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News HYIP-industry (13.05-26.05.2019)

I welcome you dear partners!
In today's digest we will go over the events of the last two weeks, briefly note the newcomers to the investment market and touch on those projects that have left the work area of ​​the blog. It is worth noting that the quality of many HYIPs is noticeably improving, admins with creative approach to the preparation of their projects, among the newly minted there are also such. Unfortunately, this often ends there. As investors, the result and profit is important, and this is a bit tough, so when choosing a new investment platform, do not rush into large translations, it’s better to watch a set of advertisements, test it with trifles. However, we have repeatedly talked about this, especially now the summer season is beginning, we should expect a slowdown in activity on both sides, and now future grants may start, I hope they will pass more through our portfolios. Successful to you investments!

New projects: is a medium-profit novelty with a beautiful appearance and strong technique. In terms of profitability, the project borders on the fast zone, according to the first two work plans, the profit per day is 2% of the deposits, but the difference in the tariffs themselves is noticeable. The initial plan is short and available from $ 20 for 5 days with a return on the deposit at the end of the term, net profit - 10%. The next plan opens with a deposit of $ 200 and more and allows you to receive 7% of the amount every day for 20 days, the deposit is included in payments. Technical characteristics attract attention: licensed script from GoldCoders, dedicated server, DDoS protection from Ddos-Guard, ssl_encryption with greenbar from GeoTrust. The launch of the fund took place very actively, a small circle has been passed, invest carefully. is a new sports related middleman that appeared on the network a couple of days ago. On the blog, the project was added from the start in the Exclusive format, a standard fund of $ 300 operates under the deposit protection program. Marketing consists of 3 plans: 1.2% daily for 160 days, 10% per week for 140 days and 15% weekly for 70 days. The minimum deposit is $ 20, payments are manual. The technical side is represented by BlitzScript, CloudDdos with DDoS protection and data encryption from Sectigo. At the moment, there is practically no advertising on the network, we are testing the first ones, we will continue to monitor. is another newcomer this week with the potential to interest potential investors. On the technical side, there are no questions about the resource, a self-written script, a dedicated server, protection against DDoS attacks from CoverDdos and a greenhouse for a year from GeoTrust. Marketing is represented by three packages of plans for every taste: with charges on business days (6% -8% for 20 business days, deposit included), on calendar days (1.1% -2.1% for 30 days, deposit at the end), after- plans (115% -140% after 15 days, deposit and interest at the end of the term). The first package is preferable, where the contribution is included in the accruals, the minimum entry is from $ 20. The popularity dynamics of the project is positive, the admin works competently with advertising, you can take a closer look. is a fresh investment platform with original ideas. Marketing is simple, it consists of 5 tariffs with a yield of 6% to 7.5% daily with the same validity period of 20 days. The body of the deposit in each case is included in payments, the minimum threshold is from 10 usd. For ordinary users, the first two plans are available at 6% and 6.2% per day. The rest of the line is activated after paying for the so-called VIP-zone subscription for $ 100. Technical characteristics are selected as reliably as possible: individual engine, dedicated server, domain for 4 years, ddos ​​protection from CloudFlare, ssl from Sectigo with green line support. In general, it is a promising novelty for investment, the development is smooth, payments are instant, we will observe with interest.

bench: - 22 days, a strange scam, the admin just changed, the offices started to open and immediately stopped paying. In fact, I worked out one minimum circle, during which it was possible to earn 34% with refback from the blog. In terms of time, the project managed to fulfill the conditions of the "deposit protection" program, compensation in this case is not provided. - 27 days, played exactly 3 circles and allowed to earn up to 108% profit + good referrals from the blog. We consider it a good result, considering that we have recommended the project from the first day of launch. According to the terms of compensation, there should have been no compensation, but initially they made a mistake with the date of the "protection", so they decided not to make excuses, but to spread the fund between those who were left with losses. Scam project, compensation paid. - 15 days, good preparation does not always guarantee good work. The project turned out to be fast, they did not expect such a crooked admin to be sitting behind the scenes. It's a shame that it was added to the blog just before the scam, but many go through this, so we fix the losses and move on. Compensations within the established amount of the fund were made to our partners. - 50+ days, low profitability and long-term component of the project led all participants to inevitable losses. Only at Profit Hunters everything is different, our partners received full refunds of losses. Traditional bonuses from a blog can be considered a profit from participating in a project.

Events: - added several new methods for replenishing an account in the project through the ePayCore payment system and in cash in the Euroset or Svyaznoy store. The project is developing, the first partners begin to receive bonuses for team turnover. Also, now many are actively participating in the photo and video competition. Take a photo against the background of a monitor screen with an open project site, or take a picture of yourself with a piece of paper on which the name of the company will be written. Post a photo on your page in any social media. network and send a link for verification indicating the login on the site. After confirmation, you will receive a $ 5 deposit bonus. For a video competition, you need to make a video review lasting up to 40 seconds and also post it in social media. networks. After the administration has verified your request, you will receive a $ 10 deposit bonus. A mandatory requirement is the presence of your face in a photo or video and posting on social networks. The competition is open-ended. - added another way of contacting support via online chat on the site. We have connected two new cryptocurrencies for investment - Bitcoin and Ethereum. There is no conversion to dollars, the rate is fixed: for BTC - $ 8000, for ETH - $ 200. The minimum deposit amount is 0.01 BTC, 0.1 ETH, the minimum withdrawal is 0.005 BTC, 0.05 ETH. We launched a photo review contest, according to the condition of which you need to write on the sheet "I earn with Brit-Local LTD" and take a selfie. Post a photo on your page in the social network and send a link to the project group. The competition is limited by the prize fund, the first 5 people will receive $ 10 for a deposit, the next 10 people will receive $ 5 each. - on the Synergy portfolio within two weeks, traders managed to gain + 7.05% profit for investors. Also for this portfolio, you can use the "Reinvest" function, thanks to which all the profit received will be added to the deposit daily. This feature can be disabled at any time. - Visa / MC / MIR bank cards were connected to work with investments. The minimum withdrawal amount is available from 500 rubles, the maximum - up to 70000 rubles per transaction. Withdrawal requests in rubles and hryvnia are processed instantly, in some cases up to 48 hours. For investors with active deposits on weekends, a lottery is held with a prize fund of $ 1000. The conditions for participation are very simple, it is enough to bind a telegram bot to the account of the site, have a working deposit and declare about the Elterro project on personal pages on social networks. - the project will one of these days change another round figure, namely 200 days of work in the network. As you can imagine, the profit of the depositors could be from 200% to 600%. Investment volumes have exceeded $ 600K, and the number of users is about to exceed 70000. The administration of the project is worthy of respect for such work, but we are waiting for new achievements ahead. They also pay attention that it may take only 33 days before going to breakeven, then passive income with Mizes. - at the numerous requests of the project participants, a new investment pool was formed at 3.3% per day for 100 working days. Funds in fiat and crypto are accepted separately. Let me remind you that pools begin to make a profit when the required volume is collected in full. For cryptocurrencies, the volume of the new pool has already been reached by 99%, more than 60% of the volume has been collected in foreign currency at the moment - this data is visible on the website in the public domain.

News of the website:

1) We launched a permanent E-mail distribution to all blog users with beautiful notifications that you will receive when adding a new project or when announcing important news. We will send one or more PM vouchers with a pretty amount in each notification - don't miss it. Important! If the letters fall into the "Spam" folder, then click the "Do not spam" button in your mail client to receive our letters with cash prizes.

2) On the portal received the following projects: (On the site - with 14.05.19, protected - up to 25.05.19). (On site - with 19.05.19, protected - up to 25.08.19). (On the site - from 20.05.19, under protection - to 15.06.19). (On the site - from 20.05.19, protected - to 01.10.19). (On site - with 23.05.19, protected - up to 01.09.19). (On the site - from 24.05.19, under protection - to 01.08.19). (On the site - from 25.05.19, under protection - to 30.06.19).

3) published a draft review:

4) video reviews are published projects:

5) Published articles on HYIP-themed:

Classic HYIP Marketing - an overview of popular rates.

6) compensated partners lost funds in the projects: - paid 70% loss (more than 500 $) - paid 110% loss (more than 300 $) - paid 60% loss (more than 500 $) - paid 70% loss (more than 500 $) - 60% of losses paid (over $ 300) - paid 60% loss (more than 500 $)