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News HYIP-industry (13.04-20.04.2020)

I welcome you dear partners!
I hope each of you had a good Easter holiday in the circle of relatives or friends. Sometimes it’s even useful to put aside all your affairs and just relax, so visit your family more often and spend time with them. In our free minutes we suggest you familiarize yourself with the new overview news release, where they tried to collect for you the most important moments of the past week. Hyip-new products for the last period have appeared a little, perhaps the most interesting of them have been noted, but it is not worth rushing, however in the description everything has already been said, study. Also this week, all active users of the blog were paid their reward for participating in the Bounty, check wallets.

New projects: is not quite a ready-made product for investment, although it is not very exposed to risks. So, we have before us a possible partisan with an individual design, which is more interesting than the "desks" on the GC-template. The tariff plan is the same for everyone and provides for the accrual of 0.35% per day for 12 calendar days. For a full circle, the net profit will be 4.2%, the deposit is returned at the end of the term. The minimum investment amount is 1 USD, the upper threshold is 200 USD. You can have only one active deposit at a time through one Perfect Money payment system. Affiliate program in one level - 1% of the deposits of referrals, payments from the project are instant. The technique is normal, the domain was redeemed for 3 years, the core from Gold Coders, protection from Ovh Sas, ssl encryption from Sectigo for 1 year. If the profit seems small, add the project to your bookmarks, perhaps later it will turn out to be a worthy contender to add to the portfolio. is a former partisan who worked in quiet mode for 16 months. I can't say that the rebranding is successful, but spending so much time for a quick drain is also not an option for an admin. According to the history of the roadmap on the site, the administration is preparing to launch its own GOTcoin token, followed by a portioned sale and placement on the exchange. We have also developed our own product line with the possibility of ordering. For investment offers, the first two tariffs are perfect with a minimum contribution of 10 usd: 110% after 10 days and 1.7% daily for 15 days. Payments are manual, the time limit is up to 48 hours. Technically, the project is based on GoldCoders, the domain is already almost 3 years old, a dedicated server, ddos ​​protection from Ddos-Guard, ssl with a greenbar from GeoTrust. Honestly, I would wait for the circle, see how he will give back deposits and build a PR company. In general, an interesting option for investment. is a cute mid-income project with floating marketing from 1.8% to 5% on weekdays and 0.5% of the deposit amount on weekends. The investment period is 180 calendar days, the body of the deposit is included in payments. Creation of deposits is available only in cryptocurrency, there are no fiat payments. The technical characteristics of the fund include a forgotten H-script, DDoS protection from CloudFlare, ssl from Sectigo, a unique design. I was surprised by the absence of Russian-language translation on the site, while the language panel includes more than 10 localizations. All translations are not professional and are broadcast from Google, in any case they could stick in the Russian version. There is no strong excitement around the project, and the payback within two months (approximately) will not suit everyone, let's see how much the admin is enough.

bench: - 44 days, one lap has passed with a good margin since the day of launch. The project was posted on PH for about 33 days, who did not hesitate for a long time from partners, they also managed to earn from 27% of the profit, taking into account the refki from the blog. Not completely satisfied with the work of the admin, but the result is there and the time to protect the deposits is over. At the moment, the site is no longer available, a scam was recorded. - worked for three weeks in total, for 12 days of posting on the blog, I allowed to withdraw about 40% of the invested funds. A worthless result, plus the admin also arranged an addition at the end by running a short plan. Deposits from partners went decently, after the scam it turned out to pay compensations for 30% of losses. - 21 days, from the start it worked out several short plans and brought investors up to 30% profit. The blog was issued after a while, but it was not possible to make money, at most our first partners could only go to breakeven. On the eve of the completion of the work, the admin scored a lot of ads, connected a short tariff for 2 days. Whether it was pre-scam good or the advertisement did not come in, then everyone will draw conclusions for himself. One thing I can say for sure is that all blog partners have been paid 100% compensation + bonuses.

Events: - have developed a new system of rewards for active partners in the form of a binary bonus, which depends on your tariff plan and turnover of referrals with a lower leverage. To receive a binary reward, you must have at least one referral with a deposit of $ 50 or more. Added 3 new languages ​​to the site: German, Korean and Russian. In the near future, Vietnamese and Thai translation options will also be connected to the panel. - added a section with video reviews of participants to the site, and also organized the creation of a telegram channel and a group on Instagram by popular demand. We have completely removed the commission for depositing and withdrawing funds, all additional costs are compensated by the company. - launched a special offer, according to which mining power can be purchased with a 10% discount. The offer is limited and most likely will no longer be valid on Tuesday evening. - they shot a short video of the operation of equipment from a mining farm, where one of the company's specialists bypasses and checks the miners. In addition, the project has already passed the two-month mark. The volume of invested funds will soon reach 200 thousand USD, and the number of users is approaching 50 thousand. Users from Argentina and Venezuela are most active. - the next adaptation of the payment schedule has passed, I hope everyone managed to raise the karma indicator to 100%. The next adaptation is planned for May 17, 2020.

News of the website:

1) In the next 3 months on the Profit Hunters blog, new spring promotions will be available for each of our users:

- Spring insurance auctions (during the draw in the telegram chat, order a deposit for a larger amount and get a fixed insurance);
- Doubled refbacks on the blog (every fifth request for refbek in the general queue will be doubled);
- Secret promotions (subscribe to the telegram channel, invest on the blog links and get 3 secret gifts this spring).

2) On the portal received the following projects: (On ​​the site - from 14.04.20/15.05.20/XNUMX, under protection - until XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX). (On ​​the site - from 15.04.20, under protection - until 01.07.20). (On the site - from 16.04.20, under protection - until 25.05.20).

3) published a draft review:

4) video reviews are published projects:

5) compensated partners lost funds in the projects: - 110% of losses paid (more than $ 500). - 30% of losses (more than $ 500) were paid.
* Bounty participants have 50% loss closed. - 110% of losses paid (more than $ 500).

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