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News HYIP-industry (15.04-21.04.2019)

I welcome you dear partners!
We are starting to form another news digest with weekly events in the market of high-yield investments in HYIPs. The week was heavy and rich in scams. Over the last period, our portfolio has noticeably become addicted, for the most part we lose newbies, whose admins do not want or cannot work. The benefit of compensation helps out, many will agree with me, we try to cover losses in projects as much as possible. Nevertheless, we continue to look for new projects, the choice is small, but present. Preference is now given to old projects on the blog, which have long been profitable. Beginners should be treated with caution, and the May holidays will soon, although who knows, maybe at this time of year something serious will start.

New projects: is a fresh mid-range blog posting from the start in Personal Choice format. The investment program offers three tariffs with a yield of 121% in 2 weeks (deposit together with profit at the end of the term) and 5.5% -7% per day for 6 weeks (the deposit is included in accruals). Accruals and payments only on working days. The technical side is well put together: licensed H-script, domain for 4 years, dedicated server, DDoS protection from CloudFlare, ssl encryption from Sectigo. The project is just beginning to develop, the prospects are excellent, we will follow its further movements. Key details of the fund can be found in the full review at Profit Hunters. is a noticeable novelty in the mid-percentage zone with its February launch, but only now the project has begun to appear on various aggregators, monitors and forums. The appearance and content are excellent, the translation of the resource has been prepared in 6 languages, including Russian. Marketing is quite working and contains several packages: 1.2% -1.8% within 20-35 working days (minimum from $ 50, return of the deposit at the end of the term) and 2.7% -3.8% within 100 working days, the body of the deposit is included in payments) ... For each tariff, charges are made from Monday to Friday. Payments from $ 1 with regulations up to 48 hours. The project uses an excellent technical part: a self-written script, a domain for 10 years, a dedicated server, DDoS protection from CloudFlare, ssl with a greenbar from GeoTrust. Naturally, you should not forget about the risks, but it will be interesting to watch the novelty. is a new highly profitable platform with an unusual design. Technically, the project was developed on a self-written script, the domain was paid for 3 years, DDoS protection and ssl encryption are handled by CloudFlare. Investments are subject to daily charges - 3% on weekdays and 1.5% on weekends. The most popular EPS are connected, payments are instant with an admissible schedule of up to 48 hours. It is noteworthy that the resource is completely new, PR has not yet begun, we will willingly follow the promotion.

bench: - 26 days, the admin spent only the first investors to breakeven, some of them in positive territory only due to refki. The project was brought to the blog after a few days, so I assume all our partners are in the red. All the work was in vain, it was not in vain that the administrator raked up all the monitors at the start so that they could throw more. We covered part of the losses thanks to the presence of the “deposit protection” fund, the payments are already in your wallets. - I got a nasty admin panel, but the project was not so bad. In fact, since the beginning of the week, there have been problems with the withdrawal, instead of trying to fix them, the admin simply washed away, and the site is no longer working at the moment. The collection of applications is over, the fund was enough to fully cover the losses with a small bonus from the blog. - 36 days, just the other day we were discussing that the first investors are reaching payback, as the manager managed to get his project off. As part of the blog, the result is disgusting, only 5 days, the admin came to the end. Fortunately, not many people entered in a short period of time, losses were avoided, 100% refund and traditional bonus check on EPS balances. - 9 calendar days, the scam continues, even from the first day of the project's work, at best, they could receive only half of the contribution. The sad outcome, the admin left the contacts, and finally arranged the addition in the form of bonuses, and after all, someone will lead. The project was deleted on the blog, but our referrals earned even with a scam, having received increased compensation from Profit Hunters. - 30 days in total and this with marketing for a period of 200 days, just a quiet horror. Another low percentage could not withstand the load, the administrator turned out to be krivoruk. Just on this topic, an article was recently released on the blog. The project does not pay, the payment regulations are violated, we fix the scam. You can apply for compensation. - 55 days, the project did not work very well, but you can't call it frankly dirty work either. According to the trust management plans, it was possible to safely go a full circle for a month and even break even when reinvesting for a second round, taking into account the refbacks received from the blog. At longer rates, it was also possible to return the fully invested amount and still earn a little profit. Batch investment yielded losses, but it was foolish to consider plans in this category in the presence of tariffs with a deposit return. Of course, we did not see the expected profit, but in general, we think the admin worked well in the conditions of the spring scramble. and - 13 and 10 days, both fasts stopped paying earlier this week. They worked extremely poorly, the admins did not deal with advertising, for this reason, after the first days of work, the inflow of investments dropped noticeably. The blog assigned the status of "scam" to the projects, compensations were paid to partners.

Events: - connected a new opportunity to invest in a project using the Payeer electronic payment system. We also added the German version of the site to the language panel. - the result of this week for investing in the Synergy portfolio was + 1.73% to the amount of the deposit. The company offers its VIP clients additional benefits in the form of extraordinary services, assistance in drawing up an investment portfolio, providing a personal financial advisor and much more. You can also get a name card of a significant client. To obtain VIP status, you need to make a deposit of $ 5000 or more on Synergy or SaveCapital plans. - the admin shows amazing results, the project continues to work without interruptions for 160 days. During this period, investors received from 160% to 480% of the profit. Also recently in the social. networks have published fresh photos of the new premises, where mining on the Equihash algorithm will soon be launched. - the number of users of the project has grown significantly, and therefore took care of improving the performance of the site and its security. Recently, the resource has been moved to a more powerful server.

News of the website:

1) On the portal received the following projects: (On the site - from 15.04.19, under protection - to 01.06.19). (On the site - from 19.04.19, under protection - to 12.05.19). (On ​​the site - from 20.04.19, protected - to 06.05.19). (On the site - from 21.04.19, under protection - to 05.05.19).

2) published a draft review:

3) video reviews are published projects:

4) Published articles on HYIP-themed:

Why low-interest HYIPs do not bring profit?

5) compensated partners lost funds in the projects: - 30% losses paid (more than 500 $) + 40% losses from the VIP fund. - paid 50% losses (more than 500 $). - paid 110% loss (more than 500 $). - paid 110% losses (more than 500 $). - 110% losses paid (more than 500 $). - paid 60% loss (more than 500 $).