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News HYIP-industry (12-18.01.2015)

NewsI welcome you dear partners!
The series of major New Year holidays is over, as is the current week of investments in hyip projects. The people are gradually beginning to catch up in this area, since we are witnessing the emergence of well-prepared programs that show their activity with stable solvency. All our partners received good compensation for failed projects from the portal. I congratulate all Orthodox Christians on Baptism, and for the strong in spirit I propose to plunge into the ice hole, which, according to a long-standing belief, contributes to the healing of the body from various diseases. Successful investment ...

New projects: is a glorious middleman on a self-written script and excellent technical characteristics. The execution of the design is not rendered in the best way, but otherwise everything is fine. According to legend, it offers rental cars of various classes. Marketing is working with a return of the deposit at the end of the investment period for 25-50 days at 1% -1.7%. Except for one tariff, where the deposit is included in payments with an accrual of 2.5% per day for 65 days. The minimum deposit is $ 10. The initial stage in development has been laid, we will observe the further promotion. is a fresh release date program with the legend of investing in the development and implementation of the latest wireless car charging technologies. Plans for investments are available with a return of the deposit at the end of the period (1% -1.2%) for 10-15 days and included in the daily charges (5.9% -4.3%) for 20-30 days. For all tariffs, the minimum contribution is $ 20, the maximum is not limited. The equipment is in perfect order: the license from H-script, DDoS protection from Ddos-Guard, ssl from Comodo for 1 year, the design is unique. Experienced bloggers are involved in the promotion; the topics of discussion of the project are completely positive.

bench: - unfortunately, the administration here practically did not take any action for a phased promotion, only at the start a little effort was made for initial development. Nevertheless, the program worked 2 full circles a month, which corresponds to 96% of net profit for the entire investment period. This result is not worth complaining about, since there was enough time. The project is currently unavailable and payments have stopped. - the music did not play for a long time, it took the admin 5 days to work. On one of the monitors, there was an order for the return of a refc in the amount of $ 4000, it is likely that the administrator almost choked on this amount and is now undergoing a rehabilitation course. In general, the project does not pay, scam. - sadly, but forced to fix the scam of this long-running project. Twice the project got to our portal with a deposit program and gifts, and both times it came out with dignity from the "Protection of deposits". I hope everyone was satisfied with the work of the project, at the moment there are no payments for a long time. - past payments to the project held on January 12, 47 total project worked days. In general, a good result, it was time to ride on all the plans, according to the first plan could pass 3 circle and shoot up to 60% gains. Many were satisfied with the project work, but sooner or later everything comes to an end.

Events: - many may have noticed that the site was unavailable for some time the day before yesterday. The administration comments on the occurrence of the situation in connection with the line accident in the data center and the repair work. The project is now available again, we apologize. - the winners of the "Partner of the Month" contest, which ended on January 15.01.2015, 3, were determined. The winners were XNUMX participants who attracted the most investments in the project. Project managers will shortly contact the winners to award prizes. For those who did not win, new contests with valuable prizes have been prepared, more details can be found on the website.
1st place - Dmitry ($ 4781.11), Apple iPhone 6 prize
2nd place - Igor ($ 3205.4), prize $ 200
3rd place - Roman ($ 2895.14), prize $ 100
Immediately after its completion, a new competition "Battle of Bloggers" started, in which all owners of investment blogs can take part. The main requirement is the presence on the blog of a description of the company indicating investment plans, methods of deposits and withdrawals, as well as the presence of comments. Whoever gets the most points will be the winner. For details on the competitions, please visit the website.
1st place - iPhone 6 plus and $ 200
2nd place - $ 300
3nd place - $ 200 - Celebrates its first online anniversary. For this event, 1000 bonuses of 100% each were allocated, and a series of new Fireworks plans with a deposit period of 8 days or more were introduced. All users who make deposits on the Shooting Star, Alpha or Fireworks plans will be credited with an instant bonus of + 100%. For deposits on Omega New plans, an instant bonus of + 20% will be credited. The bonus is transferred as a new deposit to the same plan that you opened. - stopped accepting new deposits through the EgoPay payment system. For those who have already made a deposit through this PS, there is the possibility of withdrawing using PerfectMoney, Payeer or OKPAY.
Also completed testing of the updated software pokerbot, which lasted 3 months. Now, for each dedicated server can accommodate up to 5-6 virtual machines with poker robots that currently require less technical resources. 2 / 3 accounts were transferred to new servers, which reduces maintenance costs. In the 689 networks are now active pokerbot accounts, activity and profitability that can be raised, but that in the near future will not happen, because the current operations and profitability shows excellent results.
Future goals of the company:
July 2015: 900-1000 active accounts pokerbot
issued January 2016: 1200-1300 active accounts pokerbot
July 2016: 1500-1600 active accounts pokerbot
January 2017: 1900-2000 active accounts pokerbot
The ultimate goal is 2000 active pokerbot accounts and for security reasons this number will not increase. - even this morning, applications for payment of deposits and interest were pending and there was no access to the site, but now the situation is returning to its usual working course. According to the administration, a large amount of work is planned for further stabilization. It would be just great, and since payments have resumed again, we return the working status to the project. - for stability in the work of the project, we moved to the hosting H-ddos. To raise the interest of investors, it was decided to charge all new participants $ 5 to the balance, from which a percentage of the referrals' contribution will be calculated.
There have also been changes in the tariff plans, these changes do not apply to already discovered deposits. Under the new plans have reduced the term deposit, the interest rate and the amount of the minimum contribution. The bonus imposed additional conditions:
1. $ 5 bonus can only be used for the deposit.
2. Bonus can be found at any of the payment systems, the bonus is calculated on the standard PerfectMoney.
3. BONUS for tariff operates the affiliate program of the charges: 15% -7% -4%. - announced in the news about the change in the investment conditions, which came into force on January 12, 2015:
1. If at the end of one day a profit is made, then the next day interest is accrued. Thus, the number of charges will increase up to 2-4 times a week.
2. If there was a drawdown trust account, the fixation and calculation of loss will occur only 5-day. According to the history of rates for the last year of this period is sufficient to conclude in a positive account balance.
3. If there was a drawdown trust account, the fixation and calculation of loss will occur only 5-day. According to the history of rates for the last year of this period is sufficient to conclude in a positive account balance.
4. The minimum amount of participation in the project is $ 50.

News of the website:

1) On the portal received the following projects: (on the website - with 12.01.15, protected - up to 05.02.15). (on the website - with 14.01.15, protected - up to 14.02.15). (on the website - with 18.01.15, protected - up to 30.01.15).

2) published a draft review: - the threat of closing the payment system.

3) compensated partners lost funds in the projects: - paid 105% of losses (more than 600 $). - paid out 75% of losses (more than $ 500). - 50% of losses paid (over $ 1000).

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