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News HYIP-industry (13.07-19.07.2015)

NewsI welcome you dear partners!
We close the next investment period, which, to our deep regret, brought a rather large portion of the pews, among which not only middles and fasts, but also long-livers, firmly occupying leading positions in the current hyip industry. From this there is no escape, after a succession of successful weeks comes and unfavorable, but in almost all closed projects of time, it was enough to earn. In addition, applying the rule of diversification in practice, the losses will not be significant. We hope that the second half of the summer season will present us with many interesting novelties and pleasant surprises, but we are now turning to a full weekly review. Stay with us and be aware of all major events.

New projects: is a new guerrilla with a list of tariffs offering profit margins of 1.6% to 2.5% for 10-60 days. For all plans, the deposit is returned at the end of the term. The maximum contribution to the project is limited to $ 100, the minimum salary is $ 10. The technical part is assembled with dignity: a licensed GC script, ddos ​​protection from ddos-guard, ssl-encryption from Comodo. As with all partisans, we invest only a small amount or are waiting for rebranding. is a medium-profit project with mediocre technology. The activities of the project are related to investment in equity construction of residential and commercial properties and the resale of finished real estate. The site contains all the necessary documents confirming the registration of the Propaganda company. The investor needs to acquire shares (1 share = ~ 5000 rubles) with the possibility of selling not earlier than 30 calendar days. The cost of the purchased shares is charged daily 0.6% of the investment, the minimum withdrawal is 500 rubles. Now is not the most favorable season for such investments, since the risks are obviously going through the roof, besides, the admin has neglected to properly protect the site. is a fresh and interesting mullion with light design and working marketing. Depending on the choice of investment plans, the deposit is included in payments and is returned at the end of the term. In both cases, the period of the deposit is calculated for 14 and 21 days. The minimum investment amount is $ 20, the profitability of the plans varies from 18% to 30%. Good technical background, content in English. Promotion is carried out at a smooth pace, it may give you money.

bench: - showed not a good result, having worked 33 days. It seems that the period is normal, but there was no stability throughout the entire period: either technical problems or changes in marketing. Since Thursday of this week, many have paid attention to the delay in payments, the administration has published official news on this, in which they explained that the delays are related to the 30th anniversary of one of the best cuppers, and therefore asked to be patient. But neither the next day, nor today the payments were received. A stupid scam, however, only those who entered the project according to the old plans earned from 24%. is a scam, unexpected of course, but true. It was assumed that before the New Year will still work or at least celebrate the anniversary of the release to a wide audience. But the summer scramble does not spare anyone, we are forced to say goodbye to another project from our portfolio. As a result, for 11 months, many managed to fix a decent profit, which is already good. For the most desperate and believers in "hope", the administration has assured to resume work from the next week after the legal separation of the broker from the fund, but we only adhere to the regulations that were violated. For more information on the current situation, see our article "Problems at". - although it started officially on March 1, we will count the number of days worked from the moment it appeared on the forums - as a result, we have 85 days. It is clear that if it is possible to break even after 4 months and return the deposit body no earlier than 1 year, no one has a chance to return at least their investments. The project site is not available, scam. - as for a low percentage with an excellent level of training, worked extremely badly. In a sense, only the first 2 plans turned out to be workers with the opportunity to earn up to 30% profit in 5 months, which the project served. A typical indicator that even long-term people bear huge risks, which often do not justify themselves. Posts on the payment of small things are still slipping on the forums, but basically the regulations are violated, scam. We are waiting for your reports on losses to pay compensation. and - regular MLM projects completed their activities, allowing investors to enter into profit in a relatively short period of time. Work has stopped, there is no payment.

Events: - carried out a software upgrade, which improved the quality of the system. Also, for the convenience of investing, we have connected the possibility of investing through the Okpay and Nixmoney payment systems. - actively began to give interviews to heads of foreign blogs, including MNO, Hyips, Alexnews. We marked a round date this week, namely 100 days of successful work. The statistics of the results presented are impressive, the level of service is excellent. In this regard, we opened a new investment plan-hourly "Premium": 1.15% per hour for 100 hours, and also increased the partner remuneration to 5%. Today, another "Vip Express" tariff has been added to the list of plans: 130% in 3 days with a minimum contribution of $ 1000. This tariff is not permanent and will be valid only for 9 days. - added the ability to recharge through Qiwi. You can now create a deposit using a web wallet or in any terminal on the territory of Russia, indicating the number of the personal account to which the payment is made. When making payment via the terminal, you must save the receipt and send its scan or photo to the provided contacts.

News of the website:

1) On the portal received the following projects: (on the website - with 15.07.15, protected - up to 23.07.15).

2) published a draft review:
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