series of scams. On the blog, we wrote a fresh article in which we noted which projects can survive the New Year holidays in our opinion, i.e. which you need to pay attention to first of all in order to form an investment portfolio for the next couple of months. Also take part in our constant promotions and contests, we always have something to offer you.

New projects: - since the choice among new HYIPs is not great now on the eve of the new year, let us offer one option from the fast-category, which has already been issued on Profit-Hunters in the VIP format. The project, within the framework of the investment policy, offers 3 groups of plans with a gradation in amount and frequency of accruals from once every 24 hours to once a month. In each group, the first tariff with a minimum deposit of $ 10 is popular: 5% daily for 35 days, 45% weekly for 4 weeks and 225% after 1 month. In all the proposed options, the deposit is included in payments, in the latter, interest is calculated simultaneously with the return of the deposit. A lot of payment instruments are connected for investment, requests for payments are processed instantly. The project has something to interest, the profit is high, pay attention. is a good dynamic project in personal blog choice. We have already prepared a detailed overview on the investment site, you can glean all the details from it, we just recall that marketing is based on hourly plans and instant payments on request. The most demanded tariff from $ 25 allows you to receive from 0.13% per hour for 40 days. The body of the deposit is included in the accruals, the profit per day is 3.12% of the deposit, for the entire period - 124.8%. The admin in the project is experienced, knows how to work, that's how he will behave during the holidays, we can only guess. is a smart investment novelty from a foreign admin with charges from 0.6% to 2% per day for 365-120 calendar days. In terms of profitability, the larger the deposit, the higher the percentage and the shorter the placement period, the total profit at all tariffs is approximately the same - from 219% to 240% for the entire period. Technically, the project is well prepared, a script from an H-script with a license is taken as a base, there is DDoS protection from CoverDdos and an extended ssl with a greenbar, which automatically confirms the official registration of the company. Additional privileges include instant payments, a strong progressive affiliate program and a generous bounty program. The resource has just started, the project is managed by a strong administrator, we have approached the preparation of the fund strictly, they are planning large-scale advertising, we recommend.

bench: - 10 days, upside-down plans, as usual, do not play. Considering that the project was on the blog from the start, and there was only one work plan, it was planned that it would bring the first to breakeven, it turned out that the fast camera was driving, which, with a stretch, worked only a third of the circle. The site is still working, do not invest, the project is scam. - 23 days with 6% accruals per day. The circle did not pass, but given the appearance of the project on the blog from the day of launch, our partners could receive up to 46% of the profit, taking into account the ref. return. - 40 days, if you were not greedy, you could earn about 60% of the profit, plus refback and bonuses under the bounty program. An excellent result, the admin skillfully managed the cashier, given that he started quite aggressively, but this did not prevent him from performing well. The site does not open now, the admin personally announced a scam. - 1 month, terrible job for a moderate long-term. It is not clear what made the admin stop the game, the promotion was going on, the deposits were also received. Apparently, collecting cryptocurrency in front of NG was part of an insidious plan, and the desire to appropriate it to yourself turned out to be stronger than continuing to work with investors. The site does not open, they caught a scam. Our partners are profitable, having received compensation in full and 10% in the form of a bonus from the blog.

Events: is a project more than two months online and has already brought users over 150% of net profit. The organizers constantly monitor the stable operation of the system and the dynamics of development, which allows the fund to be in the top for a long time. - continue to customize the site's functionality and optimize it for maximum convenience. From the latter, we added the German version of the website translation and connected the new Yandex.Money payment system. - have been working for more than 400 days from the date of foundation, within the framework of the monitoring, our partners went through one circle at a working rate of 2.1% daily for 20 days and earned 42% of net profit. From the news, it should be noted that the resource has moved to a new dedicated server. - increased the cost of the minimum contribution for each tariff and for all payment systems, see the current amounts on the website. We added several videos to the site and worked with the optimization. In the period from December 23 to December 12, a special offer is valid for investors, according to which on all purchased tariffs purchased during this period, the total profit will be 210% instead of 200%. - Qiwi and Yandex Money payment systems were connected to create ruble deposits. The minimum deposit amount is 3500 rubles, the maximum is 95000 rubles per transaction. - for convenience, we have added a round-the-clock online chat for consulting investors and partners on working with the platform. We connected a reward system on the site. At the moment, you can get up to $ 1 for a text review of the project and up to $ 15 for a video review. We also added a new direction - investment pools, which allow you to collectively invest at more favorable rates. Since December 20, 2018, two pools have been launched: ruble from 5000 rubles (3.41% for 52 days) and dollar from $ 50 (3.44% per day for 49 days). - the previous smart contract has completed its work, allowing the first investors to earn up to 20% of net profit. On December 11, the project updated the marketing of a smart contract, making it more long-term with investments for 100-400 days. There are limits on deposits, limits on total deposits per day, there are also fines for violations, which also replenish the balance for payments. In total, there are 3 plans in the new marketing: 0.5% daily for 400 days, 0.75% daily for 200 days and 1.3% daily for 100 days. Each tariff is a separate contract. The administration is set to work, we will follow the development. - pleasantly pleased with the returns of the first deposits made after the rebranding, which means that we are serious about our future work. In the news feed on the website, the administration informs about the absence of holidays as part of the investment program, charges and payments will be carried out as usual, only the time of the support group on December 25 and January 1 will be reduced. - in 45 days of operation, the project attracted more than 21000 users and investments in an amount exceeding 110000 usd, which indicates the high popularity of the platform. We launched the "Christmas discounts" campaign, during which the cost of all capacities was reduced by 7%, do not miss it. - a new telegram chat has been created for communicating with investors, as well as for solving individual questions, you can contact support in the telegram at @sophia_admin. A few days ago, we connected the Advanced Cash payment system and provided a short video instruction on working with the fund. Also, a lot of work and fixes have been done to improve the work with the platform. - the administration has revised the investment policy of the platform and introduced new conditions, according to which deposits will now work not indefinitely, but until 200% of the deposit amount is received. In addition, fiat accounts will operate separately from the smart contract, i.e. their balance will not be common. The launch of the new smart contract is tentatively scheduled for December 29, the exact date will be announced later. In this regard, in the near future the site will be slightly adjusted for new conditions. You can still withdraw funds from the old smart contract. The percentage of income per day will remain unchanged - 1.44% of the deposit amount. In the Wallie War competition for the best video, the winners have already been announced, most of the prizes have been paid.

News of the website:

1) I draw attention to all investors and inattentive admins, our blog has been running for more than 5 years with a domain name We did not have any "mirrors" or accompanying projects with advertising and review of HYIPs, and will never be. And since the cases of deception and fraud on the part of the profit-hunters.TOP clone have become more frequent, we oblige you to be vigilant. Always check your details and contacts before transferring funds.

2) We would like to remind you that the promotion “We will give away 2019 $. You can buy a gift for yourself. " To participate in the drawing, make contributions from $ 100 to projects on the blog and get tickets from the blog. The more tickets you have, the higher your chance of winning. For all details and full conditions, see the section shares.

3) In our group in VK There are several daily repost contests, where one of the participants who has fulfilled simple conditions receives a reward of 5 $ every day.

4) On the portal received the following projects: (On site - with 12.12.18, protected - up to 25.01.19). (On ​​the site - from 18.12.18, under protection - to 10.01.19). (On the site - from 18.12.18, under protection - to 15.03.19). (On ​​the site - from 20.12.18, under protection - to 01.02.19). (On the site - from 22.12.18, under protection - to 12.01.19). (On the site - from 23.12.18, protected - to 01.07.19).

5) published a draft review:

6) video reviews are published projects:

7) Published articles on HYIP-themed:

What projects on Profit-Hunters will survive the New Year holidays?

8) compensated partners lost funds in the projects: - paid 50% losses (more than 500 $). - 35% losses paid (more than 500 $) + 50% losses from the VIP fund. - 30% losses paid (more than 500 $) + 50% losses from the VIP fund. - paid 110% losses (more than 300 $). - 60% of losses paid (over $ 300). - paid 110% losses (more than 500 $).